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High uric acid level or hyperuricemia has been affecting people around the world more than ever before and can lead to a number of chronic health conditions. Sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits, less intake of water, calorie-dense meals are all contributing factors towards excess uric acid levels. (Also read: 7 Ayurvedic herbs and remedies to control uric acid and reduce joint pain)

Uric acid which is a waste product in the body can deposit in the bones and joints leading to health issues like gout, which is a form of arthritis, apart from heart and kidney trouble. High uric acid occurs when the body is not able to remove enough of uric acid or makes too much of it.

Dr Dixa Bhavsar says making healthy lifestyle changes can reverse hyperuricemia and reduce the high uric acid levels naturally.

Causes of High uric acid

– Low metabolism or poor gut health

– Sedentary lifestyle or lack of physical activity

– Consumption of more proteins and less fat

– Heavy dinners

– No regularity in your sleeping and eating time

– Less intake of water

– Kidney dysfunction (elderly patients)

– Eating excessive non-veg

How to reduce uric acid levels naturally according to Dr Bhavsar.

– Exercise every single day for 45 minutes

– Drink enough water

– Do not consume lentils / beans and wheat for dinner till your condition gets better

– Try having an early and light dinner, say before 8 pm

– Consume sour fruits like amla, berries, etc.

– Work on building your metabolism

– Manage your stress as it can reduce metabolism

– Have sound sleep every night. Better sleep can help improve your digestion and assimilation

Ayurveda herb to treat high uric acid

Dr Bhavsar says guduchi also known as giloy is a wonderful and best ayurvedic herb for gout

Here’s how to use Giloy:

– If you have the plant at home, you can use it easily. Take some fresh leaves and stem and soak them overnight. Crush and boil them in the morning in a glass of water until it gets half; strain and drink.

– You can also use it in other forms like juice, powder or tablets.

The Ayurveda expert says that although there are other Ayurvedic medicines for uric acid like kaishor guggulu, punarnava, amla and aloe vera but one should avoid self-medication and always consult an expert. Dr Bhavsar says the herbs should be consumed in the dosage suggested by them as that is decided as per individual’s disease and body type for best benefits and avoiding any side effects.

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