EVERun Launches Its Platform On Binance Smart Chain, Aims Connect To Healthy Lifestyle, Games & Crypto


Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 12, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, EVERun team is very pleased to announce the launch of its “Move To Earn” platform, created on Binance Smart Chain.

EVERun is a move-to-earn mobile app, aiming to inspire millions of both crypto and non-crypto users to the Web3 world and encourage a healthier lifestyle. To make the onboarding seamless, EVERun has in-built swap, marketplace and staking features.

All $ EVRN (EVERun) holders get a share of the marketplace profits as 50% of these are spent on buyback and burn events every month, essentially creating buying pressure on the token.

On top of the aforementioned fact that buybacks and burn events will create a delta positive buying pressure, the platform will also offer the option of upgrading the Everun Sneaker® NFT’s (By using the native tokens) which will benefit the token emissions into the market by creating scarcity.

Sneaker NFTs

Introducing the EVERun® mobile app, in which users will be able to see their different NFTs and also unbox new Sneakers by opening boxes which can be purchased with EVERun token ($ EVRN).

An important addition in comparison to other projects is the “Box” section which will make it possible for users to unbox and essentially mint different Everun Sneaker® NFT’s by paying the mint fee in $ EVRN tokens.

EVERun fuels the Web3 growth on a global scale

The EVERun ecosystem is powered by some of the most important Web3 components, running on the BNB Smart Chain, this makes EVERun one of the first-ever complete Move to Earn platforms.

A simplified mobile-app tailored for not only crypto-users but also non-crypto users to accelerate the growth of the ecosystem.

Upon release, there will be several anti-cheat measures in place in order to make the gameplay fair for everyone and give every user the best possible experience.

Social Media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Everunio

Telegram: https://t.me/Everunio

Media Contact:

Company: Everun

Contact Name: Jason Alias

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://everun.io

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