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A love spell is a spiritual practice that allows a person to solve a number of relationship issues. Love spells can take different forms, use negative or positive energy, black or white magic. There is an obsession spell, a binding love spell, a marriage spell, and everything in between. Spells can require additional equipment and items, but there are also plenty of no-ingredient love spells. These spells are a powerful tool that needs to be used wisely, which is why many people prefer to work with a professional magic consultant, or love spell psychic. 

Spell casting is a service that you will find on the absolute majority of psychic reading websites. Although not every psychic deals with this kind of magic, there is still no shortage of psychics who not only know what a pink candle spell is or how a full moon or waxing moon can affect the outcome of the ritual. 

For example, even accurate online tarot readings will typically only point you in the right direction, while you need to take steps to meet your goal yourself. Spell casting, on the other hand, claims to be able to make anything happen with minimal involvement from you. Naturally, this idea is super enticing, and the love spell industry has been booming recently. Today we will tell you about the five most popular love spells, their efficiency and potential risks, as well as how to make the most of your spellcasting experience. 

Best powerful free love spells 

Love magic is an all-encompassing part of the spiritual world, and there are dozens of spells that can help with pretty much every aspect of one’s love life. These are the five spells people believe to have the highest success rate. 

  1. Marriage spells 

  1. Obsession spells 

  1. Attraction spells 

  1. Crush spells 

  1. Commitment spells 

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How did we make the list? 

To comprise the list of the most popular and effective love spells, we performed a lot of thorough research online and talked to a few psychics and magic aficionados. After comparing our findings to our own experience with love spells, here is a list we ended up with. 


Marriage spells work in two directions. One, they can make your partner want to propose to you even if there weren’t any signs of an upcoming marriage before. Two, they can spice up an existing marriage, rekindling the affection between the spouses. 

How to do marriage spells 

Perhaps, the most popular marriage spell is the Beginner’s Marriage Spell. It requires the use of a plant with white flowers, such as a spathiphyllum, which resembles a white wedding dress. In short, to use this spell, you need to grow a spathiphyllum plant and then use the first flower that grows from it to prepare dry flower tea for you and your loved one. 

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Some psychics have negative thoughts about obsession spells because they violate the will of a person. However, if you are desperate to make the connection happen, you can use the photo spell. 

How to do obsession spells 

For this spell, you will need a photograph of your love interest and a new candle, preferably a red one. What you need to do is place the candle behind the photograph, write the spell down on a piece of paper, and burn it with the candle, letting the smoke pass through the photo. This ritual works best at midnight. 

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