How to Limit Who Can Contact You on Instagram


Later, Instagram has grown from a photo-sharing platform to a social networking site with one-stop-shop for Snapchat News, Tik Tok Reels, and instant messaging.

Having DMs within Instagram provides a great way to communicate with friends and relatives, and it means that almost anyone can connect with you. If you do not want this to happen, there are several ways to improve.

This also comes with comments and preferences left over from your diet too – there are more changes than you can figure out when it comes to monitoring who is allowed to connect with you on Instagram and how to do it.

Choose: Public or Private

Being anonymous on Instagram means lowering your account.

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If your Instagram account is public, everyone on the platform can view your posts and stories (unless the stories are for your best friends only), and anyone can send you messages directly. Anyone can like and comment on the pictures and videos that are in your diet, whether they follow you or not.

Switch to private account and your Instagram exposure is limited. New followers must be approved by you — and only followers who can see the photos, videos, and stories you post. Only followers may like and post comments on your posts.

In the case of direct communications, nothing changes: Privacy information, containing their account name and photos, can still be found in the search. As long as someone knows the name of your Instagram account, they can send a message to them, whether your account is public or private (and whether you follow them or not).

To switch between public or private account in Instagram app, click your account icon (bottom right), then menu button (top right). Choose Preferences and Privacyand you will see there are a Private account change change at the top of the menu – use this to change your account.

Protect Your DMs

You have three ways to request information.

Instagram via David Nield

Open your messages in the Instagram app on your mobile phone – the flight image in the top right corner – and you will see messages coming from people you are following or who have added to your list of best friends. Messages from other people on Instagram appear below Requests tabu.


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