Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Review: A Pixel 5A Alternative


It’s complicated does not like the new Samsung Galaxy A53 5G. This Android phone only costs $ 450 and that’s all most people want, even beyond our choice, the Google Pixel 5A, in a few places. The design is a bit lightweight – the matte plastic design and fingerprints – but if you do not want your phone to look like a sore finger, it is a good option at a low cost.

Samsung A game

Place the A53 5G next to the lead, A52 5G, and you may have a hard time separating them. Two areas where the new A53 could be frustrated are the removal of the headphone jack and the lack of a charging adapter in the box. This started with high-end banners and is now downhill, which some users are not happy about.

Fortunately, the A53 5G does well with the features that are most important. Take the veil, for example. The 6.5-inch OLED screen is much brighter than the display on Google’s $ 450 Pixel phone, making it more comfortable on sunny days here in New York. It also maintains a 120-Hz refresher control, so that the focus on the apps and interface looks audible and smooth (make sure you turn this on for options).

The large cover is ideal for my big nails, and its small design supports small hands. It is paired with stereo speakers that sound great. My TV has been broken for the past week, but I’ve been getting better and getting more shows in bed with this phone.

It has a 5,000-mAh cell, which is slightly larger than last year’s A52, although the global battery life is similar. There are days when I push hard and see a 30 percent hit in the middle of the night. But most of the time, it hangs about 50 to 45 percent at the end of the day, leaving enough water for it to eat. many of the next day. However, no phone offers two full days of battery life.

This is one of the few Samsung phones sold in the US that uses a home processor, Exynos 1280, and is equipped with 6 gigabytes of RAM. The benchmark test shows that its performance is similar to that of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G which supports its predecessors, which is a bit embarrassing. Make no mistake about it — just like last year’s race, the A53 5G works well every day. There are, however, times you just snooze and wait for it to upgrade to Google Maps, or wait for the camera app to be installed. I do not remember encountering such frustrations with the Pixel 5A.

Good news? This A53 will get more amazing updates and security updates than its Pixel counterpart. (I still do not understand how Google, which manages Android devices, allows Samsung to eat lunch in the department.) This means upgrading to four OS and 5 years of security upgrades, so it will continue to do so until 2027. .

When it comes to programming, that’s it all right. Every time I try out Samsung phones, I start to miss the white Android app available on Pixels and Motorolas. The form factor here is not my favorite (why should I have to scroll through my app drawer horizontally ?!). Fortunately, like all Androids, you can modify and modify most of the third-party apps and developers.


Most cameras on Android phones cost less than $ 600. Other than that have been the Pixel A-type phones — I have not yet seen a device that could reduce Google’s ability here. Samsung closes the gap by offering a better and more compact camera with this new color, though it doesn’t reach the height of the Pixel, especially at low light.

During the day, a large 64-megapixel camera is capable of taking detailed photographs. Colors are the problem. Take a picture of a fire escape on a rainy day in the pictures above. In Samsung’s photo, the shadow of the house is information lighter than it was in real life (the Pixel 5A picture is closer to reality). On the most contrasting images, the A53 5G image detail is distorted. As the sun sets, you will find beautiful images! But they are usually larger and do not have the sharpness or accuracy of the Pixel 5A model.


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