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I have shifted the rugs around in our house musical chairs style! Here’s the update from our cozy rug swaps:)

How The Rug Swap Started

This story begins with me visiting my friend Meg’s house. She had the most beautiful coral and blue rug that she had just bought for her living room from Wayfair. I admired it and started thinking if we should do something with our living room rug.

Spoiler alert: I bought it!

Before: The Pottery Barn Chunky Wool + Jute Rug

I LOVE this Chunky Wool / Jute Rug from Pottery Barn! It’s so soft, cushiony, and super duper cozy. I also love natural fabrics and neutral colors.

I’ve had it for over 7 years and it’s held up well given the amount of traffic and wear and tear it has seen.

I’ve rotated it around so the part under the couch comes out and vice versa.

However, Gus the dog spends all day, every day on this rug, and when I took it to Charlottesville Earthly Cleaners, I told them it was made of 90% dog hair and 10% wool. Seriously, you can’t sit on it without getting covered in hair (and yes that is with regular vacuums).

You can see the dog hair just falling out of it:

This is a great rug, but I would not recommend it for living rooms.

I realized when I visited my sister’s house that it’s an ideal rug for a bedroom. She has the rug in her playroom and I couldn’t believe it was the same one because hers is in such a great shape (it’s admittedly also newer than mine).

Mya Oriental Rug in Terracotta

So back to Meg’s rug: when I saw hers I realized we needed to move the Pottery Barn rug out and get something new. Meg’s rug is also an amazing price – it rotates between $ 150 and $ 200 for an 8 × 10: Mya Oriental Rug in Terracotta.

Given that the kids and dog are going to beat up any rug I buy, I might as well buy an inexpensive one!

We are SO HAPPY with the new rug! It adds a lot of formality to the room, and the colors match our decor perfectly.

Pottery Barn -> Mazen’s Room

I considered donating the Pottery Barn rug because I didn’t have another room for it. Until I had the idea to move it into Mazen’s room when visiting my sister.

I took it to get cleaned, which I should have done years ago, and it came back looking SO MUCH BETTER.

The blue rug previously in Mazen’s room was never big enough. I bought it for his room at my old house and it’s always been too small for this room. So upgrading not only the rug material but the size to an 8 × 10 made a big difference in coziness.

You can see a few tufts sticking up, but overall it’s in great shape. A new life!

Mazen’s Rug -> Birch’s Room

Here’s the rug that has been in Birch’s room since we decorated his nursery.

It was in Thomas’s old house. I like the rug, however, the colors don’t really go with our home’s lighter, airier style.

We are finding a new home for the oriental and brought in Mazen’s blue “Positive” rug.

The rug is on sale at Crate & Kids!

We are almost ready to move Birch’s toddler bed / crib and rocking chair out, transition his changing table to a dresser, and go full on Big Boy Room. He will have so much more space in there when we do!

Entry Rug

The last rug in this post is our entry rug. This was once Karen’s, and she had it cut down. It’s seagrass? Sisal? And it’s looking pretty rough and torn in places.

I can’t decide if we even need a rug in our mudroom, but I think it does help with kicking dirt off of shoes when people forget to take them off.

This room might change…

I probably won’t replace it yet because …… .we’re probably going to renovate our house next year !!

I have a blog post coming up with more details, but I think I should wait and see what this space becomes before buying anything new.

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