Provitalize Reviews – Is It For Weight Management and Gut Health?


Provitalize pills are effective weight loss supplements that help reduce extra pounds and assist women in dealing with symptoms of menopause phases. Symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings are less likely to occur by consuming Provitalize pills. Moreover, it also plays a role in improving the immunity of the body and fighting against various infections.

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People are largely unaware of it and its advantages and think it is fraud. However, you can get fruitful results with proper dosage and Consistency. In this article, we will see this product from different angles and explore its pros and cons to give a clear picture.

What is Provitalize?

Provitalize are probiotics with the qualities of eliminating or reducing the symptoms of menopause. Provitalize is helpful in better weight management of the body and keeping the body weight within the average body index.

Moreover, these supplements are also helpful in reducing the frequency of various menopause symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, etc. They prevent bloating, improve gut functionality, and help people have good sleep patterns.

Provitalize probiotics are such pills that are manufactured by keeping those who are in menopause phases. In menopause body does not produce estrogen and progesterone, which results in various issues like sleep disorder, weight gain, hot flashes, etc. these probiotics help older people in controlling menopause symptoms and losing weight.

How Does Provitalize Works?

Provitalize supplements are thermogenic probiotics w which are microorganisms that help increase heat in the body, resulting in the fast busing of the fat and increasing the body’s metabolic rate.

The thermogenic probiotics generate heat in the gut and help lose weight quickly by burying the fat soon.

Moreover, the probiotics of this Provitalize help in digestion and increase the immunity of the body against certain diseases and are specially designed for those women who are in their menopause or before the menopause phase as this phase makes the aft burning slow, so using these probiotics will act like a wonder.

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Ingredients of Provitalize Supplement

The ingredients of the probiotic supplement are the reasons behind its benefits in losing weight and improving menopause condition. We will see them in detail to know their role and effects on our bodies. Following are the components that are present in the Provitalize pills:

•    Bifidobacterium Breve

•    Bifidobacterium Lactis

•    Turmeric Root Extract

•    Moringa Leaf Extract

•    Curry Leaf Extract

•    Bioperine

•    Lactobacillus Gasseri

•    Sunflower Lecithin

Let’s explore each ingredient one by one:

Bifidobacterium Breve:

This is a probiotic, or a good bacteria in the intestines, where it plays its role in digesting food and helping the body get nutrients from the food. These probiotics produce lactic acid and acetic acid in the gut for the digestion of food.

This probiotic is associated with burning fats and helps reduce weight and prevent infections. It is also helpful in improving immunity in the body and reducing fat in the abdomen.

This is the main ingredient of Provitalize pills that work behind weight loss. However, the research on it is still in process, and there is no clear evidence regarding its results.

Bifidobacterium Lactis:

Similar to Bifidobacterium breve, Bifidobacterium lactis also involved in producing lactic acid in the gut, breaking the food particles, and extracting energy or nutrients from them. It also fights against various infections in the body.

It also has anti-inflammation and plays an effective role in maintaining normal body mass index by reducing cholesterol. So, it makes the Provitalize supplement an effective health-boosting pill.

Turmeric Root Extract:

Turmeric root extract is famous for multiple benefits as it has an active compound known as curcumin which has tremendous effects on health if used consistently. This extract will help in having better heart health and fight against cancer cells.

It works as an anti-inflammation and is used in the treatment of depression, Alzheimer patients, or arthritis. This root extract makes the Provitalize supplement an immunity booster.

Moringa Leaf Extract: 

It is considered an effective extract to promote brain functioning and thinking capabilities. Moringa Leaf has antibiotic and antibacterial qualities that make it ideal for immunity purposes. It is also considered a useful extract for improving your hair and skin and preventing various skin infections.

It is also considered a preventive ingredient against cancer and many stomach problems, and it improves our immunity by fighting against various infections.

Mood swings in menopause are very common, and taking Provitalize pills will help you in treating mood disorders as this Moringa leaf extract is good for dealing with mood swings. So, Provitalize claims to reduce mood swings in women.

Curry Leaf Extract:

Curry leaves extract is not good in taste, but their beneficial properties of them make them highly recommended to add to your daily diet. It improves our health in a variety of ways and makes digestion of food items fast and convenient.

The antioxidant defense of the body is elevated by using this extract, and it also fights against cancer cells in the body and prevents the spread of them.

