The news of Mastercard and Paxos joining forces to make paying with cryptocurrency mainstream left crypto enthusiasts excited about the possibilities this move will summon.

Mastercard announced it will add cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges to its card program, giving banks and their customers a choice to pay with cryptocurrency. Mastercard partnered with crypto trading platform Paxos offering to build a bridge between this platform and the banks, and other great crypto like dash 2 trade will be more accessible to general investors and public.

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The move comes less than a week after Visa announced its new crypto debit cards in partnership with FTX. Visa crypto cards will be available in 40 countries and realized with the help of more than 70 crypto partners.

Cryptocurrencies were made to decentralize trade and give more control to the community without major financial institutions as middlemen. With this move financial institutions are now accepting cryptos as mainstream and eager to include cryptos in their financial services offering.
The question is how investors can benefit from Mastercard & Paxos crypto trading program.

How Crypto Investors Benefit from Mastercard & Paxos Collaboration
Paxos is already used by PayPal which offers a similar service of converting cryptocurrency to traditional fiat currency. And this is becoming a trend that is changing the way crypto-shy investors look at blockchain technology.

The crypto market is regarded as highly volatile and also often criticized for lack of regulations and security. Mastercard and Paxos are in this case offering to handle regulatory compliance and security necessary to make the jump between crypto and the real world.

This means cryptos may gain a new previously unreachable audience of people who trust traditional financial institutions more than the crypto market. Once these traditional financial institutions offer cryptos in a regulated setting, the reputation of the crypto sphere will benefit greatly. Subsequently, the crypto market would be valued more.

The move made by both Visa and now Mastercard could trigger a potential move towards market recovery and possible raise in crypto prices. The market has been suffering heavily since the crash of Bitcoin and investors are eager to see some signs of recovery.
Recent developments with Mastercard & Paxos crypto trading program are a sign this is the moment to gear up with some good cryptos that are now available for a bargain price and watch these projects grow in your wallet.
We recommend you go for IMPT or Tamadoge – new but ambitious projects that are audited by accepted regulators and recommended by a community of investors. Regardless of the bear season, these projects are making astonishing progress with record-breaking presales and real-world utility.
Another such crypto project that just started a presale is Dash2Trade (D2T) – a world-class crypto analytics platform that makes it easier for investors to make informed decisions.


Dash2Trade is envisioned as an innovative crypto analytics and social trending platform tailored for smart investors that base their investment decisions on extensive research and the right kind of information. Dash2Trade will give investors just that – a tool to get as much relevant information in one place.

Features of the Dash2Trade platform include things like trading signals, social sentiment, and on-chain analysis to spot trending coins, a strategy builder, and so on.
With its crypto listing alerts, Dash2Trade will inform you about new prospecting cryptos. The platform will also organize trading competitions for its subscribers.

The project’s D2T token is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum Network that powers the platform giving you access to its features. D2T token launched its presale on Wednesday, the 19th of October, and managed to raise almost half a million in the first 24 hours of the presale.

Dash2Trade is also hosting a giveaway where one lucky person will earn $150k worth of D2T tokens. You can make multiple entries for the draw if you follow the steps listed on the Dash2Trade official page.

IMPT Project

IMPT is one of the first cryptocurrency projects offering a modern-life-inspired blockchain solution for tackling climate change.

Now is the moment when the crypto world is making a turn towards greener blockchain alternatives, slowly dumping the proof-of-work (PoW) protocol for more efficient proof-of-stake (PoS). IMPT comes as a crypto project that is not only reliant on a greener blockchain version but also has battling climate change as its core mission.
The IMPT project is the first crypto solution that is giving customers climate tokens that were never before accessible to individuals. Now each shopper that uses the project’s shopping platform filled with 10,000 environmentally-conscious brands can earn IMPT tokens from each purchase. These tokens can easily be exchanged for carbon credits that can be relocated as funding for carefully selected eco-friendly projects.
Investors reacted to this amazing crypto green initiative by flocking in thousands and buying off the project’s presale. IMPT up till now managed to raise more than $6 million in a light-speed presale that is still ongoing. These coins are available for just $0.018, and if you wish to catch a piece of this smart project, it would be wise to do so today.

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Tamadoge is the number one new coin of the year and the first meme coin with utility that is setting an example to the crypto market with its innovative approach to the meme coin niche.

Tamadoge recently closed its presale ahead of time with more than $19 million raised in just a month. Also, the project’s first NFT Collections are on fire among crypto enthusiasts excited to own the first Tamadoge Pets.

Tamadoge is a whole play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse where virtual Tamadoge pets fight each other to gain rewards in TAMA coins. The project relies on the popularity of dog pets in our culture and drives inspiration from Dogecoin.

Tamadoge pets come in the form of NFTs and there are 1,000 Rare Tamadoge NFTs being auctioned on Opensea until the 24th of October. You can still get them if you’re quick, since pets from this collection have advantageous stats over other series that will be offered later.
The Collections offered for purchase are expected to nudge the price of TAMA coins up. You can find these coins at OKX and OKX DEX. TAMA is currently priced at $0.029.

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When thinking about the effect Mastercard & Paxos move will have on the crypto market, keep in mind these effects will take some time to show. Offering paying with crypto to bank customers will probably help the market recover from a shaky year and have a better start in 2023.
In the meantime, your best bet for investments is those coins that are making a huge success amid the bear market and that are not just obvious soap bubbles but have some real-world use cases.

If you go for these projects that are already making a huge success and look to be set to repeat this trend in the future, you won’t need to wait for Mastercard & Paxos Crypto Trading Program to start working in your favor. You could finalize a good deal today by choosing a hot presale that is at the heart of a community useful project like Dash2Trade. This project will help many investors make informed decisions, and you have a chance to be one of the first that supports it by acquiring D2T coins on presale now.

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