How to Get Your Ex Back Quickly Using These 5 Steps


Sometimes even after a breakup, you long for your ex because you end up realizing your he or she was the right one for you. If you are going through something like this, I can understand how you feel, and I’m here to help. 

In this article I will be discussing how to get your ex back quickly using 5 steps that are known to work. With the help of this guide, I hope you can reconcile with your ex, and your relationship is stronger this time around! 

5 Steps You Should Take, To Get Your Ex Back 

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  1. Give Them Personal Space 

Personal space is extremely important. No matter how much you love someone or want to be with them 24/7, personal space is something to which every individual has a right. You should be able to have some time to yourself to clear your thoughts and enjoy some me-time.  

Relationships are often unsuccessful because partners cannot understand the importance of each other’s personal space. And the lack of personal space results in unintended consequences.  

If you choose to be overly clingy, phone them incessantly, and repeatedly invade their personal space to win your ex back quickly, you are doing the opposite of what you should be doing. Your ex will not appreciate this neediness as they might want some time off yourself, and you are not showing any respect for their personal space will cause them to be irritated.  

The urge to call them and let them know how much you still love them and miss them might be strong, but if you do, your ex will dislike you even more and feel as if you care only about yourself and are disregarding your ex’s emotions.  

Even if you mean well, refusing to provide them with space will make them feel like you are trying to bother them for no reason.  

If you give your ex enough time and privacy to sort out their head and get a break, they will realize that you are respectful of their boundaries, and they will begin to miss you. Giving them personal space benefits both of you. It will be advantageous for you, as you will give time to yourself to examine your behavior and address your relationship issues.  

  1. Do Not Contact Your Ex (Social Media Included) 

Not contacting your ex is one of the main steps of getting your ex back quickly. However, for people who have been in a relationship for a long period, ignoring the existence of each other might be a hard task. However, it is an essential step to take if you are trying to figure out how to get your ex back quickly.  

Yes, it is extremely plausible if you find it hard not to contact someone whom you have loved all this time dearly and have spent some of the most amazing times together and been there for each other through the good times and the terrible times. Some people think that staying in touch with your ex after your split and communicating with them almost every day will make it hard for them to get over you, and you guys might patch up right away. But this is not what takes place. Rather, it conveys desperation and the need to reconnect urgently to your ex. However, your ex will not appreciate this. Rather be more turned off by your behavior.  

On the other hand, if you stop contacting your ex, your ex might start missing you and wonder where you have been all this time if all sorts of communication are suddenly eliminated. 

Your mental or emotional state might not be the best after a breakup. Zero contact will stop you from passing snarky remarks or being harsh or needy to your ex. You will be able to think through stuff, not blurt out things spontaneously and regret them later.  

Your anxiety and insecurities should not be why you impatiently start contacting your ex. All these emotions need to be controlled initially so that you can establish a healthy connection when your headspace is free from all the grievances regarding the relationship.   

No contact means you erase their existence from your phonebook or mobile. You can still have their number and add them on social media contacts but do not engage in conversations with them. You can hide their messages and posts so that you do not have to see them on your feed repeatedly. Social media platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Snapchat are included.  

Another big thing to avoid is drunk calling and texting. That is a huge NO. When you are intoxicated, you are not in your complete senses. Hence, the chances of you doing something you will regret later are very high. If you say something mean that is irreversible or something that sounds extremely needy, your ex will be put off by your behavior and might feel like you are deliberately trying to guilt-trip him. You will not get back your ex, but you would have successfully made a fool of yourself.  

You should also not track your ex’s whereabouts or ask your friends to spy on them by seeing where they go and what they do regularly. This is borderline stalker behavior, and if your ex knows about your doings, they will be extremely disheartened and distressed. The more you do things like this, the more you want to contact them.  

Another way you can limit your contact is by not attending parties or gatherings organized by your common friends where you are sure that the chances of seeing them are greater.  

The no contact rule also includes not contacting your ex’s family member or friend. If you do so, your ex might explode at you for invading their privacy and troubling their family.  

Remind yourself during the no contact period that you have the identity that others should associate with you, and you should give yourself some time too.  

Don’t worry about how you will patch up with your ex if you are not even allowed to contact them. You can contact them after some time, but make sure to know your self-worth and don’t do anything that will lower your self-esteem.  

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  1. Be a Person You Can Be Proud Of 

Before you can be a loved one to someone else, you need to love yourself. You need to focus on your positive attributes and enhance them. It would be best if you determined your identity regardless of your relationship status. When you have broken up, take time to redefine yourself and be proud of who you are. Evaluate what are the lacking points in your personality and work on them.  

You won’t achieve anything if you stay at home after your breakup and mope around without making positive changes to your personality. It’s acceptable to be unhappy after a breakup, but it’s not normal to sink deeply into sadness. Moreover, doing this will surround you with negative thoughts.  

You need to work on your personality and attempt to be someone of whom you can be most proud if you want to mend fences with your ex. It would be better to examine any relationship-related areas where you may have faltered personally and attempt to improve them.  

When you are proud of yourself, you will not just appreciate your abilities but others too.  

  1. Bring Positive Changes in Your Appearance 

Changing your appearance can boost your confidence and make you feel more positive and self-assured. This new look in your appearance will surprise your ex, too, once you see them after your no-contact period.  

You can change your appearance by getting a haircut or styling your hair in a different way than you normally do. Haircuts make you feel less stressed and release endorphins; hence, after a breakup, most people tend to feel low. Haircuts are a great option to feel invigorated again.  

Another way you can change your appearance is by keeping your teeth clean so that you can smile in the best way possible. A smile costs nothing and is a free way to improve your appearance.  

It would be best if you also worked on the clothes you wear. Wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself and like you can rule the world.  

Most importantly, it would be best if you also worked on your diet and exercise. You need to spend your life in the best way possible, and you will be able to do so only if you have good health. Exercise will positively affect your body; the released endorphins and adrenaline will make you happier.  

Your new appearance will shock your ex once they see you, and they’ll realize how you have been taking care of yourself and how you can be independent.  

  1. Implement Positive Changes to Your Mentality 

To get your ex back quickly, you need to be mentally in a good place. Otherwise, your relationship will be no different than it was last time around. 

You need to think of good thoughts and not let yourself feel worthless or be less confident. You should accept your failures and successes and learn from these experiences to work towards better goals. Widen the way you define yourself. If you have a sound mentality, you will look at things from a different perspective, not be affected by minor inconveniences, and be able to be a better partner in a relationship.  

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