It also improves heart health and reduces the chances of having heart strokes or heart attacks. Thus, Provitalize supplements are good in protecting the heart from many diseases.


Bioperine is good in allowing speedy absorption of curcumin compound in the body to get its benefits. And making it beneficial for the body. Other than this, it is also helpful in improving brain function and thinking abilities of the mind.

Many face loss memory problems in menopause. This component in the pills helps them in improving their memory. It also keeps normal blood sugar levels and helps prevent cancer cell growth in the body. That is why the Proviatlzie supplements are also good in maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

Lactobacillus Gasseri:

This is another important ingredient in the Provitalize pills. The strain of Lactobacillus, known as Lactobacillus gasseri, is a probiotic that is naturally present in our bodies in our intestines, vagina, and urinary system. There are several fruitful outcomes to using this particular probiotic strain by combining it with other probiotics.

In addition to assisting with inflammation, it aids easy and quick digestion of various nutrients. Several human and animal types of research have shown that this probiotic has the qualities of losing weight and increasing the speed of busing fat, especially around the abdomen.

Sunflower Lecithin:

This is another component of Provitalize weight loss pills. The role of sunflower lecithin in this supplement is to work as an emulsifier as it suspends fats and oils and makes mixes all the components with oil or fat components.

All the ingredients, as mentioned earlier, are selected after proper research, and a team of experts studies each component’s effects and uses. The weight loss properties of Provitalize are obvious from its probiotics and their role in fat burning and improving digestion of the nutrients.

Alternatives to Provitalize Supplements for Treating Menopause Symptoms

Many other alternatives to Provitalize supplements are playing their role in controlling the symptoms of the menopause phase. Let’s see each alternative one by one.

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Essential Vitamins:

Vitamins B (especially B6), C, D, and E may all be useful in lowering the impact of hormonal imbalance in the body during menopause. Some females get enough vitamins just through food items, and others may require a supplement to boost the impact of vitamins on the body.

Various vitamins, Vitamin B6, play an important role in reducing hot flashes among women suffering from menopause. Not just hot flashes, this vitamin also improves vision and acts as an antidepressant that leads to reduced mood swings.

Black Cohosh:

Herba Actaea racemose, also known as black cohosh, is an available herb in the United States and Canada. It is frequently sued in various medicines, and this root is frequently applied to estrogen-related issues.

Black cohosh can change estrogen levels in the body by increasing the level in the uterus and other places in the body. In contrast, Black cohosh can also eliminate the impacts of estrogen on other body parts.

This herb is famous for treating and reducing the symptoms of menopause. Mostly it is associated with treating or reducing the frequency of hot flashes among women in their 40s or 50s.

Essential Oils:

Essential oils may be found in their natural state in various plant-based products. You may also get them in ready-to-use products like oils and lotions, which are effective as menopause symptom relief.

Essential oils may reduce Hot flashes and discomforts in the body and aid in sleep disorders. The research on their role in menopause symptoms is still under study.

Red Clover:

This is another natural thing that is found useful for menopause problems. It increases blood circulation in the body and prevents blood clots from developing because of the blood-thinning characteristics of red clover.

According to a study, Isoflavones are found in red clover, which may help alleviate menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes and night sweats.


The consumption of soy is also associated with the treatments of menopause symptoms, and many types of research also support its role in eliminating the symptoms.

Benefits of Using Provitalize

Provitalize has tremendous benefits with its high quality and unique ingredients. It’s a probiotic product for many issues like weight gain, sleep disorders, or menopause. Let’sLet’s see each issue separately and the role of Provitalize in treating them:


Menopause is a condition that usually occurs between 45 to 55 ages. If a woman is in menopause, then it means that she did not have her periods for the last 12 months. It is not an infection or an ailment but a natural process that happens in every woman. Before menopause or the final stop of periods, women face irregularity in their menstrual cycles, which depicts that menopause is common.

As it is a natural; process of the body, you can’t stop it, but there are certain side effects that women face in their menopause. Some women face hot flashes, less sleep, sudden weight gain, feeling low, anxiety, etc. However, some women face low symptoms while others deal with severe ones.

Meditation or supplements are often prescribed to ease the discomforts of menopause. Provitalize pills are often used to reduce the impacts of menopause, and you will face fewer symptoms by using this probiotic.

