QBSSSE7H is KuCoin Referral Code. Use this referral code to get a free sign-up bonus which is worth up to $510 for every new user. You can also share this referral code with your friends to earn bonus cashback and discounts on all their trading fees.

KuCoin Referral Code

KuCoin Referral Code QBSSSE7H
Signup Rewards Up to $500 (Plus $10 bonus)
App Name KuCoin
Referral Code QBSSSE7H
Refer and Earn 45% Trading Commissions

Claim the KuCoin Referral Bonus here.

How to Use a Referral Code for the Kucoin App?
1. Install the KuCoin application on your phone or use the link above. (After installation, launch the application)
2. Open the app after installing it.
3. Select the User icon in the top left corner of the screen.
4. Click Sign Up to register for a KuCoin account.
5. Type in your email address and use the OTP to confirm it.
6. After entering your password, click “Next.”
7. Enter into the referral code section: QBSSSE7H for the KuCoin app to receive a $10 bonus (in the beginner reward section).
8. You’re done and have been successful creating your new KuCoin account.
(You can follow the same format when creating an account on the web browser too)

Which Kucoin app referral code is the best?

The referral code for the Kucoin app is QBSSSE7H. By using this code, you will receive a $10 sign-up bonus and up to an additional $500 in rewards. Earn commissions by sharing your code with your friends. QBSSSE7H is the best Kucoin referral code for 2022.

Referral Program for KuCoin

Most cryptocurrency exchanges before KuCoin had referral systems akin to that of KuCoin. Users would receive a tiny portion of the revenue produced by referrals in exchange for introducing their friends and family.
However, the exchange has launched a brand-new referral program that operates in a very different way. The program will still allow users to invite friends and relatives, but they will no longer receive cash in exchange for their referrals; instead, they will receive stars. Once gathered, these stars can be exchanged for a selection of gifts and rewards – including a massive reward of $1000 dollars to those who earn 20000 stars!
Through referral codes, a user’s friends can join up for the service and get bonuses of their own. When the user uses the service, the user’s friends also get bonuses and can get discounts on their trading fees.

You can start using the Kucoin referral program by following the instructions below:
1. Launch the app, then select menu
2. Select the “Invite friends” option there by clicking.
3. There, you will also receive your Kucoin referral code.
With each successful referral, your friends can earn $10 – $510 in rewards too and you will be able to earn massive bonuses with the referral program – with a huge choice of amazing rewards and prizes.

Affiliate Program for KuCoin
Users of KuCoin can also participate in a much more conventional affiliate scheme through which they can refer or introduce others and receive commissions based on the volume of cryptocurrency they trade.
Affiliates are eligible to receive commissions on their trading fees up to 40% of the trading costs. As a second-level commission, which they can earn on the referral’s commissions, they are also eligible to get a 5% portion of the commissions received by their referrals.

Regarding Kucoin

In 2017, Kucoin was established at the same time as Binance. You can earn up to 40% on each successful invitation you make to your friends to trade on KuCoin. The platform enables margin, futures, and peer-to-peer (P2P) trading in addition to standard trading options. Users have the option of lending or staking their cryptocurrency to receive bonuses, incentives and interest.

Get The KuCoin Referral Bonus Right Away!

Right now, you may receive the sign-up bonus by using the KuCoin referral code: QBSSSE7H. For traders who want access to sophisticated tools as well as the ability to manage all of your cryptocurrency in one location, KuCoin is an excellent platform.

Kucoin Analysis
Kucoin is one of the few trading platforms that gives users practically complete freedom. Futures, margin and spot trades, cryptocurrency lending, staking and purchased and sold or invested in. Active traders can use the KuCoin app on their phone to monitor their trades and use KCS to get deals and discounts on trading commissions.

What are the KuCoin trading fees?

KuCoin is one of the most affordable and cheapest cryptocurrency exchanges with a maximum amount of only 0.1% of any trade. Unlike rival cryptocurrency exchanges, it does not impose monthly account fees on customers and charges much less for all trades. As with other crypto exchanges, Kucoin does not charge a fee for cryptocurrency deposits.
At under 0.1% of all deals, KuCoin has exceptionally low trading expenses compared to other cryptocurrencies.

To receive the introductory bonus, enter the Kucoin referral code QBSSSE7H. Obtaining the sign-up bonus is quite simple. During account creation, simply enter the Kucoin app referral code QBSSSE7H. Only when creating an account can you use the referral code.


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