A Lawyer Turned Full-Time Content Creator


You will find two types of minds: one who hunts for a secured job and the other one who chases their dreams and walks down the aisle of struggles and sleepless nights. While the latter niche is quite narrow, we know of someone from there! Meet Sandhya Naidu, whom you might also know as Neoteric Style. This young talent is creating waves in the world of content creation.

With her authentic content, she is leaving no stone unturned. But did you know that Sandhya Naidu started her career in law and then extended her efforts and time towards content creation? Yes, you read it right! Born and brought up in Mumbai, how could Sandhya not follow her ambitions?

The influencer is a commerce and law graduate. She started her career as a lawyer after achieving her degree. Although she was excellent at her work, Sandhya Naidu always felt that slight void in her jar of satisfaction. This emptiness grew with every passing day until she decided to seek her heart; to be a digital creator. Sandhya assembled her enthusiasm to fuel her fascination for content creation. She started creating nifty content for the masses on multiple social media platforms.

When the influencer left her job as her lawyer, little was she aware of the level of risk she was taking. But she was very adamant about it, and look at her now! Sandhya Naidu has emerged as a fashion guru and lifestyle inspirer for millions.

Addressing her roller coaster-like journey, here’s what Sandhya says: “Yes, I was anxious initially. But as they say, give it time and things will fall into place. Dedication is everything! If you want something, you should devote your heart to it rather than mere words and strategies. It has been a wonderful journey, and I still have a very long way to walk.”

Sandhya Naidu’s milestones are an inspiration for every person whose faith in their passion is dwindling. From being a lawyer to being a digital creator and working with 250+ brands, she has proven her mettle. A few brands that Sandhya Naidu has worked with include Global Desi, Ritu Kumar, Adidas Women, Aeropostale India, Ajio, Liva Fashion, The Fern, Club Mahindra, Ibis India, Klook, Thomas Cook, Express Inn, Etc.


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