Part 2 of our trip to the Outer Banks. Read part I here!

We were so lucky with perfect fall weather!

The temps were in the breezy 70s every day, and the water was warm enough for swimming.

Beach Walks

I went on several beach walks, my very favorite activity on earth!

Deep Sound Fishing

A group of fishermen, headed by Mazen, went deep sea fishing! They got up at 5 in the morning and were on the water by sunrise.

Unfortunately they couldn’t go out on the sea – it was too rough – but they had a great time on the sound (and didn’t get sea sick)

Mazen was in HEAVEN!

The fresh catch, which they got to bring home on ice for dinner!

Grandpa pan-fried it with cornmeal – delicious!

While the group was out fishing, I stayed back with Nash and Birch. And then Uncle Clay took them to putt-putt!

Another day Nona took them to the aquarium!

Thomas and I got to take a run and a beach walk while they were gone <3

Nona’s Kite

Coolest kite ever!

Grandpa’s Famous Waffles

Beach Sammies

Crab Night

Mazen’s favorite food!

Flat Tire

UGH. Not the best way to end the week! Luckily we were able to get it fixed before the weekend was over.

Celebrate Good Times!

Sunrise Beach Walk

On our final morning, I went for a sunrise beach walk. Calming and beautiful.


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