Top 5 Psychics Sites For Real, Live & Accurate Readings


Life comes with a lot of uncertainties, confusion, and risks. All these situations cause us to have repeated thoughts about what matters, how we can overcome, and be prepared for the future. Even those you may think have their life together occasionally have life questions. The dilemma is that often, we do not get the answers. But where can you get the proper guidance and clarity of different aspects of life, you may ask?  

Psychic reading has offered help to many people and can provide you with solutions and detailed insights about life. Then comes the question, where do you start or find the best psychic reading? Worry not.  

We have formulated a comprehensive guide to obtaining psychic readings whether you are a first-time seeker or would like a fulfilling experience. But first. 

5 best psychic sites 


Mysticsense – Best Newly Founded Site 


Mysticsense may have been found recently, but we highly recommend the site. It is home to hundreds of psychics and continues to serve many clients who commend their services. 




You can be sure you will get a vast array of psychic services on Mysticsense. The site’s experts are highly specialized in tarot readings, astrology, spirit medium readings, horoscope, fortune telling, energy healing, and palm psychic reading. Popular psychics on Mysticsense can also help you with matters regarding love, relationships, career, finances, and dream interpretation. 


Using Mystricsense 


Before you can access the variety of services on Mystcisense and the psychics, you will need to create an account. Upon doing that, you should be ready to begin browsing various psychic categories. You can pick a psychic based on their reading style or what they have named as their primary area of specialization.  


There is a comprehensive list you can use if you need to engage with a reader skilled in using a specific divination tool. Your work is even easier because all the readers have well-detailed profiles containing their reviews, biographies, and an introductory video.  


By using the Unique Search Feature, you can get more details about what you are looking for. You get a free five-minute trial on the site so you can familiarize yourself with what to expect. 


Contact Options 


Based on your preference, you can engage with the advisors on Mysticsense via a video call or link up with the platform’s chat and phone psychics. 


Kasamba – Best Variety for Psychic Services 


Kasamba continues to be a great name in the online psychic world. It has continued to offer excellent services ever since it was founded. The famous psychics on the platform have helped this site gain immense popularity, making users keep showering it with praise for dependable readings. 




Kasamba has legit psychics who offer various services. You can get spirit readings, tarot card readings, palm readings, online psychic mediums, clairvoyants, and readings on astrology and horoscopes. There are also experts who major in rune casting, pet reading, and dream analysis.  If you want a reading on intimacy, relationship, financial matters, career insights, and family, this site has you covered. 


Using Kasamba 


You will need to create a profile to use Kasamba. After you identify a reader you want, you will need to navigate to the Let’s Chat tab to be redirected to a different page where you will provide more details. If your chosen advisor is available, you can start a session. The site’s three-minute free trial can get you a love psychic reading for free. 


Your details and information are kept anonymous, and you shouldn’t worry that someone may leak your private information. The top section of the site has an area in which you can ask a free psychic question and then choose the type of reading you need. If you are unsure about the best psychic reader, Kasamba allows you to browse different specialists and look at their profiles.  


All the readers have highlighted their qualifications, time of experience, and specialty. You can also go through their reviews to get an idea of how they work. Finding true psychics on Kasamba is not difficult since they all undergo strict vetting before they can begin operations. 


Contact Options 


Kasamba has significantly addressed client comfortability and communication convenience. If you like a psychic or voice connection, you can engage with a reader via video or a phone call. If you are more of a private person, you have the option of getting guidance via chat or email. Kasamba’s mobile app offers more convenience for engaging with good psychics. 


Purple Garden – Best Mobile App 


Purple Garden is also an excellent psychic site performer. It has proven exceptional in giving accurate psychic readings online and has even earned spots in notable publications. 




Purple Garden has a team of genuine psychics who offer different services. Some of its commendable experts include clairvoyant readers, spiritual psychics, love psychics, tarot card readers, soothsayers, and online psychic readers who can perform horoscope and astrology readings. You can also get dream interpreters, dream readers, and pet psychics. 


Using Purple Garden 


Like most of the sites on this list, you need to create an account before you can start using Purple Garden. You only need your email address to do that. The Purple Garden website has been simplified to ensure you do not struggle to find a reader.  


Purple Garden allows you to select the language you want to use with your reader and the platform’s AI helps you with recommendations about the best psychics. You can also view a reader’s schedule before booking a session to work around time. The readers on Purple Garden have well-detailed profiles that highlight their qualifications and even show videos about how they conduct readings.  


