CDC Mocked for Bizarre Tweet About Cancer Causing Cancer


Image by Dr. Fumiko Ladd Chino / Twitter

The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) is getting clowned on Twitter for sending out a bizarre tweet that as of this writing has yet to be deleted.

Dr. Fumiko Ladd Chino joked about the gaffe online, telling followers that as a cancer doctor, the CDC’s newest conclusion was certainly news to her. She posted a screenshot of the tweet for safekeeping, pictured below.

“Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer in the US You can lower your risk. Healthy lifestyle choices, vaccines, and screenings all play a part, ” the CDC said in the original post.

Either the health organization hasn’t noticed or doesn’t feel embarrassed, because the link to the tweet is still live for now.

“Is death the first leading cause of cancer” another used quipped under the OG post.

Sure, silly tweets and their replies make us laugh. Anybody remember the sheriff who warned Twitter about a large boulder roughly the same size as a small boulder on a roadway?

But the CDC seems to have been making stumble after stumble in the last few months. Back in February, Forbes reported that a full majority of Americans thought new COVID-19 restrictions and rules were “confusing.” The New York Times followed with an op-ed about a lack of confidence in US healthcare just weeks before Shanghai went into the strictest lockdown of the pandemic.

Perhaps this latest tweet will inspire the communications team back on track. We certainly need them to.

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