These Are The Best Cryptos To Invest In 2022, D2T, IMPT, TAMA

The current bearish trend in the crypto market, or what many are referring to as the “crypto winter,” has taken quite a toll on almost every cryptocurrency. However, despite the downward trend in the market, new tokens are emerging with promising projects to invest in for the long term.

D2T, TAMA, Calvaria and IMPT are setting an example for the crypto market by introducing unique features that are increasing demand for these coins. This very fact is also reflected in their presale phases, where IMPT and D2T are going strong just after the start, and TAMA has been the talk of the town ever since its success in the recent presale.

We all know how crucial it is to identify potential investments in this volatile market, especially in this prolonged bearish trend. D2T, IMPT, and TAMA are the rising stars in the current crypto landscape that combine profitability with long-term value.

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Dash2Trade is a new crypto project that has recently begun to attract the interest of investors all around the world. Investors are assisted in making decisions based on the trading signals offered by the social trading and analytics platform for cryptocurrencies. The D2T token, an ERC-2 token that gives users access to the social trading tools, signals, and platform for crypto analytics, is at the heart of Dash2Trade.
The taxless D2T token excels in providing in-depth market insights that help traders make informed decisions to beat the market. Users can get access to signals, social trading tools, as well as certain metrics that are tailored for each type of trader. Dash2Trade enables users to identify and analyze the factors that may have an impact on the price of cryptocurrencies.

Pre-sale stage 1 for the D2T token is currently underway, and in just one day after its debut, it has already raised $390,598.51. 1 D2T is being offered by Dash2Trade for a price of 0.0476 USDT in the initial phase of the presale.

To celebrate the ongoing presale, Dash2Trade is also offering a giveaway where one lucky person will get the chance to win $150k worth of D2T. One simply needs to follow certain steps to get multiple entries for the giveaway.

Complete the steps like entering the crypto wallet address, retweeting @dash2_trade, following @dash2_trade on Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram, and more to get multiple steps and get one step closer to winning the giveaway.
IMPT is another promising blockchain project that many investors are eyeing right now. The current presale has already raised more than $6 million in funding and is all set to reach its hard cap of $10 million soon. The eco-friendly crypto project is changing the norm of this industry by not only adopting the PoS consensus but also introducing a way to allow businesses and individuals alike to take part in the journey of sustainability.

IMPT has partnered with more than 10,000 brands that have the same goal of reducing their carbon footprint. Users can receive carbon credits by shopping from these brands or simply from the IMPT marketplace. These carbon credits can then be minted further into NFTs, which prevents any fraudulent activities and maintains a transparent ecosystem thanks to the blockchain technology.

Moreover, IMPT has always selected the projects that are most impactful and audited them carefully to eliminate any fraud. With IMPT, users can burn the carbon credits to compensate for their carbon footprints. Each time they burn a carbon credit token, they get a collectible NFT that can either be held or sold in the NFT marketplace

The IMPT presale is going strong and has already sold 350,096,167 IMPT tokens out of 600,000,000 tokens. While in the first stage of the presale, each IMPT is selling at $0.018, the second stage of the presale is about to set the price at $0.023. With the current pace of the presale, experts are anticipating that the presale is going to be over soon, even before the said date (November 25).

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Calvary (RIA)
Calvaria is the new blockchain project in the market that is making the news lately for its successful presale that started on October 21. The game is based on cards and revolves around a P2E mechanism. Users can access this game in two ways: one is by simply downloading it from the PlayStore, which serves as a free version of the game that encourages players to try the blockchain version.

The blockchain version, on the other hand, is different from any other card game. For example, players need to purchase RIA tokens before any game and stake them. Upon winning, the player gets the tokens back along with the opponent’s as well.

Calvaria is currently going through the first stage of its presale and has already raised 137,057 USDT by selling 13,705,768 $RIA out of 30,000,000 $RIA. At present users can get 1 USDT = 100.0 $RIA, after which the price may increase to 1 USDT = 66.67 $RIA.

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Tamadog (TAMA)
The recently launched memecoin of this year, Tamadoge, after making the headlines in its presale, is showing no signs of slowing down. Being the first memecoin with utility, Tamadoge is grabbing the attention of investors by combining metaverse and NFT with P2E. The world of Tamadoge revolves around the virtual pets called Tamadoge pets that are created in the likeness of Tamagotchi, a renowned game in the 90s.

Users in the Tamaverse, which is Tamadoge’s own metaverse, can breed and train their digital pets to earn dogepoints and redeem them to get TAMA tokens from the monthly Dogepool. Recently, Tamadoge has also introduced over 21,000 NFTs in three categories in the form of Tamadoge pets. The roadmap of this crypto project is also quite extensive, including P2E arcade games and an app with augmented reality.

Tamadoge has gained quite traction thanks to its utility, roadmap and features. Considering the success of the presale, the initial success of Tamadoge is quite commendable where experts are expecting this token to boom in the near future. The fact that Tamadoge’s presale has already exceeded that of ETH, it is safe to assume about its future growth potential with a positive outlook.

TAMA is listed on multiple exchanges like OKX, BitMart, MEXC, XT.COM, and LBank, and is currently trading at $0.029081, which is 20.47% up from the last 24 hours. The 24-hour trading value of the token is $5,977,684 with a max supply of 2,000,000,000 TAMA coins.

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In a market like crypto, where volatility is a constant factor, tokens like D2T, IMPT, and TAMA are making the news for all the right reasons. These projects are ahead of their competitors for the features they are offering, uniqueness, and usability.

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