Weight Gain:

Weight gain in menopause is very common as in this phase, our metabolic rate becomes low, and the tendency to lose extra pounds becomes difficult. In this scenario, using Provitalize pills will strongly impact burning fat.

Hot Flashes:

Hot flashes are severe warm feelings for a minute or longer without having a high temperature in which your upper body parts get too hot. You may get lots of sweating with red blushes. In Hot flashes, the chest, neck, and face are the prominent places you feel hot.

Women in menopause often deal with heat flashes. Not just menopause, other factors can lead to having hot flashes, like using too much caffeine or alcohol and having spicy food items regularly.

The frequency of hot flashes also varies from woman to woman, and mediation with good probiotics like Provitalize are two possible and effective methods among its treatments.

Night Sweats:

Night sweats are another word for hot flashes that happen only at night, even during sleep. The person who faces night sweats will have wet clothes or bed with heaving sweating. Usually, a cold chill episode happens after night sweats.

In night sweats, our body vessels elands that cause high blood flow and then contract fast, producing heat that eventually results in night sweats. Possible causes are infections related to the ear, nose, or throat, or in severe conditions, it may be because of menopause, HIV, TB, etc.

Like hot flashes, night sweats can be reduced by using a Provitalize supplement that can reduce the frequency of this symptom.

Sleeping Difficulties:

With getting older, taking proper sleep becomes a difficult task. With sleep deprivation, you cannot function well in the morning. So, good sleep is necessary for better brain functioning and other physical activities.

Women in menopause mostly face difficulty in getting enough sleep, and this thing adversely affects their daytime activities. Thus, the Provitalize supplement helps you get peaceful and long hours of sleep without disturbance or restlessness.

Reduced Sex Drive:

Some people may feel very little or no sex drive, which affects their relationship with their spouse. The hormonal imbalance in women can be a major cause of low sex drive. Provitalize pills can be a very good option to improve this thing, as they are harmless and have positive results.

Mood Changes:

Feeling low or stressed and sad without reason can be due to hormonal imbalance in females in their menopause, as menopause causes multiple changes in the body that a female has to encounter. Having severe mood swings is one of them.

In mood swings, a person has no control over her emotions. Happy feelings can turn into sadness within seconds. You can deal with this problem by adding

Provitalize probiotics to your daily diet.

Provitalize as an Effective Weight Loss Supplement

Provitalize has an effective combination of various probiotics that are helpful for weight reduction. Women experiencing menopause are often in their early forties or late fifties, and the body’s metabolism rate slows down with age.

Provitalize has such gut-friendly bacteria that help break down food particles and improve metabolism and digestion. It helps maintain the equilibrium of all biological processes in women. These features make this Provitalize suitable for all women who are in dire need of losing extra pounds. Women who consume them feel the fat burn in form abdomen, a reduction in the double chin, and low fat around the waist and hips.

Remember that using this supplement alone will not lead to fruitful results. Well, a balanced diet along with proper workouts are necessary to have quick fat burn and make your body weight within normal range.

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Provitalize Side Effects

People become conscious before buying any new product, especially in the case of supplements s; this can result in severe side effects. So, it is crucial to check the ingredients of any supplement so that you can avoid allergies (if you have formed any ingredient).

Other than the ingredients, there are mild side effects of Provitalize pills that vary among people. However, some people face difficulties in digesting the Provitalize supplement at the start. When the body gets used to it, the digestion problem will not occur.

So, the potential side effects of these pills include:

•    Bloating

•    Gas

•    Constipation

•    Diarrhea in rare cases

•    Frequent urination

Some specific people should avoid using Provitalize these supplements:

•    People taking nonsteroidal medicines

•    Drugs related to inflammation

•    Heart patients or using blood thinners

Moreover, people with serious health conditions or breast-feeding mothers and pregnant females should also avoid it. If anyone is interested in consuming these oils, she should consult the health service provider about her condition and the Provitalize supplement’s safety.

Last but not least, check all the ingredients of Provitalize supplements to see where you have an allergy to any of the ingredients. If yes, then never use the pills, as this will cause a severe reaction in your body.

Safety Measures Regarding the Manufacturing of Provitalize

As we mentioned earlier, the side effects are minimal because of its high-quality herbal and natural ingredients. Not just the ingredients, the manufacturer take safety measures during all the stages of the manufacturing process of Provitalize supplement to ensure a quality product.

