The Smoothest And The Fastest Among India’s Top 5 Online Casinos 

The most important factors that desi online gamblers take into account when choosing a casino platform to play on revolve around the trustworthiness, safety and reliability of the website and the deposit and withdrawal methods it uses. When all these aspects are in place, it is time to consider the smoothness and speed these platforms offer.

Study Compares Performance Stats of Prominent Casino Platforms

One of the latest research papers published by Indian casino comparison site SevenJackpots juxtaposes the performance stats of the country’s top 5 online gambling platforms – Pure Win, Casino Days, Betway, Bettilt, and 10Cric.

The study uses performance analytics data by the GTMetrix (GTM) and Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights (PSI) testing tools and compares the results to determine the most user-friendly sites currently operating on the Indian casino online scene.

The GTM tool is considered an industry standard when it comes to site speed monitoring and is often used to provide “actionable recommendations” for platform optimizations. The tool allows a webpage to be tested on a number of real and simulated mobile devices in different networking conditions and provides metrics on page load times and total page sizes, as well as insights on why a page might be slow.

The SevenJackpots study analyzes the fastest possible onload and full-load times of the five online casino platforms, which are usually achieved over 5G or Wi-Fi networks, and the same metrics though 3G speeds – the most common service currently employed in India.

“Onload” refers to the time necessary for the main functionalities of a page to be downloaded and displayed, after the so called “window.onload” event is triggered.

“Fully loaded” means all page resources have been downloaded and no further network activity is needed.

The PSI performance analytics tool evaluates site quality and efficiency on desktop and mobile through scores between 1 and 100, where results from 1 to 49 mean that the page is slow, ratings between 50 and 90 are taken as average, and anything above 90 is considered very fast. Notably, besides “lab” data, PSI uses real-world metrics derived from Chrome UX reports.

The Results in Page Performance Metrics
The Pure Win casino platform has the second smallest page size of 919KB and the best “fully loaded fast” result of 4.9 seconds. The fastest possible onload time is 3.7 seconds, while the 3G results are 11.3 and 16.6 seconds for initial and full download respectively. The site’s PSI scores are 20 for mobile and 15 for desktop devices.

Pure Win conducts relatively well in GTM metrics, but its PSI ratings indicate that the site developers need to put in some work to optimize its performance.
Casino Days, sized at 2.02MB, has fast scores of 4.1 seconds for onload and 5.5 seconds for full load, and the slowest in the chart 3G onload time of 18.4 seconds with 22.3 seconds needed for the page to load fully.

At the same time, this site achieves the best PSI ratings among the five contestants, scoring an impressive 93 points for mobile and a full 100 points for desktop.
Betway is the smallest in size with just 791KB and displays the shortest load times in optimal conditions of just 1.3 seconds for firing the “window.onload” event and 5 seconds for a fully loaded page, just a fraction behind Pure Win’s 4.9 seconds. Under 3G, Betway needs 11.4 seconds for onload and the fastest in the chart 15.5 seconds to download fully.

Betway’s PSI scores of 56 for mobile and 88 for desktop are bested only by Casino Days and serve as further testament that the site is light and quick, although its performance gives some room for improvement.

Bettilt is the heaviest of the five analyzed online casinos with a page size of 3.06MB resulting from the site’s complex structure packed with a variety of third-party features. Nevertheless, the site boasts the fastest 3G onload time of just 9 seconds, providing a good user experience over mobile connections.
The other times registered by Bettilt are 5.1 and 18.5 seconds for fast onload and full load, and 33.9 seconds for achieving 3G full download over 3G service, the longest on the chart. The PSI scores of the site are 36 for mobile and a very good 83 for desktops.

The last, but not least site of the analyzed group is 10Cric which weighs 1.3MB in page size and needs 3 and 6.4 seconds respectively for optimal-condition onload and full load, and 9.6 and 16.6 seconds for the same in a 3G environment.

10Cric’s PSI scores of 15 for mobile and 57 for desktop show that the site functions relatively well on computers and over stable connections, but needs to work on its mobile device performance.

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