If you want to obtain a free reading, Purple Garden grants you five free minutes. The time allocation for reading is usually between five minutes to an hour, making it easier to allocate your time and money. Your pay depends on how much time you need. If you pay more and take less time, your money is accounted for future use. 


Contact Options 


We highly commend Purple Garden for its excellently optimized and intuitive mobile app. The platform still allows clients to connect with its true psychics via online chat, phone, and video call. 


Keen – Best Psychic Love Readings 


Keen has been around for more than two decades. This is considerable time, so you can be assured of obtaining a legit psychic reading. Many testimonials have confirmed the expertise of the site’s trusted psychics making Keen another veteran site for real psychic readings. 




You can find cheap psychics on Keen offering astrology psychic reading- Mayan, Chinese, and Vedic, spiritual readings, numerology, tarot card readings, and psychic medium reading. You can also get clairvoyant psychics and experts to help you with chakra cleansing, crystal gazing, dream analysis, financial outlook, career guidance, and other life decisions.  


Using Keen 


You will first have to register your account before accessing Keen’s services or engaging with the readers. Finding the most gifted psychics is not difficult on Keen because the experts are categorized based on clientele needs and their specialized services. 


Each psychic provides background details, approach, skills, language used, and the kind of readings they offer. You are still at liberty to look for readers based on their pricing, availability, and user rating. You can access a detailed bio and more details by clicking on a psychic reader’s listing.  


Keen offers three minutes to try free psychics. If you feel your session wasn’t satisfactory, you can reach out to Keen since they have a satisfaction guarantee. Keen offers coupon applications and promotions to reduce the costs of future readings. 


Contact Options 


Keen’s psychic hotlines assist you in booking an appointment, and once you are settled on time, you can engage via phone, video call, email, or chat psychic reading. Keen also provides iOS and Android users with an intuitive mobile app. 


AskNow – Best For Phone Readings 


AskNow is now a solid online platform for psychic predictions, consultations, and readings. The site’s professionals are an excellent standard for offering psychic help. 




AskNow offers a wide array of services for its clientele. You can get tarot card reading, spirit reading, psychic mediums, horoscope reading, dream interpretation, numerology, energy healing, and chakra cleansing on the site. If you want insights about life, you can get affordable psychics to advise you on love and relationships, career challenges, finances, and pet analysis. 


Using AskNow 


Completing the AskNow signup process is straightforward. You only have to select a package, provide personal details and start browsing the services. AskNow is famous for having affordable but reputable psychics. You can even get a $1 psychic reading. They also offer free five minutes for you to decide if a particular reader suits you.  


Different reader categories charge based on expertise. They are categorized as Top Rated, Elite, and Master Advisors. Still, this is an excellent way to work with the best online psychic reader within your budget. 


Other metrics for narrowing down your search include an advisor’s category and specialization. New users get welcome discounts on AskNow. The advisors on AskNow undergo regular screening and testing, so clients are sure to engage with authentic psychics. If psychic reading is entirely new to you, you only need to visit the articles and tutorial videos on the site for more guidance. 


Contact Options 


AskNow allows users to get psychic readings mainly through the phone or via chat, and you can also talk to an advisor using a video call or email. 



Who is a Psychic?  


A psychic is an individual who possesses inherent abilities or powers that ordinary human beings do not have to give insights into someone’s past, present, and future life. They do not map out your life for you, but they have solutions to some of your questions. 


Often, psychics are confused with mediums, but they are different. A medium helps explicitly with interacting with the deceased by acting as a communication channel between the dead person and the living. Psychics cannot do that.  


How We Have Come Up with Our Ranking Methodology 


A simple search on the internet for a psychic near me will present you with endless options. That makes settling on an online site you can use even more difficult.  


We understand that, and that is why we have curated a list of five sites that we feel are worth it due to their service excellency.  


We have used a ranking criterion that earns these sites top spots for psychic reading online. We have also prioritized sites that offer customer satisfaction based on the metrics below; 


Service Variety 


The sites in this list are home to some of the best psychics who also provide a wide array of services (more details coming up). We know that the need for psychic variety is a common requirement by many clients. Depending on where you are in life and your circumstances, chances are you will not want the same service every time. The online platforms on our list offer various readings to help you best address your situation. 


Flexibility for Communication 


We understand that different clients like to communicate with psychic experts differently. It may simply be a matter of preference or, for some, personality.  


Some clients may want to get in touch with a psychic face to face, others may want to do it via a live psychic chat or email, and others who fancy hearing someone’s voice may prefer to make a phone call.  


These sites are flexible enough and offer a variety of communication channels. Several sites have a mobile app, further increasing communication convenience.  


