If you are researching which diet pills and weight loss pills over the counter are the most effective, this guide is for you. We will list the best over the counter diet pills and include short reviews of each explaining why they work so well.  

We will detail pros and cons, ingredients, buying information and how they actually work.  

Top Over-the-Counter Diet Pills – Snapshot 

  1. PhenQ – most effective weight loss pill otc 

  1. LeanBean – fat burner for women 

  1. PhenGold – natural diet pills 

  1. Instant Knockout Cut – preserves lean muscle mass 

  1. Trimtone – fat burner for women 

  1. Prime Shred – fat burner for men 

All weight loss pills above are available without prescription and can be ordered directly from the manufacturers website. 

Diet Pills Over the Counter – Top OTC Weight Loss Supplements 

These are the best weight loss pills that actually work. The best options can offer a lot of support in the areas you need it most. The problem is, you need to wade through all the junk to find them. 

Don’t waste your time wading through the junk. In fact, don’t go near it at all. You don’t need to. We have already done all the hard work for you and put together a short list of the diet pills that work best. 

However, diet pills are not like certain clothes. No one size fits all. Our list reflects this by including several different options. All of them will help you to burn fat but each one offers value in additional areas so we suggest you read the entire list and learn what each one can do. 

It’s not about finding the best weight loss pill. It’s a case of finding the weight loss supplement that’s best for you 

The Best Weight Loss Pills Compared 

Here are the most popular weight loss supplements over the counter and online. All the diet 

1- PhenQ Best Weight Loss Supplement 



A regular addition to all the most prestigious top diet pill lists, PhenQ is a natural supplement that targets all areas of weight loss. It doesn’t just help you to burn fat faster, it makes the whole process of losing weight a lot easier too. 

Often said to be the most powerful weight loss pill ever created, PhenQ has already helped more than 190,000 people to lose weight. It has excellent customer reviews and the manufacturer provides a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

If you are trying to lose weight and have reached a plateau, or factors such as hunger and fatigue are holding you back, PhenQ can help you to turn things around. 

Although it may not be the right option for everyone, PhenQ will be the best weight loss pill for most people. After a thorough comparison between PhenQ and the other top options, we could do no other than rate it #1. 

How PhenQ helps You Lose Weight 

PhenQ Ingredients 

PhenQ provides seven key ingredients: 

  • Capsimax 

  • Caffeine 

  • Nopal 

  • Chromium 

  • Calcium carbonate 

People often attribute most of PhenQ’s abilities to a-Lacys Reset. It’s a special blend of alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) and cysteine that was originally developed to function as an antioxidant. However, research reveals the compound also offers startling weight loss benefits. 

Even acting alone, ALA can deliver a modest but significant fat loss. [1] 

Pairing it with cysteine appears to set this into overdrive. The participants in one study burned 7.24% of their body fat while also achieving modest improvements in muscle mass. 

Dieters often lose a small amount of muscle mass. This can slow metabolism, inhibiting weight loss, so a-Lacys Reset’s abilities in this area are a big deal. 

However, although a-Lacys Reset is a formidable weight loss aid, it’s not the only good ingredient in PhenQ. They are all good. 

For instance, Capsimax is a branded capsicum extract that accelerates metabolism and fat loss while also suppressing hunger. [2] 

Nopal (Caralluma fimbriata) is a cactus extract that is proven effective for controlling hunger and reducing waist size. [3] 

This formulation has a lot to offer, in many areas. a-Lacys Reset is not going it alone. It may be a star player but it’s also part of a good team. 


Reasons to Choose PhenQ Weight Loss Supplement 

If all you are looking for is a potent weight loss pill that actually works, PhenQ should be right up your street. With so much great customer feedback, there can be no doubting its ability to get the job done. PhenQ can compete with most weight loss pills, even prescription weight loss pills. PhenQ is over compared to Adipex, a Phentermine brand. PhenQ is often listed as the best phentermine over the counter alternative.  

