Shaun T is a renowned American fitness trainer, choreographer, and entrepreneur known for his fitness programs for children and adults. He also starred in television shows like Dr. Oz and Oprah.

He joined the gym to get rid of the weight he gained in freshman year due to physical inactivity and focusing solely on academics. This decision to join the gym and switch majors to sports science completely changed his life. Shaun T is also a choreographer who worked as a backup dancer for Mariah Carey.

Now, after so many years, Shaun is a fitness trainer and speaker who gives training advice to people. This article will discuss his workout routine and diet with Shaun T, which has helped him stay fit and healthy. Let’s start!

Shaun T’s Workout Routine

Shaun combines different types of training in his workouts, such as speed drills, heavy lifting, and bodyweight workouts. However, he always focuses on gaining maximum intensity in the workouts. He believes that you can only grow after pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Shaun also gives his clients the same advice: to challenge yourself and dig a little deeper constantly.

His workout regimen also includes stretching and high-intensity cardio workouts. Stretching exercises are for better flexibility and warm-up of the body, while cardio workouts help break the body’s sweat.

Shaun targets different body parts in his workout routine. These include the core, arms, legs, glutes, and back.

He is the creator of Insanity workouts and follows a similar workout routine. The Insanity program has various workouts targeting different body parts. These include cardio exercises, abs exercises, recovery workouts, intense interval circuits, and more.

Shaun advises that you might not see the results right away from the workout; Therefore, patience and positivity are essential to stay dedicated and create a healthy lifestyle.

Shaun T’s Diet

Shaun follows a strict diet routine filled with green vegetables and clean foods. He fasts for about 16 hours every day with breakfast as the first meal is around 10:00 in the morning, and dinner is the last meal around 6:00 in the evening.


Shaun T eats breakfast around 10:00 in the morning, consisting of eight scrambled eggs, avocado, and bacon. He loves avocados and sometimes pairs them with fish. Shaun swaps bacon with chicken when he is restricting the number of calories. All this consists of a hip proper breakfast meal.

Sometimes, this fitness trainer enjoys eating gluten-free pancakes with breakfast.

After the main breakfast, he eats his favorite snacks and berries and drinks coffee to get on with the day.

Workout Meal

Before the midday workout, Shaun enjoys indulging in mashed sweet potatoes without dressing. He considers it a powerhouse food that boosts the energy level of the muscles. After the workout, he avoids eating anything for a few hours not to fill up his body. However, he drinks lots of water during this time.


Shaun enjoys eating quinoa, spinach, and steak with bacon for the last meal of the day. Shaun T’s meals contain nutrients such as vitamins, healthy fats, and proteins. This well-rounded diet will help in muscle recovery along with increasing energy levels.

The fitness trainer takes multiple steps to flush the toxins out of the system now and then. These steps include intermittent fasting, following strict diet protocol, drinking lemon water on an unfilled stomach, and fasting for twenty-four hours.

Additionally, Shaun T enjoys eating donuts once a week and avoids consuming lots of red meat.

He believes in maintaining good gut health by clean eating and flushing toxins out of the body. As stated by Shaun, unhealthy eating habits cause an irritated gut, making losing weight a more difficult process. Gut buildup due to unhealthy eating habits can lead to digestive problems and greater weight loss resistance. That is why he takes proper measures to flush toxins out of the body.

Bottom Line

The diet and workout routine Shaun T might seem a bit difficult to follow, but it has done wonders for the fitness trainer to stay healthy and active.

To get a body like Shaun, you can always start by taking small steps and progressing towards advanced workouts. However, modify it according to the individual needs and preferences to make it a healthy lifestyle.

According to Shaun, change is never easy, but by putting in more effort, you will improve your lifestyle significantly. So never shy away from working hard. Rather than thinking of a workout as a chore, find the exercise that you love, and only then will it be sustainable for a long time.

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