Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Review


Sub Solution has been the number one bestselling fake urine brand for more than a decade. In this full Sub Solution review, I’m going to tell you exactly why that’s the case.

But it does have a couple of downsides. So, I will cover the good as well as the bad about this superior fake urine product. I’ll give you the full instructions you need, and tell you what the characteristics of high quality fake urine are, so that you can understand what’s required to pass a drug test.

I will talk about the problem with biocide preservatives, and the number one reason why people fail a drug test using fake urine: getting the temperature wrong.

Plus, I will compare Sub Solution to its big brother called Quick Luck, and the best of the budget brands called Quick Fix.

About Clear Choice Products

Clear Choice is one of the most reputable and trustworthy brands out there, when it comes to fake urine and other detox products. They make both Sub Solution and Quick Luck, the two top brands of fake urine you can buy for quality and complexity.

Plus, they also make Rescue Cleanse. This is the top detox drink you can buy. Affordable, potent, and you don’t even need any additional water when you use it.

So overall, compared to every other brand out there selling fake urine, Clear Choice Sub Solution synthetic urine is one of the two most trustworthy products you can buy.

High Quality Fake Urine Has To Have These Characteristics

When you go for a drug test, the sample you hand over will potentially go through four stages of scrutiny:

  • An initial temperature check is done within two minutes. Therefore, it must have a reliable heat source to keep it at between 90° and 100°F when you hand it over. Note that if it fails this, it’s unlikely to go any further. If it’s outside the legal temperature range, they are just going to fail you and the retest will be supervised (which means you can’t use fake urine). That’s why the heat source that maintains the temperature of the fake urine is the crucial thing you need to focus on.
  • It then undergoes a validity dipstick test. The sample is tested against panels to spot for adulteration, and for it containing substances that can nullify drug tests, such as oxidizing agents (nitrates).
  • If all is fine after stage one and two, then it will go through an immunoassay test. Usually, this is a simple test of the sample against panels on a physical test kit, although it can sometimes be digital. So when people talk about a “panel drug test”, this is the bit they are referring to.
  • Only if the sample fails validity tests or the immunoassay with it go for a full gas chromatography – mass spectrometry analysis. All fake samples will fail this step, but it’s very unlikely to happen during standard drug testing because of the low levels of scrutiny, and the low prices paid for the testing.

Put all that together, and fake urine has to have the following characteristics as a minimum:

  • Must contain urea and uric acid
  • Be balanced for ph. and specific gravity
  • Has to contain creatinine
  • Look like urine
  • Be within the correct temperature range

The real obstacle is passing validity testing. As a minimum, it looks for the correct pH and specific gravity, the right proportion of creatinine, and sometimes urea and uric acid levels (although this is far less common).

So most brands that contain these should pass it, but Sub Solution, that contains 14 chemicals found in urine, stand a far higher chance of getting over that first hurdle.

Also, because it contains albumin, which is what makes human urine foam, it looks even more like the real thing most brands. Therefore, it will pass visual scrutiny and be far less likely to arouse suspicion.

Fake Urine To Avoid

Before I continue this review of Sub Solution, I think it’s important to tell you about the brands you should avoid.

Sometimes, you can get tempted by big talk and low prices. Please don’t do that.

These are the brands you should avoid:

  • Magnum
  • Agent X
  • Synthetix5
  • U Pass
  • Urine Luck

None of those have a great track record, and none of them are comparable to Sub Solution at all.

Some of them don’t even contain all of the basics I talked about a moment ago. Stick with the quality products, pay a bit more, and increase your chances of passing dramatically.

The Biocide Problem

Biocides are a class of preservatives found in many household products, and a lot of beauty products.

A few years back, a lot of fake urine brands started to fail more regularly. It was speculated that they had found a common ingredient and were checking for it during validity testing.

The culprit seems to be biocide preservatives. The reason for that assumption is that all of the brands that seem to suddenly produce lots of failed testing were all confirmed as containing it. All of the five brands I’ve just warned you away from contain biocide preservatives.

Clear Choice confirmed that Sub Solution, and Quick Luck, do not contain biocide preservatives. It’s yet another reason to use them.

Sub Solution Instructions

Instructions for passing a drug test using Clear Choice Sub Solution is actually very straightforward, and some of the simplest you come across.

For a start, the most difficult step is missing out. You don’t have to preheat the sample. There’s no need for a microwave, and no messing around with a heatpad and hoping it keeps the sample within the correct temperature range until you submit it.