Due to its ability to protect against loss of muscle mass, it’s also a popular option with bodybuilders. However, if looking lean and muscular is your main focus, some of the other top options may be a better fit for your needs. 

When you are searching for the best diet pill to use, a lot of factors can come into play. So, although PhenQ is always an excellent choice, some of the other top weight loss pills may have features that make them a better fit for your needs. 

With that in mind, we urge you to familiarize yourself with the top 5 products before making your choice. 

PhenQ Pros and Cons 



2 – LeanBean Weight Loss Pill for Women 



Leanbean is a highly specialized weight loss aid. Unlike the other products that were good enough to make our best diet pills list, Leanbean is tailored to women’s fat-burning needs. 

Although the weight loss process is essentially the same for women as it is for men, women have extra challenges to deal with. 

Women lose weight differently to men. For one thing, women are more susceptible to hunger than men are. That’s not just an old wives’ tale. Science proves that it is so. [4] 

Although all the best diet pills control hunger, because it’s designed to be the one that works best for women, Leanbean provides extra support in this area. 

Hormones are another big problem that can influence female weight gain and weight loss. Although men have hormonal issues to contend with as well, such as low testosterone, they don’t have to endure rapid hormonal fluctuations to the same extent that women do. 

Male hormone production mainly dwindles steadily. During menstruation and menopause, a woman’s hormones are often all over the place. 

A lot of women gain weight around the time of their periods and, although a few are lucky enough to avoid it, menopausal weight gain is the bane of many women’s lives. 

The main problem is fluctuations in estrogen and, because it’s designed for women, Leanbean contains an ingredient that helps keep this unruly hormone under control. 

How Leanbean Helps You To Lose Weight 

  • Controls hunger and cravings 

  • Offers hormonal support 

  • Increases metabolism and fat loss 

  • Boosts energy and mental clarity 

Leanbean Ingredients 

  • Vitamin B6 

  • Vitamin B12 

  • Chromium 

  • Zinc 

  • Potassium 

  • Glucomannan 

  • Choline 

  • Garcinia cambogia 

  • Green coffee bean 

  • Turmeric 

  • Acai berry 

  • Bioperine 

Leanbean is caffeine free. It has no added stimulants at all. However, because fatigue is a common problem among women who are dieting to lose weight, the manufacturer is using several alternative energy-boosting ingredients. 

Vitamins B6 and B12 are the two most important inclusions. They are both common additions to energy drinks. They work by helping the body extract energy from food. 

Potassium also has value in this area and it’s a doubly valuable inclusion because it can help prevent water retention. [5] 

Although it’s got plenty of help, glucomannan is the main appetite suppressant in Leanbean. It’s a root extract that swells when it comes in contact with water. When this happens inside the stomach, it makes it feel full. 

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has evaluated the data from all the top studies and confirms glucomannan is an appetite suppressant that works. [6] 

Leanbean provides several metabolism boosters but choline is one of the most important ones and research proves its ability to provide rapid weight loss in women. [7] 

Turmeric and Bioperine and two more key players in the Leanbean formulation. 

Turmeric provides curcumin. Bioperine is a black pepper extract that is enhanced to be 95% piperine. Turmeric would be useless without it. 

Curcumin has value in several areas but it’s present here because it regulates estrogen. [8] 

Unfortunately, the body struggles to process curcumin. Even when presented in high doses, most of its value is wasted. That’s why Bioperine is so important. 

Research shows piperine can boost curcumin absorption by 2000%. [9] 


Reasons to Choose Leanbean for Weight Loss 

For most women, we recommend PhenQ because it offers an unparalleled level of general weight loss support. However, if you prefer to lose weight without stimulants or find dealing with hunger especially difficult, we suggest you use Leanbean instead. 

We also recommend this weight loss pill for menopausal women and younger women who find their weight loss efforts become more challenging at certain times of the month. 