Moreover, the Provitalize supplement is produced in the United States in an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility to ensure the premium quality of the final product.

Provitalize Dosage

The benefits of Provitalize pills are obvious, with minimum to no side effects. You can also take this supplement to speed up your weight loss journey, especially if you are in your menopause phase of life, where losing weight is a challenge.

This supplement has mostly natural ingredients that help burn fat. Taking two Provitalize pills once a day together is recommended to get maximum benefits.

You will get better results if you take Provitalize pills in the morning g on an empty stomach. However, if you have difficulty digesting the Provitalize pills at the start, then take them after breakfast or lunch.

Excessing any supplement can result in an upset stomach, so don’t take more pills to get results earlier. Taking over the dosage of the Provitalize supplement can result in gut problems and will not yield any benefit.

Provitalize Complaints

Provitalize supplements are new to the market, and most customers are satisfied with their results. However, the actual benefits vary from person to person. Some customers get the desired goal within a few weeks, while others have to wait months to get the results.

Keep in mind that every supplement takes time to give benefits in the long run. So a customer that complains about its “no effects” should wait a bit longer and use them consistently.

Provitalize Reviews

Here are some of the customer reviews that depict their experience with the Provitalize supplement.

Yvonne – 57 years old

“I had won an excessive amount of weight round my middle. It appeared like irrespective of what I did; I couldn’t put off it. So, I was frustrated and overwhelmed. My sister recommended Provitalize supplements ad sent me a link to the product. I ordered it. I took two capsules in the morning with a glass of water the first thing, and then I went for a 30-minute walk. That is the only thing that I have changed in my routine, and I am very happy with the results. My stomach is flatter, and I have lost inches. I can feel it in my body, and I feel so happy. I recommend Provitalize pills to all who are struggling with weight.”

Kari – 35 years old

“I am an absolute lover of Provitalize. I have taken it for a good four to five months Now. Prior to taking Provitalize, I was having symptoms like what I think to people with fibromyalgia, night experience, skin soreness, achiness, overall stiffness in joints, just an overall brain fog, and fatigue. I was also having a lot of hormonal-type symptoms, and I felt sluggish all the time. Since taking the product, surprising benefits are that I woke up before the alarm clock went off, and I don’t have nearly the pain, stiffness, and soreness, That I had before. I also noticed that my elimination was more regular, and the bloating while eating certain food items was also gone. I would highly recommend it.”

These reviews clearly show the effectiveness of Provitalize pills and their role in making your body lose weight, have a bright skin tone, reduction in bloating and night sweats.

Refund Policy for Provitalize Customers

Customers who buy the supplement via the manufacturer’s site have access to a return policy. There’s a 90-day grace period for returns and refunds beginning on the date of purchase. If you want to have a refund, then follow simple steps.

The first step is sending an email to, the company’s customer support address. A contact form is available on the official website for those who prefer that method of communicating directly with its employees.

Customers who buy the supplement from Amazon may be subject to a different return policy than those who buy it from other retailers. You can check the method of amazon refund policy, or you can contact their customer support contact to get the details.


Where to Buy Provitalize?

Provitalize probiotics are available on the official website of the company. You can also get it from any reliable online source like Amazon, where you can also check the feedback of customers worldwide with all the pros and cons of consuming them.

Is Provitalize Scam?

No, It is not. It has tremendous results in treating symptoms associated with the menopause phase of life. People also have positive reviews about Provitalize pills.

However, the results of these pills cannot be achieved in just days. You have to consume them regularly to get a fruitful outcome.

How To Use Provitalize?

Using two capsules of Provitalize probiotics at once on an empty stomach is recommended. You can take it after breakfast or lunch, but it is better to take it before breakfast to get maximum benefits.

Provitalize Final Thoughts

Provitalize probiotics are new to the market with a limited number of customers. The market for this product is growing fast as people are aware of the positive impacts, they can have with Provitalize pills.

Women who are in the menopause phase need to consume these soils as these pills are designed in such a way theta to minimize the symptoms that they have to bear on missing their monthly periods. They act effectively in increasing the metabolic rate and the chances of reducing extra pounds within a short period.

The success rate of these probiotics in terms of gut health and weight loss is seen among customers, and you can also check the reviews at the online stores.(Limited Time Discount Offer) Click Here to Order Provitalize Probiotics at an Exclusive Low Price Today!


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