Does Active Advantage Supplement Work? What to Know Before Buying!


Active Advantage is a unique antioxidant combination designed to improve stamina, muscle mass, and metabolic rate. It supports the body’s natural generation of mitochondria and ATP levels, both necessary for youthful vitality, longevity, and a healthy physique.

Each pill contains potent, energy-boosting antioxidants to:

  • Feel younger, more mobile, and more “alive” with reduced joint and muscle soreness.

  • Enhance metabolism for enhanced digestion, weight management, and suppression of harmful appetites.

  • Enhance the body’s natural defenses from damage caused by free radicals (the type that can lead to wrinkles, weariness, and mental “drowsiness”).


Active Advantage is a nutritional supplement that enhances energy, physical endurance, and mental concentration.

Supposedly, it does so via enhancing the body’s mitochondrial function and ATP generation. Mitochondria aid in the production of ATP and are considered the primary source of energy for our cells.

Consequently, appropriate mitochondrial function and ATP are required for a healthy metabolism. Active Advantage consists of a combination of antioxidant compounds, including fulvic mineral powder, tocotrienols, vitamin E, CoQ10, and Astaxanthin.

It reportedly functions through a three-step process as given below:

  1. First, Astaxanthin, one of the existing antioxidants, promotes mitochondrial formation, which increases the body’s energy output.

  1. CoQ10 and fulvic minerals work together to support ATP levels.

  1. Tocotrienols assist the body in eliminating free radicals, which can accelerate aging and drain energy.

Dr. Steven Gundry, a prominent “celebrity” physician, developed Active Advantage. He is a cardiac surgeon with an extensive history in heart health.

He later launched GundryMD, a health and supplement firm, and the Center for Restorative Medicine.

Several of Dr. Gundry’s provocative beliefs are not supported by science.

He is the author of “The Plant Paradox,” which explains one of his most contentious theories regarding plant lectins and human health.

Lectins are a type of protein that binds to plant-based carbohydrates. Dr. Gundry believes that lectins are the underlying cause of numerous digestive and health concerns.

However, no documented scientific data exists to support this claim.

Active Advantage is among numerous other products. The products sold by Dr. Gundry are intended to increase mental and physical vitality and support a healthy metabolism.

It is alleged to have been evaluated by a third party. However, it lacks an official seal.

One capsule of Active Advantage should be taken daily with eight ounces of water, according to the dosage directions. They recommend taking it prior to the first meal.


Active Advantage is composed of the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin E

  • Fulvic Mineral Powder

  • Coenzyme Q10

  • Tocotrienols

  • Astaxanthin


Astaxanthin is a Carotenoids-related chemical molecule. It occurs naturally in microalgae, salmon, yeast, and shrimp. Astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant believed to have numerous health benefits. A study demonstrated that this chemical improves blood flow and reduces oxidative stress, particularly in obese individuals and smokers.

In a separate study, researchers compared the effectiveness of the primary carotenoid pigments. According to the data, Astaxanthin exhibited the strongest antioxidant effects, particularly against free radicals.

Another investigation was performed to determine the anti-aging benefits of this element. In this study, Astaxanthin was shown to be effective in delaying the aging process, namely in preventing age spots and wrinkles.

Astaxanthin is also known to increase the synthesis of mitochondria. It helps the body’s cells maintain energy and prevents cell damage in the process.

Vitamin E and Tocotrienols

Vitamin E is an essential nutrient and antioxidant. It is renowned for its ability to combat free radicals, which are byproducts of the body’s digestion and energy production. These chemicals harm cells, resulting in decreased energy.

Vitamin E can neutralize these free radicals, allowing people to preserve their energy and remain active. Vitamin E also strengthens our immune system, keeps blood vessels from clotting, and contributes to other body processes.

Inadequate Vitamin E also damages muscles and nerves, resulting in muscular weakness and various other health problems. This essential vitamin is also capable of reducing oxidative stress levels. Additionally, when individuals take it, their digestion and metabolism will improve.