Leanbean Pros and Cons 



3 – PhenGold Natural Weight Loss Supplement 



PhenGold is another top-ranking diet pill that offers multi-action weight loss benefits. It’s not quite in the same class as PhenQ but it stands head and shoulders above most of the other weight loss pills you can buy over-the-counter (OTC) and online. 

Boasting a 98% customer satisfaction rate, PhenGold is well deserving of a place on any best diet pill list. It’s also worth noting that 9 out of 10 customers say they recommend this option to their friends. 

Like all the top weight management options, PhenGold helps you to burn extra fat by tweaking the speed of your metabolism. It controls hunger, fights fatigue, and may even help with mood. 

It’s easy to see this product is intended to present heavy competition for PhenQ, and it does. Just not heavy enough. However, at 100 days, it does have the benefit of a slightly longer money-back guarantee. 

How PhenGold Burns Stubborn Body Fat 

  • Controls hunger and cravings 

  • Boosts metabolism and fat burning 

  • Enhances mental focus and clarity 

PhenGold Ingredients 

  • Cayenne pepper 

  • Caffeine anhydrous 

  • Vitamin B6 

  • Vitamin B12 

  • Green tea 

  • L-tyrosine 

  • Bioperine 

You will have seen some of these ingredients before because they appear in the previous two products. Certain ingredients pop up again and again. 

It’s not a case of weight loss supplement manufacturers trying to play copycat. When it comes to weight loss ingredients that actually work – ones with clinically proven value – the pool of options available is somewhat limited. 

All the manufacturers of the leading weight management products want their supplements to provide excellent value for money. That’s why the top-performing ingredients are so popular. 

As you may remember, PhenQ weight loss supplements provide cayenne pepper as a branded ingredient. PhenGold has cayenne too, but it’s a standard version that may be a little more likely to cause heartburn if you have a sensitive stomach. 

It also provides B vitamins to boost energy. That’s something it has in common with Leanbean. However, this option is not stimulant-free because it provides caffeine as well. That’s one of the reasons it can boost mental focus. 

To its credit, PhenGold has Green tea extract in it as well. It’s a very good ingredient. Countless studies prove its ability to support fat loss by increasing 24-hour energy expenditure. 

The results of one study are especially interesting because it makes it obvious this ability is due to green tea catechins, not caffeine (also a fat burner). [11] 

Reasons to Choose PhenGold Weight Loss Supplement 

Good as this product is, there aren’t too many reasons to choose it instead of PhenQ. However, if you know you are allergic to one of the key ingredients in PhenQ, such as nopal, and it isn’t in PhenGold, then it will be the better option. 

PhenGold is also the best fat burner to choose if PhenQ becomes temporarily out of stock. This is unlikely, but nothing is impossible. 

PhenGold Pros and Cons 



4 – Instant Knockout Cut Fat Burner for Cutting Cycles 



This thermogenic fat burner used to be called Instant Knockout. The name has since been changed to Instant Knockout Cut but the formula is still the same. 

We are unsure why the manufacturer modified the name but the change may be intended to make the supplement more attractive to bodybuilders during their cutting sessions. 

Regardless of the reason, if you need a fat burner that’s good for boosting energy and helping you to train, this one is a “cut” above the rest. 

Instant Knockout was always a good option for bodybuilders. For other athletes too. Especially ones involved in combat sports. 

That’s not surprising, the supplement was originally developed to support the fat-burning needs of mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters. 

If there is a downside to this product, it’s the dosing schedule. You need to take an Instant Knockout Cut four times per day. That may be hard for some people to fit into their daily routines. 

The number of doses will be less of an issue for professional athletes and sports people. Fitting the doses into a training regimen will be easier than fitting them into a 9-5 job. 

What Instant Knockout Cut Does for Losing Weight 

Of course, if you are using this product alongside the right kind of training, and typical users will be doing just that, Instant Knockout Cut will also deliver improvements in muscle definition and help you to become lean and shredded. 

