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Not A Taylor Swift Concert

I am unfortunately not one of the many lucky people going to a Taylor Swift concert this summer. Honestly, when tickets went on sale I didn’t even know to get them! (If any of you have friends cancel on a ticket this summer, please DM me and maybe I can fly to you and buy the ticket – I’m not joking!)

But real concerts aside, a group of friends and I went to a DJed Tay Tay Party on Easter Weekend and had a blast regardless. If anything this party made me realize I know way too few Taylor lyrics 🙂

My outfit…

was nothing special!! My favorite album is Lover but it was a rainy cold night so I wasn’t wearing a pastel dress! So I went all black and had no regrets about my reputation. (Note the dinosaurs – haha.)

We had dinner at Zocalo

My favorite spot for a girls’ night!


Happy birthday, Hilary!

Easter Sunday

I managed to get 7 hours of sleep and was less sleepy than these two. They take after one another!

He’s got big shoes to fill!

We had a low key Easter with just the three of us. We were invited to a neighbor’s house for an egg hunt and snacks.

I did many egg hunts in our church cemetery when I was little, so it felt natural to be looking in the nooks and crannies of the stones for eggs. (Please don’t freak out – the neighborhood uses this as a green space and it has dog park poop bags at the entrance.)

For Easter dinner we made roasted chicken thighs, baked potatoes and green beans.

And enjoyed them with a LOT OF GOLF!

Happy Bday Nona

We also celebrated Nona’s birthday!

3 is the difference in 6 and 9!

Family dinner at Mas!

Mazen is home from California!

We’ve been playing a rubber band ball toss game every night at bedtime. Maybe not the best wind-down activity…

We loved seeing his classroom at the student-led conferences <3

Oatmeal Day!

Sometimes I still make classic KERF whipped banana oatmeal…

And some days I eat Birch’s leftover quick oats and call it breakfast (GAH I wish WordPress would get emojis because I would put crying-laughing face here!).

I went to the Juice Laundry for this beauty on Sunday morning.

And I loved this Southwest salad at Farmacy downtown!

We are back on Blue Apron!

After promos with Hello Fresh and Green Chef, we are back on Blue Apron! Blue Apron has remained our favorite of the meal delivery services because 1) the portion size is great (we are never hungry on BA and sometimes have extra), 2) They have a lot of seafood options (I get salmon nearly every week) and , 3) the 4-person recipes are written for 4 which means no math mid-recipe.

Super delicious sausage gnocchi:

I also find the Blue Apron recipes to be the most balanced with protein, carbs, and veggies at every meal.

They are having a flash sale right now for new customers (aka new accounts): Enjoy $150 off across your first 6 orders + free shipping on your first order!

Steak + taters with roasted brussels + carrots (plus surely red wine!)

I also got these mini quiches as an add on to make for lunches. So good with everything bagel seasoning on top!

New Finds

This toothpaste from Target.

New Beautycounter Highlighters

Brand new subtle glow-never-glittery highlighting balms! They are refillable and come in 4 beautiful shades.

Sure Bubbly Red

This is my new favorite! It’s more cranberry than red wine but I love it for what it is!


My friend Spencer from ACAC created this product for those with reflux. Thomas and I are giving it a go. It tastes really good, and I am obsessed with the texture! Learn more here.

Smoky Paloma Liquid IV

Hydrator or mocktail? This was recommended by a friend and really good!! I had to add a good bit of lime juice to make it more tart, but it sure tasted like a smoky paloma! I actually think it’s sold out now 🙁

Hope you are having a great spring!


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