Made using 12 essential ingredients sourced from the Amazon, Ignite Amazon Sunrise drops are formulated as a weight loss treatment. The ingredients used in the product have shown significant results in people who want to lose weight and have good scientific and clinical studies backing them.


The official website says that the drops can help you lose 1lb of fat every day, thus making the process of losing fat faster and easier. The drops are marketed based on their uniqueness in terms of rapid fat burning.

How does it work?

After a particular age, it becomes challenging to shed the extra fat we gather. It is because people over a certain age show an increased level of a hormone known as BAM15. The recently discovered hormone makes it arduous for people to lose weight above the age of 35. It is also known as the morning or sunrise hormone, as it functions in the morning.


The drops work by activating the BAM15 hormones so your body can burn fat faster. The manufacturer claims that BAM 15, in its active state, can melt more fat and burn additional calories than 12 marathons combined.

The product, they claim, was designed to activate the BAM15 and, therefore, accelerate the burning of calories and fats. There are several ingredients that the drops are composed of, and they work together to help you burn fat if you take ten drops of the product every morning.

Various elements perform various functions, some working to burn calories, others to increase energy, others to activate the BAM15 hormone etc.

List of Ingredients in Amazon Sunrise Ignite Drops:

There are 12 significant compounds present in the product that have been sourced from the Amazon rainforest and formulated after serious studies.

● Maca Root: It stimulates the body’s metabolism and aids in the digestive process. It accelerates the burning of calories and aids in breaking down lipids, which are then used as energy.

● Guarana seeds: this discourages fat storage in the adipose tissue.

● Astragalus root: reduces blood sugar levels by increasing insulin production; prevents obesity and weight gain.

● Grapefruit seed: aids in weight loss by stimulating metabolism

● Gymnema leaf: helps treat diabetes, obesity and cholesterol. increases BAM15 levels

● Forskolin plant: promotes muscle growth and weight loss.

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● Green tea leaf extract: accelerates metabolic rate, thus burning calories.

● Roots of Panax plant: eliminates toxins and harmful substances

● Capsicum annatto: reduces hunger and increases satiety.

● African Mango: decreases sugar and cholesterol levels sugar and cholesterol levels, manages carbohydrates and fats.

Benefits of Ignite Amazon Sunrise Drops

● Burns up to one lb of fat every day: The manufacturers claim that the drops have been used by 100,000 people who have reported to have lost weight in a short period without undergoing strenuous exercise regimens and diets.

●Boosts heart health: The drops are designed to help improve blood circulation and heart health; several ingredients work to this effect, including the African Mango extract. The drops also help keep cholesterol levels in check.

● Boosts metabolism and energy levels: The drops boost your energy levels, thereby increasing the rate of your metabolism and helping you burn calories faster.

● Improves alertness and focus: The manufacturers claim that the drops are rich in antioxidants, which help boost healthy inflammation in the body.

●Activates BAM15 hormone: the drops claim to activate this morning hormone which thus helps one lose weight faster. Ten drops of Ignite drops can help you reactivate the BAM15 hormone and help you burn fat fast.

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●Decreases stress and balances cortisol: high-stress levels often lead to obesity. By increasing the cortisol levels in your body, the drops keep that in check.

●Helps people deal with the symptoms of menopause. The BAM15 hormone and Maca Root Extract can help alleviate symptoms of menopause.

● It has anti-aging properties: some ingredients in the product, such as Astragalus, have been known to have incredible potency in anti-aging.

● Decreases the potency of pain receptors: Some ingredients, such as capsicum, can help dull the pain receptors in the brain, therefore, helping you alleviate various kinds of pain.

Safety and Precautions

The Ignite drops are formulated after the ingredients were scientifically researched; therefore, the manufacturers claim that all the components are safe for human consumption.

Furthermore, since the drops do not contain any dangerous pollutants, the manufacturers claim that it is a powerful and easy method for losing weight faster.

Therefore, the manufacturers posit that it is recommended for anyone above 18. However, individuals below the age of 18 should avoid using the drops. Women who are pregnant or nursing should also refrain from using the drops.

In addition, people with predisposed allergies or illnesses should not use it without the recommendation of a health practitioner.

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Recommended Dosage

The manufacturers of the Ignite drops recommend taking ten drops of the product every morning. The drops are to be taken via the dropper which comes with the product. The consumer should place ten drops under their tongue, hold it in their mouth for about 30 seconds, and then swallow it.

The manufacturers recommend that customers take the drops for a minimum of two to three months to see significant results.


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●What is the refund policy of Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops?

The manufacturer offers a 150-day money-back guarantee to customers who are dissatisfied with the product and don’t see any effects. After that, the customer will receive a complete refund.

Thus, Ignite Drops work by addressing all the issues related to excess weight and helps you remedy it.

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