Psychic Expert Verification 


Just as online psychic platforms have been on the rise, so have psychic fraudsters. But the sites on our list have addressed the fraud issue and guarantee that they have accurate psychics well versed in the psychic world.  


They undergo strict screening measures to earn their spot before and during service. You can rest assured that the psychics on these platforms are genuine and will give you the best service. 


Additionally, the psychics on our selected websites have excellent reviews and ratings and keep receiving good feedback. 


Availability of Offers and Free Psychic Reading 


We understand that many beginners are skeptical about online psychic reading, especially its cost.  


We have made sure to include sites that offer value for money, incentives for a cheap psychic reading, and those that provide some minutes for a free online psychic reading in case you need to test the waters.  




We know that privacy is a significant concern for many clients. That is why we have further narrowed our sites to those that assure clients of maintaining maximum privacy regarding their data and sessions. You won’t have to worry about your private information getting leaked. 


Let’s get into deeper details that make these sites excellent choices. 


Know the Difference Between Paid vs. Free Psychic Reading 


One excellent way to ascertain that psychic reading suits you is through free psychic reading online. 


Can you get a free psychic reading session? Yes, to a certain extent. What does that mean?  


The bottom line is that every psychic reader will do a reading for pay. However, you can obtain a free session online. You will not get this from a local psychic. What most online platforms do is that they offer several minutes, usually three to five minutes, to obtain a free reading.  


If you exceed the allocated time for unpaid reading, you are charged. Online platforms offer free readings to ease customers into what they may expect during a session or familiarize clients with what happens during a session for comfortability and gauging a reader(s). Free readings are also tactics to beat the competition and win client’s trust. 


Local vs. Online Psychics: Which One Should You Choose? 


Psychics have been around since the old days. However, gone are the days when you had to see a psychic for a psychic prediction at their place of operation. These were the local psychics back then. 


Technology has brought forth commendable communication methods. Psychics have expanded their horizons and made an online presence.  


That is not to say that there are entirely no local psychics today. They are still there, but evidently, there has been a more remarkable shift to getting online psychic readings. If you go online and search for psychics near me, you will get a wide array of psychic providers. What you need to do is make the connection and obtain a reading. Authentic online and local psychics will give you accurate readings. 


Several aspects make local vs. online psychics differ or make one better than the other, and we have the details. 




Generally, online psychics are more convenient than local psychics based on different matters. For one, you do not need to travel to reach them; you can contact them anywhere at any time, provided you have an internet connection and a device that works. Many of them are usually available round the clock.  


Ideally, you would have to figure out when a local psychic is available to obtain a reading. If you get there and find them engaged, you will have to wait or maybe come back some other time. But with an online psychic, you don’t have much hassle. You can even schedule an appointment; when they are available, you get a notification or alert to attend your session.  


Online psychics offer you substantial time convenience, and you can obtain an online reading anonymously. 


Pricing and Cost-Effectiveness 


Local and online psychics offer readings but do not do that for free. Local psychics may be propelled to charge more or less based on the demand. Online psychics, on the other hand, are guided by the competition’s price, expertise, and the pricing rules of their platforms.  


Take a scenario where you have to travel far away to get to a local psychic. You spend extra traveling, which is not the case with simply getting your computer or phone and starting a session online.  


Some online psychic reading sessions are payable based on the time you spend. So, it is even possible to use the money you have used to get to a local psychic for the session. 


Online psychics often have discounts and even provide avenues for refunds for unsatisfactory readings. You may not get such from local psychics. 




There is a wide variety of online psychics since many different platforms offer the services. You can even find a site with thousands of authentic psychic readers. What’s more, these online experts are specialized in different areas, so you get a greater selection to choose from. The platforms also offer readings in other languages.  


Local psychics are minimal, and it may be challenging to get the variety of readings you may get online from them. 


Gauging the Readers 


One essential aspect of psychic reading is the assurance that you will obtain a quality reading. Usually, feedback, ratings, and reviews help with that. The reviews and feedback from previous clients on online psychics help you make an informed decision.  


If you want to know if a local psychic is reliable, you may have to ask around or even go the trial and error way.  


With that said, you still should not trust every review you see about an online psychic but consider other factors like trying a free reading. Some reviews are biased, and there are still unauthentic readers online. 


How Do You Prepare and Optimize a Psychic Reading Session? 


Determine Your Expectations and Needs 


You consider a phone psychic reading session to obtain answers and clarity about life. However, you cannot do that if you don’t even know what you want to get from reading. Psychics specialize in different areas, are abled differently, and are not similar. It will not make sense to visit a pet psychic if you want a reading on career matters.  


