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Here’s the spring fling edition of things I’m loving lately!

1. Bubbles and Sunshine

We do a lot of playing in our front yard. From throwing the baseball to playing wagon and pirate games to the bubble machine, the kids run back and forth. I just love this time of year when it’s so comfortable to be outside playing!

* masks from right after covid to be extra safe

2. Spimbey

And speaking of our yard, this is coming !!! We are long overdue for a play set in the yard. I didn’t think it was possible with our incline, but Thomas is bringing in his excavator and making it happen. He’s been promising Mazen he’d build a treehouse for years, and this is our compromise. Part fort, part clubhouse. We can’t wait for it to arrive!

3. Sheer Defense Sunscreen

With all that playing outside, I gotta give a shout out to Beautycounter’s Sheer Daily Defense Face Sunscreen. I start wearing it daily this time of year (in the winter I wear Dew Skin alone since it has built-in SPF). Daily Defense melts into skin and is great under makeup.

Here it is all rubbed in – no white cast!

Beautycounter also has a new clean deo scent – Crisp Sequoia!

4. 2x Eggs

I’ve nailed my hard-boiled egg softness (hardness?) To an 8-minute boil. Look at that gooey texture perfection! I love the photo from Food Foodie Finds that shows yolks minute by minute.

Organic Valley sent me some of their egg bites and they were great for easy lunches. I need to find them in the store!

5. Jeni’s Buttercream Birthday Cake

This isn’t quite as good as the buttercream blast ice cream I used to get homemade from Stephanie (RIP Sweet Sandies!), but it’s still REALLY good. It’s the sprinkles for me !!

6. Nuuly

I’ve mentioned the clothing rental service Nuuly a few times, but I didn’t share photos of how it comes! Imagine my surprise when UPS dropped off this BAG! Not a box. I despite cardboard boxes, and for ages I’ve been wondering why we didn’t have some kind of reusable solution. Here it is!

The UPS guy dropped this off with a label on top, and I send the clothes back with a fresh label. Genius. A win for me because I have nothing to recycle – and a win for the planet.

Somerset dress in short!

7. Gratisfied Bars

If you haven’t tried Gratisfied bars yet, they’re one of my favorite snack bars out there! Super wholesome and made in Virginia. Order some online to try and use the code KATHEATS for 15% off!

8. The Makeup Eraser

I’ve been hearing about this reusable makeup remover cloth for a while now, and when I saw it at the refill shop I bought the 7-day set. I’m very impressed! I have sensitive eyes, and using a makeup remover sometimes burns my eyes, so this is a great way to get off makeup without adding oils. You can find the original and lots of knock-off ones online!

I rub the Beautycounter Cleansing Oil all over and then add water and use the makeup eraser to remove it all.

9. Creepy Books

Birch loves these two books – so do I! They are clever and fun to read. Creepy Pair of Underwear and Creepy Carrots.

10. Rothy’s Sneakers

SO CUTE. So comfortable. Love all of my Rothy’s!

11. The Best Outdoor Chair Ever

If you attend a lot of sporting events or outdoor concerts, you need this rocking chair. My friend Ellen had one, and Thomas and I bought two after sitting in hers for 10 seconds. It rocks back, has a cup holder, folds neatly, and is perfect for hours of sitting (at baseball games!)


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