Travel’s Founders Explain How The Social Community Has Touched Great Heights Globally

@Travel has proven to be one of the top travel communities globally. It enjoys a huge craze among netizens with a reach of millions. Started in 2010 on Instagram, it has got 475k followers. On Tiktok, it was started in 2018 and has 10K followers. But the most impressive is @Travel on Snapchat. Created in 2021, the page has amassed 1.2 million subscribers. Collectively the @Travel pages reach over 500 million views a month. The hashtag #Travel has over 2 billion views across all social platforms! They also have @Stays and @Crusies pages on Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat.

This hasn’t happened by luck but by following a well-designed strategy consistently for a long period of time. The founders mention that they have done it by having a solid curation team. “With our finger on the pulse, we are always looking for the next big creator, and giving them a spotlight. Our @Travel pages post multiple times per day and feature content from our Travly ambassadors.” the founders explain.

The community features a variety of big and small creators that have unique perspectives and a passion for capturing moments in common. The content on our pages can often be described as mesmerizing, satisfying, and funny.

Zak Longo & Mayur Patil are the founders of Travly Inc, the fastest-growing travel network with the goal of inspiring people to see the world, even if it’s from behind the screen. Travly Inc is the company behind @Travel on Instagram, Tiktok, and Snapchat.

Zak, an entrepreneur, and travel expert has traveled to over 40 countries. His original videos have received over 1 billion views. Zak has also worked with major brands such as the Four Seasons, Waldorf Astoria, W Hotels, Netflix, MTV, and many Tourism Boards. His project Gamelancer Inc was acquired in January 2022. Shortly after- Zak took his love for travel, and social media expertise to create Travly Inc with Mayur Patil.

Mayur Patil (24), an entrepreneur, and recent Computer Science graduate of Purdue University has been one of the original core employees at 10 PM Curfew (30 million followers) and Gamelancer Inc (32 million followers). Mayur also led TikTok strategy for Bustle Digital Group’s Bustle, Elite Daily, Nylon Magazine, W magazine, Romper, Inverse, & The Zoe Report. Mayur built over 76 million followers generating billions of views a month across all social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Snapchat. Mayur has also worked with major brands such as Hulu, ABC, Amazon, Samsung, & Razer.

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