VillaSport purchases Boise, ID chain Axiom Fitness


Axiom Fitness has new owners.

VillaSport of San Rafeal, California, purchased the formerly-locally-owned chain of four gyms. It grows the VillaSport chain from seven locations to eleven across the US. The Axiom locations join larger resort-style clubs in Oregon, Colorado, Texas and California.

VillaSport had applied to build one of its large resort-style concepts along Eagle Rd. at Ustick Rd., complete with a restaurant, outdoor pools, fitness, spa, and a number of high-end features. As BoiseDev’s Autum Robertson reports today, that project has been replaced by a new plan for housing.

VillaSport CEO Joe Syufy indicated the company might focus less on the large high-end clubs and consider additional acquisitions, like Axiom.

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“It’s an exciting time here at VillaSport,” Syufy said. “While the large format, family-focused VillaSport model is our foundation, the smaller fitness-focused model allows more accessibility in current and new markets. The Axiom project affords new possibilities for VillaSport, and having a mixed portfolio of large and mid-size clubs is our goal. ”

Despite the change in plans for the Eagle and Ustick site – which is close to Axiom’s Village at Meridian site, VillaSport says the area will still see its large-format offering.

“We are excited about expanding to a new market and growing our community and presence in Idaho,” VillaSport President Billy Malkovich said. “This acquisition complements our plan to build full-size VillaSport clubs in Treasure Valley and broaden our offerings and services.”

Axiom Fitness was started by late Micron CEO Steve Appleton, who converted a franchised chain of three Gold’s Gyms to the Axiom brand in 2013. The company then built a fourth gym at the Village at Meridian in 2014. As BoiseDev reported in 2017, it appeared Appleton’s wife Dalynn Appleton sold the chain in 2017, though numerous requests for comment were not returned at the time.


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