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The four-day DX4 ™ program combines nutritional products and supplements, guided food intake, and mindfulness practices for a deep health reset

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May 13, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Forever Living Products International, a direct sales health and beauty company with a presence in over 160 countries, launched DX4 ™ as the newest offering in its product lineup this month.

DX4 is a body-balancing system of seven nutritional products and supplements that support satiety, hydration, energy and metabolism. These work synergistically as part of a four-day program that also includes guided food intake and mindfulness practices to jump-start wellness and improve the mind-body connection.

Each day of the DX4 program is devoted to a theme – Decide, Define, Discover and Dedicate – with a goal of helping people adopt a more intentional approach toward their relationship with food. While DX4 is not necessarily a weight loss program, it helps people understand what their body needs versus what their brain wants.

When creating this revolutionary system, Forever Living spent three years developing products that worked together, along with an accompanying program, to help the body purge unnecessary stressors and declutter the mind. As a result, DX4 focuses on major body systems: digestion (liver and gastrointestinal), urinary (hydration and kidneys), and the brain / mind.

To address these systems, Forever Living’s research and development team utilized peer-reviewed and clinically proven ingredients, performing quality and safety testing of raw ingredients and the finished products that comprise the DX4 system. This research, combined with the effectiveness of each ingredient and how they work together, is one of the factors that sets DX4 apart from other body balancing systems on the market. DX4 is also differentiated by the inclusion of Forever Living’s flagship Forever Aloe Vera Gel, ® a key product that supports the system as a whole.

“Each ingredient was rigorously researched and formulated to work in tandem” he says Christopher Altamirano, Forever Nutraceutical’s Quality Director. “Other programs may only sell products that focus on one function, or do not work in harmony. We harnessed the importance of ensuring that all the nutritional supplements and products in DX4 work perfectly together when you follow the program.”

The DX4 system includes a four-day supply of seven nutritional products and supplements. The body’s needs are primarily supported from DX4’s contents for the first two days along with plenty of water. The program also allows for healthy, vegetable-rich salads and clean, natural snacks on days 2, 3 and 4. Recipes for these, along with the mindset exercises and program instructions, are available in the guide included with each DX4 purchase.

The DX4 system includes:

DX4 is designed to be a continual part of a healthy lifestyle routine. For best results, it is recommended that people do the DX4 program quarterly, ensuring that there are at least three months between each one. Repeating this foundational reset throughout the year will encourage more mind-body balance and optimized health.

“We are very excited to bring DX4 to market. This program and each of its nutritional supplements and products were in development for three years,” he says. Holly Stout, Forever Living’s Vice President of Global Product Development. “DX4 is an ideal way for people to press pause on their daily habits and reset their intentions to achieve optimal mind-body wellness. And what’s more, it’s designed to be repeated quarterly as part of a healthy lifestyle.”

DX4 is available at and directly through Forever Business Owners.


Launched in May 2022, DX4 ™ is a revolutionary body-balancing system of seven nutritional supplements and products that addresses deep health through a four-day program. Through this guided program, DX4 balances physical health – using the nutritional products and supplements plus a structured clean-eating plan – with mindfulness, goal setting and gratitude. All aspects of the program are designed to work in tandem with one another to help people experience an enhanced mind-body connection and improved overall health. Those who purchase the DX4 system will receive a detailed program guide that includes instructions for the nutritional products and supplements, healthy recipes, and mindfulness exercises.


Forever Living Products International is a direct sales health and beauty company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan, the multi-billion-dollar company has grown to have presence in over 160 countries and it is the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera products. The vertically integrated company owns and operates its own aloe fields, manufacturing facilities, research and development, quality control laboratories, and distribution channels.

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