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Here are some new products and other discoveries I’ve been loving lately!

New Finds aka What I’m Loving Lately

Every now and then I start a list of things I’m loving with the intention of mentioning them in a lifestyle post, and it turns into a full-on blog post because the things are all over the place. This post is that! Here are a mix of things I’m reading, watching, and loving.

Grass-Fed Beef Sticks

This one is for Mazen! We were at the pool a few weeks ago, and our friend Rocky overheard Mazen saying he wanted a snack. While I started to reach for the goldfish and granola bars I keep in my pool bag, Rocky offered Mazen one of these “meat sticks.” Mazen LOVED it. Of course any time my kids love something that I deem above-average healthy, I go buy it. So these arrived from Amazon in about 24 hours (I’ll look for a place to source them in town – pretty sure most stores carry them).

I love that they’re grass-fed beef and a great individually wrapped snack for me to pack for his camp snack. He’s also been loving sunflower seeds in the shell (Old Bay flavor!) after discovering them at baseball, so that’s two healthy snacks he likes!

Lilysilk Pillowcases (sponsored)

If you are a lover of silk, you must check out Lilysilk! Not all silk is created equal: Lilysilk uses 6A grade natural mulberry silk, which is known as the “king of silk.” And they were recently awarded the “best bedding” award by Good Housekeeping!

Fabrics are certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which means that the silk meets the strictest international standards, the fabric is non-irritating to the skin, and it does not contain harmful substances. The company is also committed to sustainability and zero waste. Lilysilk works with TerraCycle®, to recycle undonable silk and cashmere products, creating an eco-loop system in the US They make clothing, sleepwear, accessories, bedding, and more.

Lilysilk sent me a 19 Momme Terse Envelope pillowcase, and it’s been ideal for my body pillow. Since having shoulder trouble last year, I’ve been sleeping with my arm on a body pillow, which has helped. But pillows are also HOT in the summer. The Lilysilk pillowcase has been awesome to keep me cool. And the watercolor fabric is so pretty as a finishing pillow on our bed! They come in many different colors including solids and patterns.

Add a silk eye mask to your order!

Solid shampoo

I discovered this brand – Dip – at my local refill shop. Using a solid shampoo eliminates the need for a bottle, saving resources and waste.

A bit skeptical, I asked the women in the shop what they thought and they RAVED about it! I got instructions to apply it directly to my extra wet hair and then build up a lather. I’ve found I prefer to lather it up in my hands and apply, but I can say it works!! Clean hair and AMAZING SMELL!!

Leilo Drinks

In my never-ending search for “drinks that aren’t alcohol but aren’t water” I stumbled upon this drink at Brazos Tacos. Have you heard of kava? These Leilo drinks (found at Amazon) have kava in them and have a calming effect similar to CBD. I can’t decide what I think about kava in general – anyone have opinions? Definitely won’t be an every week thing, but I thought it was cool to share that Brazos had them! I def felt a little relaxed after drinking it, and would say it’s comparable to one glass of wine.

BT Fountain Electrolytes

The BT Fountain Electrolytes from Pique are my new favorite for daytime sipping in my water bottle. The Yuzu berry flavor is delish and not overly sweet. With hyaluronic acid and ceramides to improve skin elasticity and reduce fine lines, they have bonus ingredients great for the skin too. Hydration inside + out : ) I’ve been having one a day!

Mighty Plump Water Cream

Ceramides must be on the up and up, because just like the above drink mix, Beautycounter just launched its new Mighty Plump Water Cream! I am obsessed with this new daytime moisturizer. It gives “filler results without the filler” and since I’m scared of Botox needles, this is a great solution for me to help smooth out my skin.

The new water cream is suitable for all skin types, especially those concerned with fine lines and wrinkles. Apply in the morning after cleanser and serum to take advantage of immediate plumping benefits. It’s scented with a refreshing aquatic blend of crisp water fruits, sea salt, and delicate violet leaf. I think it smells lovely!!!

Watching: Succession

Our evening TV time has been cut short lately because both of our kids have been staying up until 9/10. But when we do watch, Thomas and I have been watching Succession on HBO. It’s really good, although it can be a bit harsh/dark at times. It reminds me of Mad Men, actually (all the offices and suits).

And I know I am not on the caliber of these people because sometimes it’s like they’re speaking another language. I want to just tell them to talk HUMAN to each other instead of metaphors and jabs!! It’s a good show – recommended!

Next up: Outlander and Ted Lasso II.

Reading: A Court of Mist and Fury

My review of the ACOTAR books after finishing the first two is “like don’t love.” Fantasy has never been my very favorite thing, and while these books are good, I am not obsessed with them like some of my friends are. Midway through book 2 I said I wasn’t going to continue on to book 3, but now that I finished it, I think I will. But I’m going to take a break to read a light summer romance or two first!

Listening To: Scamanda

OMG – this is a podcast to get obsessed about!! It’s the best thing to come out on podcast since Dirty John. If you loved Dirty John, you will love this. It’s like John and Anna Delvey had a baby. I found the whole blogging side of it very entertaining since she started blogging around 2012 when I was too. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Caraway Minis

Speaking of early blogging, I have been missing my mini sauce pan that was perfect for oatmeal since someone accidentally used metal in the bottom and destroyed it. So I was absolutely thrilled to get a sample of the new Caraway Minis!!

This tiny skillet and pot are perfect for single servings: one serving of oatmeal, two scrambled eggs, or a skillet pancake – the oatmeal pancake!

Here they are next to my standard size Caraway so you can see how cute they are:

I have navy blue for my standards and got the sage green for the minis so I could easily spot them or their lids in a drawer.

Caraway also now includes their cleaning erasers to get stains off the sides/bottom that happen naturally over high heat. This is similar to a magic eraser for walls but works on the pan paint! It took off several caked on brown spots on my pans, and they look good as new (when not flipped over!) Check out the options here. They’re offering free shipping all summer long.

That’s all for today!


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