🌱WashCo Minimum Wage To Increase July 1 + Fitness In The Park Returns


Hello Beaverton. I’m glad you’re here today. We have some changes at city council, a couple of places to catch fireworks on the Fourth and find out that the Forestry Department is adding some big water-carrying planes to its summer firefighting efforts. I’m Merlin Douglass, your regular guest Patch curator, and here’s what’s going on around Beaverton today.

First, today’s weather:

Partly sunny and nice. High: 80 Low: 55.

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Here are the top five stories today in Beaverton:

  • Fitness in the Park is back this year, and you can join friends and neighbors in scheduled walks at various locations listed here. Each of the walks begins at 9:30 am on Wednesdays, July 6 and runs through August 24. The walks last about an hour.
  • Read and discuss books with other readers at one of the many book clubs offered at Washington County libraries this summer for adults and students by grade level. And there really is something for everyone, for instance, Tigard library has a hybrid walking and reading club, Murray Scholls has a group for LGBTQ + teens and a Cedar Mills club meets online. Check out all the clubs available here.

There you are! You’re up to date now. Tomorrow Ash DeMello will be back with her special brand of newsy notes. Thanks for reading and now, the sun is calling.

—Merlin Douglass

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