Fall Trip To OBX – Kath Eats Real Food

Here’s a recap of our family fall trip to the Outer Banks!

I love the beach in the fall!

The air is cooler, the crowds are gone, and the beach is just gorgeous! Thomas’s parents have been coming to the Outer Banks in September for many years with the same friends who joined them from New Jersey!

This year our house was in Southern Shores. It was literally RIGHT on top of the ocean and you didn’t even have to touch sand to get over the dunes! Just down the steps, across a deck, up the steps and you were there!

I could watch them play on the beach sitting on the steps 🙂

While we didn’t have a pool, which was fine for this time of year, we did have a hot tub!!!

The boys loved soaking in it after getting freezing in the ocean.

They also had breakfast delivered right next to the tub. How’s that for service!

The House

The house was spacious for our group and had PURPLE CARPETS! Loved them.

Beach Time!

It was chilly, but the boys had fun in the surf!

Trading A Pool For Pool

When they were swimming, the big boys were learning to play pool! Their new favorite activity.


During our first few days here’s what we ate!

Chicken Dinner Winner

Our arrival night we had chicken, rice, and squash.

Yogurt bowl with Grandpa’s Famous Granola

Get the recipe here!

Thomas’s Margs!

Red Drum + Spanish Mackerel

+ these easy green chile cheese grits, steamed shrimp, and salad!

Banana Cream Pie

A Nona specialty with Heath on top!

See you tomorrow for part II with a fishing adventure!

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