Tech-Enabled Veera Health Continues To Move On An Exponential Growth Journey; Benefits Over 50k PCOS Women


The unpredictability of the PCOS condition is surprising for many women living out a healthy life. The laundry list of root causes, as well as symptoms, makes it perplexing for women to get it diagnosed and seek help from the right healthcare practitioner. Globally, PCOS affects 1 in 10 women. The prevalence is found to be much higher in India with 1 in 5 women suffering from PCOS.

The metabolic disorder marks an overabundance of hormonal imbalances that results in more than one or a myriad of symptoms. As a result, it indicates other conditions and women don’t realize they are struggling with PCOS. To help women manage this lifelong condition the right way – Veera Health, a digital clinic brings together a holistic PCOS management plan including evidence-based, and standardized protocol for PCOS diagnosis and treatment.

Founded by sisters Shobhita and Shashwata Narain in August 2020, Veera Health undertakes the initiative to close the gap in access to quality healthcare for women by providing scientific, progressive treatments through a seamless digital platform.

Technology as a key enabler
Technology is a great enabler in providing consistent, holistic healthcare at Veera Health. Without Veera health digital clinic, women might visit a clinic once a year to check the status of their PCOS. Beyond that, they have no support in trying to manage the complexity of the condition that requires a systematic combination of medicines and lifestyle changes to see results.

“Using telehealth, we’re able to work with each patient right where she is and make interventions on a daily basis if needed. We’re able to deliver the highest quality of PCOS treatment in a very personalized way so that it fits into her day-to-day life,” she added.

In addition, Veera Health creates a space for women to openly share and communicate their concerns while managing PCOS. It empowers them to speak about their condition and break the taboo associated with PCOS. The digital clinic provides them the support and ensures they are not alone on this journey whilst finding comfort in speaking to other women who can relate to their problems.

Key milestones achieved
The bootstrapped startup raised a seed funding of $3 million in 2021. It was co-led by SequoiaCapital India’s Surge and Global Founders Capital, with participation from YCombinator, CloudNine Hospitals’ co-founder Rohit MA, Tinder India Head TaruKapoor and other angels. The startup utilized the funds to scale its business operations and product building to better support the PCOS program members.
Within a short span of inception, Veera Health partnered with Tata 1 MG to provide at-home diagnostic packages consisting of essential hormonal and metabolic tests required for PCOS diagnosis and treatment.

“We have streamlined PCOS diagnosis to a single comprehensive package. Women can now get their diagnosis results in just 48 hours. We are excited to have a bunch of partnerships in the pipeline for the coming months that will not only provide an impetus for growth as a brand but also improve customer experience for the women enrolled in our program,” Shashwata Narain, Co-Founder of Veera Health added.

Business plans
Women’s healthcare is often limited to reproductive concerns. However, the company wants to change the existing scenario and plans to branch out to other conditions that are not only limited to reproductive conditions. The startup aims to be a disruptor when it comes to women’s healthcare, making it predictive and holistic.

Women’s health is a highly underserved, untapped market that hasn’t seen much innovation. Women’s health is estimated to reach a valuation of USD 24.48 billion by 2027 and PCOS affects more than 100 million women in India alone. Currently, Veera Health benefits more than 50,000 women through its paid programs, community and other services. It has recorded a phenomenal growth in the last year and plans to expand into other condition categories in the near future.


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