Cardano’s cryptocurrency, ADA, has faced more volatility in recent months as investors sought evidence of the project’s delayed Vasil update, making Cardano price prediction more complicated than it might otherwise have been.

You can look at investing in newer deflationary meme coins and green cryptos like Tamadoge and Impt.io, respectively. Both have been having a fine run in the crypto market in the past week.

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Cardano (ADA) Price Prediction
The price of ADA rose in early June, with the upgrade slated by the end of the month, but fell again in mid-July as testing showed difficulties that needed to be resolved before the hard fork could go live. The price then increased three times in late July but has not sustained any long-term gains beyond $0.50.

Charts indicating a climb over $0.50, towards $0.60, and beyond imply that Cardano is poised for a bullish surge ahead. Before the pullback, Cardano continued its upward trend in the early going, but it also created solid support at $0.428. It currently trades at $0.4321, a 1% gain over the previous 24 hours.

According to crypto experts, the following shows the average price of ADA tokens until the end of the decade.

Yesterday, Tamadoge’s (TAMA) market price entered the overbought area and is now retracing to a lower price level, according to the indicators. This comes hours after the coin traded as high as 0.1927, now it has dipped by 67% and is currently trading at $0.054.

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Tamadoge made its OKX debut on September 27 with a listing price of $0.03. TAMA is now available on various cryptocurrency exchanges, having previously been listed on OKX, boosting investor trust in the TAMA project and its demand. LBank and MEXC added the tokens to their marketplace on October 5th. Additionally, Coinsbit has listed the TAMA token on their platform today. More listings may be announced before the new week starts.

TAMA is the Tamaverse’s gateway token, which means Tamadoge coins must be used for all transactions, according to the official website. Tamadoge users can breed, battle, and mint their very own Tamadoge pets in the metaverse.

Impt.io Raises Over $500,000
The Impt.io community is a new tribe of customers emphasizing sustainability over luxury, thanks to social media and the expanding number of climate change efforts. It is impractical to halt all polluting operations at the same time. However, with technology and creativity, the impt team aims to gradually transition to eco-friendly, sustainable solutions by helping projects restore and rejuvenate the Earth through carbon trading.
Carbon offsetting allows businesses and people to pay for CO2 emissions by acquiring carbon credits and thereby indirectly participating in these projects. While most firms are required to offset a certain amount of carbon each year, many are doing it voluntarily to cultivate positive brand awareness. IMPT connects environmental initiatives with corporations and individuals, according to the website IMPT.io.

IMPT.io is a new Web3 platform that connects eco-conscious consumers, brands, and enterprises. It reshapes the carbon market by tokenizing carbon credits and making them available to anyone.

What to Invest In Now: ADA, TAMA or IMPT?
In the first round of presale, IMPT sold 90,000,000 tokens to early backers. However, there will still be a presale where anyone who wants to buy IMPT tokens may do so. After the project switches to decentralized governance, the IMPT token will be used for payments, to obtain advanced services like exclusive NFT series or more trading opportunities, and to participate in the DAO.

On the other hand, Tamadoge NFT was also released this week, with a countdown timer now available on Tamadoge’s official website. Following the debut of the TamadogePetstore, players will have access to various things that may be used to improve their overall stats.

Finally, Cardano is still struggling to launch its Vasil project. Whether it will do so before the end of the year is uncertain.

Bottom line
You stand a better chance of making more ROI by investing in either Tamadoge or Impt.io. Based on price predictions and use cases, both tokens have a better future financially than Cardano (ADA)


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