These are the simple instructions for Sub Solution you need to follow:

  1. You’ll need to mix Sub Solution with water. It comes as a powder in a vial container. Filtered water is best because tap water and bottled water contain things not found in urine. That should be fine usually because you want to avoid problems with closer scrutiny. Fill the vial with water up to the mark, then shake gently until it dissolves. That’s all the preparation there is.
  2. Just before you leave, tuck the bottle into your underwear. Make sure it’s secure, and then put on something like baggy jogging bottoms. Although you can’t be searched intimately, they can pat you down. So disguise things as much as possible, and you’ll be fine.
  3. On arrival at the venue, before you go in, is where the magic will happen. Get the container of heat activator powder and shake it gently to make sure it’s in loose.

Then, pour about one third into the vial of synthetic urine. Shake it gently until it dissolves, and then carefully watch the temperature strip. You are watching for it to have a reading on the temperature strip. Make sure it’s not so hot that it goes over. If it doesn’t get a reading, tap in a little more until you get a reading.

You need to get Sub Solution synthetic urine as close to 100°F on the temperature strip as possible, without going above that.

The Heat Activator Powder Is A Game Changer

As you can see, it’s the heat activator powder that is the real potent component that you are paying for.

Usually, you’ll need a heatpad and a microwave. It’s messy, and unpredictable. But, with the heat activator powder, you have complete control over the temperature and can get exactly where you want.

Not only is Sub Solution more expensive because of the complexity of the formula and the way it looks, but also, it’s because it’s the only fake urine product (apart from Quick Luck) that uses heat activator powder.

Because it’s unsupervised drug testing, if it’s cooled when you check it before you pour it into the container, you could even add a little more heat activator powder right there in the test center. Not recommended, but it really does have the potential to get you out of jail at the last minute if the temperature has cooled, something you cannot do with a heatpad.

Five years ago, I used fake urine that had a heat pad. I got through the test, but I ended up having to find a supply of hot water in a bar near the test venue. Without that, it would have cooled. It was almost a disaster.

For my last drug test two years ago, I used Sub Solution. I have a water jug ​​at home, so filtered water is not an issue. It’s just so easy and quick to prepare that I simply wouldn’t know to really consider any other option, other than its big brother called Quick Luck.

Clear Choice Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix

Quick Fix is ​​the best of the budget brands out there. It costs less than half the price of Sub Solution at just $30 for the small 2 oz size. Even the larger 3 fluid ounces size is only $40. Sub Solution costs $85. As you’ve already found out, you’re getting premium urine backed up by the unrivaled potency of the heat activator powder.

With Quick Fix, you’re getting a very basic formula:

  • Contains urea and uric acid
  • Contains the right proportion of creatinine
  • Balanced for ph. And specific gravity
  • Looks like urine

So not quite as good under physical or chemical scrutiny. Good enough, as long as it sails through as normal.

You get a heat pad as the heat maintenance source. That means you’ll need a microwave. Although you can just use a heatpad to raise the temperature and keep it there, it can take an hour and be more unreliable.

The price is good. If nothing else is available, or you are looking locally to buy, it’s the best option you will find.

Put compared to Sub Solution, if you have the money, then there really is only one that you should be considering.

Sub Solution Vs Quick Luck

Sub Solution synthetic urine kit is far better than Quick Fix. But when it comes to Sub Solution versus Quick Luck, then things are reversed slightly.

Quick Luck is a superior fake urine product. But only just.

It’s slightly more complex than Sub Solution. Other than that though, it’s identical and will pass exactly the same scrutiny overall. Quick Luck has one big advantage though. It’s premixed. So you haven’t got to mess around finding filtered water to mix with the powder. It’s ready to go.

So, Quick Luck is perfect for on-the-spot drug testing, where you will have short notice. Perfect for keeping in your locker at work, or in your cab.

Also, Quick Luck comes with a pair of heat pads. You don’t really need them, but if you want to ensure that the temperature is slightly warmer, leaving less work for the heat activator powder to do (and therefore a quicker task), then you can use them.

Overall then, there’s not much between them, but you do get more convenience with Quick Luck because of the fact it’s premixed.

Both are high-quality Clear Choice fake urine products and they are both unrivaled in the fake urine marketplace, other than by each other.

Where To Buy Sub Solution Synthetic Urine

The only place you should be buying Sub Solution from is the Test Negative website.

Getting it from the official Clear Choice store means that you are getting the best price, and you will know it’s genuine. I’ve seen so many fake Sub Solution and Quick Luck products on sites like Amazon and eBay that it’s scary. You don’t want to get caught out and end up failing that drug test with a fake.

Sub Solution costs $85, and Quick Luck costs $100. These are the top 2 premium fake urine products you can buy.

They say you get what you pay for. That’s certainly the case here. If you want the best fake urine and to stand the best chance of passing a drug test, then this is what you should be going for. If it’s a cheap pre-employment drug test, for a part-time job you don’t really care about, then go with something like Quick Fix if you don’t have much money.

But for anything important, anything where it really matters that you don’t get caught with that marijuana, or whatever, in your bloodstream, then Sub Solution is the only product you should be thinking of seriously.

The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.


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