Basannt R Rasiwasia’s Made In India “Revaastu” Makes Vaastu Available To The Common Man


So you always wanted to check the energies of your home! Here is an amazing opportunity to do the task yourself. Using a simple app.

Vastu Mahaguru Basannt R Rasiwasia is spreading the energies of the ancient science Vaastu Shastra to the world using technology that crosses the barriers of caste, creed and social status. Through Basannt R Rasiwasia’s app “revaastu”, Where one can click a picture of their room and check and correct basic and simple Vastu requirements like main door, living room, master bedroom, children’s room, study, kitchen, temple, staircase, toilets, locker, mirror and shoe rack placement for themselves.

“The essence of true knowledge comes in sharing,” says Basant R Rasiwasia. “I get multiple inquiries for small things from around the country. Each time, it is not possible to travel the distance. But I want each person to benefit from this app.”

Vastu helps balance the five elements, that is earth, fire, water, space, and air and the allied energy fields.

This ancient science of architecture increases positive energies and eliminates negative energies, positive energies attract peace and abundance, and helps enhance relationships.

Basant R Rasiwasia, through revaastu, aims to enable each and every Indian from every corner of the world.

“The app is safe, as the moment you download it, it goes offline and you can use the app to enhance your energies by checking the basic Vastu of your house and transform it into your home”.

Vastu Mahaguru Basannt R Rasiwasia’s Made In India “revaastu” app to share the ancient science can be downloaded from:

Google Playstore using the following link:

Apple Appstore using link:


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