Coenzyme Q10 And Fulvic Acid

COQ10 is a substance with energy-generating capabilities. It is produced naturally by the human body, but production levels decrease with age. COQ10 is important for energy production in the cells and also aids in maintaining optimal levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

If the body lacks enough ATP, energy transport between cells becomes difficult. As an added bonus, COQ10 prevents cellular damage and oxidative stress. Additionally, this natural chemical aids in the management of the aging process by promoting the production of energy in skin cells.

Aside from boosting cardiovascular health, lowering headache frequency, easing muscle fatigue, and boosting cognitive function, COQ10 offers a wide range of additional positive health effects.

Fulvic acid, another component of Active Advantage, is known to maintain optimal ATP levels while also lowering inflammation and boosting immunity. However, scientific studies on the effects of fulvic acid are insufficient.


Active Advantage is a program that uses a “3-step body renewal” procedure, which consists of:

To begin, Astaxanthin, one of the strongest antioxidants ever found, boosts the body’s vitality by increasing the production of mitochondria.

Then, the ATP levels will be supported by the synergistic effects of the Fulvic Minerals and CoQ10.

Finally, tocotrienols help in the elimination of free radicals, which can accelerate aging and drain vitality.

In this way, people can improve their fitness, mental health, and energy levels.


Dr. Steven Gundry has introduced powerful antioxidants in Active Advantage. These chemicals protect cells from free radicals, keep cells operating normally, and increase mitochondria production. Users will feel revitalized, and their skin will be healthier after using them.

Also, these components improve cell health, particularly skin cell health, which slows down the healing process. The antioxidants in the supplement also help keep cellular energy levels up, allowing people to keep going for longer. Because they are effective against oxidative stress, they contribute even more to one’s ability to maintain health and vitality.

Potential Side Effects

The chemicals in Active Advantage typically cause mild to moderate adverse effects. Some of these symptoms are an upset stomach, feeling weak, exhausted, and headache.

Too much of a few of these ingredients can be bad, so make sure not to exceed the suggested amount.

One should always consult the doctor before starting a new supplement regimen. It is important to note that while occasionally helpful, certain components may also interact badly with other drugs. If users are currently taking any prescription medications, especially those for diabetes or blood thinning, it is recommended that they speak with a doctor before using Active Advantage.

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One capsule, taken with a full glass of water early in the morning, is the suggested dosage. Taking this medication with food is recommended for most others as well as to reduce the risk of stomach distress. The website for Gundry MD recommends taking one capsule with 8 fl. oz. of water or any other preferred beverage, preferably before the first meal of the day.


1 bottle – $69.95

3 bottles – $200.85

6 bottles – $677.70

Refund Policy

Different people can have different reactions to the same chemicals. Although experts believe that almost everyone can benefit from Active Advantage’s potent mitochondrial and ATP promoters, it is recognized that individual outcomes will vary. To that end, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee if, within the first 90 days of use, customers are dissatisfied with the product for any reason. Just send back the empty bottles and get a full refund.




What are the perks of being a member of the Gundry MD VIP program?

If people subscribe to the website, they will be qualified to receive discounts on a variety of products. Users can, however, quit that subscription plan, despite the fact that they will still be entitled to other VIP membership advantages.

Does Active Advantage have any ingredients that do not occur naturally?

It appears from the official website that the product does not contain any components that are manufactured in a lab.

What is Gundry MD’s policy regarding the issuance of refunds?

The firm guarantees to refund the purchase price in full within the first 90 days of use. If clients are unhappy with the goods for any reason, they have the option to send them back and get a full refund.


The use of nutritional supplements is effective; nevertheless, in order to make the most of the benefits these supplements provide, a healthy lifestyle is required. Even while they may supply people with necessary nutrients and vitamins, one will still need to kick bad habits, consume a balanced diet, and engage in regular physical activity to take full advantage of the benefits they offer.

In addition to taking dietary supplements, make it a priority to eat more vegetables and fruits, as these food groups already include a great deal of the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Last but not least, Active Advantage is a useful supplement, particularly for elderly individuals, because they are typically deficient in a number of different kinds of naturally occurring substances.

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