Sing this post to the tune of summer of ’69 while we celebrated my mom’s 69th birthday on the first day of spring!

Happy Springtime!

We have warm weather again, and we spent last weekend celebrating my mom’s 69th birthday! Of course there was lots and lots of buttercream involved.

Sunday Arrival

My parents drove up on Sunday morning because they had an event on Saturday night. They spent Sunday + Monday with us and left on Tuesday after lunch.

Because we don’t currently have a guest room, they rented an Airbnb on our street! So they were our neighbors. It was great to be able to walk over, and they insisted on hosting us their place for a cocktail party!

LOL at the welcome sign they made for my dad. Mom joked she was glad dad chose her as his guest!

We had a happy birthday sign (Happy 40th haha), Peeps (mom’s fav) and cards ready for her arrival.

House Visit

We had sandwiches at our place for lunch and then headed right over to the main house to see the renovation progress.

Friends, I knew we were doing a lot of work, but I had no idea Thomas was basically ripping off 3/4 of the top of our house!! This project is so much more than I thought it would be. You can see how little of the original framing and roof is left!

Soccer + Downtown

We headed back to our house for our afternoon soccer game. Thomas and I went to play (our team won!) and my parents took the boys to the downtown mall to the toy store and ice cream shop.

Happiest Hour

While we were showering, they set up happy hour in their Airbnb. We were excited to see what they had planned.

Here’s the greeter and manager of the establishment. He played bartender too! Had his own sparkling cider.

Snack spread

On our way home from soccer, Thomas and I had picked up Mellow Mushroom pizza, so we had that for dinner after all the snacks.

Cake Time!

And then we headed back to our house for the birthday eve party! We decided to have mom’s cake on Sunday night so she could enjoy it two nights in a row.

Burfday Muun Rox Cake

Caked Up Cville made us her famous Burfday Cake – it was incredible!!!

Funfetti cake, birthday buttercream, buttery Funfetti cookie bits (aka muun rox!)

We were so full of cake!

Eastwood Farm Birthday Lunch

For her actual birthday lunch, we took mom to Eastwood Farm + Winery! They are open 7 days a week for lunch and have a great menu. We brought along Thomas’s mom, Eileen, and my friend Ellen, whom my parents love.

Monday Wine Flight!

Soup + Salad

Fondue for the table

+ all the charcuterie

Art Restock

Mom’s birthday wish was to go to Michael’s to buy paint supplies for her art studio. We found lots of paint and some crafts for the boys.

Then we took Mazen to baseball practice. He asked Grammie + Pea to stay and watch for a bit.

Afterwards, we had Moe’s BBQ and more cake!!

The cake is GONE

And per the squiggly line effect, I am craving salad; )


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