Hydralyte Announces Investment and Brand Collaboration with Actress and Entrepreneur, Shay Mitchell


“Between meetings, working out and chasing a toddler, I don’t drink as much water as I should,” says Mitchell. “I invested in Hydralyte because it delivers superior rapid rehydration, tastes great and is low in sugar so my family gets the hydration they need. It’s a daily life-hack.”

Hydralyte’s global pedigree continues to stand out as a superior rehydration solution by providing 4x the electrolytes and one-fourth the sugar than sports drinks and rehydrates faster than water alone. Named the number one, gold standard of hydration in AustraliaHydralyte is also ranked number two in Canadian stores * and is rapidly growing in popularity within the United States. The brand’s new fizzy powder sticks, made from all-natural ingredients, come with significantly less sugar than competitors and are designed for an eight-ounce glass proving to provide a hydration option for every age and every stage.

“Not only is Shay a young mother, actress and icon of popular culture, she is an incredibly successful entrepreneur,” says Hydralyte CEO Oliver Baker. “This announcement is just the beginning, and unlike many brand ambassador partnerships, Shay is now a part owner in the company and has an active role and voice in supporting the growth of our business. This partnership further demonstrates what drives the core of the Hydralyte brand – hydration is at the center of a healthy lifestyle – and we can’t wait to work together to bring our vision to life. “

In 2022, the brand plans to launch a variety of all-new flavors and packaging format options and will show an increased focus on overall health and recovery with new products featuring adaptogens, detox and more. Hydralyte is available online at Hydralyte.com, Amazon, Rite Aid, CVS, Publix and other large retailers. The brand’s core range is designed for consumers of all ages and are available in powder sticks, portable dissolvable tablets, and a variety of ready-to-drink options. For more information, visit Hydralyte.com.

About Hydralyte
Born in Australia and trusted by the medical community, professional athletes and families around the world, Hydralyte is scientifically formulated to rehydrate faster than water alone. Based on the World Health Organization’s formula for rapid rehydration, Hydralcyte is doctor approved and proven effective with four times the electrolytes and 75 percent less sugar than popular sports drinks. Hydralytes North America is headquartered in San Diego, Calif. with key manufacturing facilities in Utah and Switzerland. Follow Hydralyte: Instagram and Facebook

* Canadian Stores refers to Canadian Pharmacy and Grocery stores subscribing to Nielsen Retail Sales. Data is based on 52 weeks through July 2021including a basket of major brands across Baby, Digestive and Sports Nutrition Categories.

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