Do your research and know what you are looking for in advance to be better positioned to work with the best reader. 


Create A List of Questions 


Compiling a list of questions will help you get a compelling reading. What you need to do is ensure that your questions align with your intentions to avoid confusing the expert. Again, make the questions open-ended, not yes and no ones.  


Having questions on areas that seem to bother you the most is a good idea. Avoid question ambiguity and vagueness since these two can affect the connection quality between you and the psychic expert.  


Welcome the Psychic’s Insights With an Open Mind 


Like the reader, you have a critical role during the session. If you want to optimize the session, do not go in with a “boxed” mind or having formulated to hear what suits you. 


Psychics provide you with insights using their intuition. Many times, they will give you surprising answers. Therefore, begin and continue the session with an open mind to get the best help. 


Do Not Attempt to Outsmart the Psychic 


You should never forget that you are working with an expert. It would help if you granted them the environment they need to work. So, let them take the lead. You should know that your job as a client is to validate the answers the expert is giving.  


Still, you can interrupt if something is unclear or need further clarification. However, do that at the right time so you do not disrupt the communication flow. 


Provide Only the Necessary Information 


It is essential to provide the psychic with information, but often many people end up providing too much information than is required. For instance, if you ask too many questions, a fraud can use them to their advantage and trick you. Conversely, you may only be intimidating a professional psychic. So, find a way to strike a balance about what you say or ask. 


End Sessions that Don’t Seem Right 


Sometimes, your gut may tell you that a reading is not headed in the right direction. If you sense that the reader is only prying to obtain sensitive information or working hard to convince you to believe in something you doubt, you can end the session. 


Of What Value is Psychic Reading? 


Fixating Life Decisions 


A chat psychic reading session can be what you need to settle on a specific life decision. You can seek one if you have conflicting views about things like career paths and relationships. The answers and insights you get can help you fixate vital decisions. 


Mind Relaxation 


Constant thoughts and questions about life can make your mind be on a continuous ride. This may be evident if your life seems to be going downhill and when you are faced with unclear issues. Ultimately, you may feel trapped, which can significantly impact your mental health. But with the clarity you obtain from a psychic, you can get a more relaxed mind. You can keep mental health issues like depression away with a calm mind. 


Being Inspired to Live Better 


If we could predict the future and mold it to our liking, life would be more manageable. Unfortunately, we can’t. What we can do is get ready for what’s to come, and that is how a psychic helps. They can help you see the scope of your passion. Through that, you can ignite a new fire to live better. A psychic who gives you valuable information about life can also inspire you to do better. 


Obtaining Closure 


Many unforeseen events in life leave us shattered and disturbed, like the loss of a loved one following their death or an ended relationship. Such loose-ended situations can leave you with too many questions that lack answers. But psychics can give you closure on ended relationships, and mediums can help you communicate with the deceased to obtain the closure you need.  


Help With the Journey to Finding Your Purpose 


Most of us are confident that we have a purpose to fulfill. The challenge is, however, that we rarely know what that purpose is. A psychic can be a significant role player in helping you on a journey to self-discovery. Once you know who you are and what you need to work on or focus your attention on, you lead a happier life. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


How Exactly do Psychics Perform Readings? 


As mentioned earlier, genuine psychics have, and use inherent powers that ordinary beings lack when performing readings. There are some who use their mind or intuition, but you will also find some that need the help of extra items like tarot cards, crystal orbs, and more. 


Can I go to a Psychic to Communicate with Spirits? 


No, to do that, you will need the help of a medium. They are experts who help obtain a connection with the dead. You should seek psychic help if you need insights and answers regarding life. 


Why are Yes and No Questions Not Ideal During a Reading? 


These questions provide an easy avenue for guesswork, and a fraud may use them to trick you. Again, they further limit the reader when giving insights as they do not provide the chance to cover more ground. Open-ended questions excellently guide real psychics and are more profound to give your substantial help. 


Final Thoughts 


Psychic readings can offer great significance and value in life. The sessions can help you address various matters, see more clearly, and improve your decision-making processes.  


The good news is that you can get different online platforms to obtain readings today. You are not limited to on-site or local psychics. If you are confused about where to start, consider any of the sites we have recommended above to get dependable readings. We are confident you will find a site that suits your needs.  


We recommend trying their free sessions to familiarize yourself with what happens. Don’t forget to use the tips we have highlighted as you prepare. Play your part and let the psychic play theirs for the best experience. 


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