Instant Knockout Cut Ingredients 

  • Glucomannan 

  • Green tea extract 

  • Cayenne powder 

  • Caffeine anhydrous 

  • Green coffee extract 

  • Zinc 

  • Vitamin B6 

  • Vitamin B12 

  • Chromium picolinate 

  • Piperine 

As you can see, the first ingredient is glucomannan. It may seem a strange addition to a fat burner for fighters and other athletic individuals but it offers a lot of value. 

When you are training hard, it’s easy to work up an appetite during your workout. Getting four doses of glucomannan a day is a good way to avoid the temptation to wind down the intensity and grab a snack. 

First and foremost though, Instant Knockout Cut is a fat burner, so it’s not surprising to see it contains both cayenne and green tea. 

The formulation also provides 300 mg of caffeine, but it’s split between four doses. Its presence will further add to the fat-burning effect and also help keep energy levels high. 

Vitamins B6 and B12 will also help in this regard. If you want to get cut, you have got to train. If you want to train, you need the energy to do it. The caffeine and B vitamins in Instant Knockout Cut will help you to train with maximum intensity without running out of steam. 

Zinc also plays a key role in this formulation. It’s one of the best nutrients for boosting testosterone. Most of the best T-booster supplements have it. 

In addition to aiding muscle growth and repair, testosterone also increases energy and helps your body burn off its excess fat. [11] 

Reasons to Choose Instant Knockout Cut to Lose Weight 

If you are a fighter or someone else who trains regularly and wants a lean physique and plenty of extra energy to expend in the gym, this is likely the best option to choose. 

As a general weight loss aid, Instant Knockout Cut is not as good as PhenQ. However, if you have these types of specialist needs, it’s the right supplement to have working your corner. 

Instant Knockout Cut Pros and Cons 


  • Functions well as a pre-workout supplement 

  • Burns stored fat and stubborn body fat 

  • Helps you to get lean and shredded 


5 – Trimtone Weight Loss Pill for Women 



Would you like us to let you in on an industry secret? The makers of Trimtone created it because they wanted a product to compete with Leanbean. But it can’t. It’s not nearly as good. 

However, although Trimtone will never be able to take the place of Leanbean and become the best diet pill for women, it’s still better than any of the other diet pills intended for women. In fact, it’s actually a lot better than many diet pills made for men. 

If you choose this option, it won’t control estrogen and, although Trimtone is a good appetite suppressant, it’s not got the same potency as Leanbean, so it’s batting out of its league. 

Nevertheless, Trimtone provides some very credible ingredients. Plus, one big advantage is you only need to take it one time per day. That makes Trimtone a very good option for women who have busy lifestyles and hard-working moms. 

Unfortunately, Trimtone has gelatin in the capsule shell. So, if you are vegan or vegetarian, this won’t be the right fat burner to choose. 

How Trimtone Works for Weight Loss and Reduces Body Weight 

  • Suppresses hunger and food cravings 

  • Boosts metabolism and fat loss 

  • Enhances thermogenesis 

  • Increases energy and vitality 

Trimtone Ingredients 

As you can see, this is a simpler formulation than the ones being used in the other top diet pill options. It’s also worth noting the presence of glucomannan is not such a strong selling point. Trimtone natural weight loss pills don’t provide anywhere near as much of it as the options that contain it. 

Nevertheless, it may be enough to take the edge off your hunger for a very limited time. 

Trimtone has far greater value as a female fat burner than it does as an appetite suppressant for women. This ability is mainly due to green tea and caffeine. However, grains of paradise have a lot of value in this area too. 

Grains of paradise is a popular name for seeds from the Aframomum melegueta plant. It’s a member of the ginger family. 

Research supports using grains of paradise as a fat burner. One study, in particular, is interesting because it suggests this ingredient can target visceral fat (belly fat). [12] 

The way this ingredient works is equally interesting. Countless studies, including the one we reference above, show grains of paradise boost metabolism by increasing brown adipose tissue (BAT). 

When you have more BAT, it increases thermogenesis. This causes your body to lose extra energy as heat. 

Once you grasp this concept, it becomes easier to see how Trimtone can work for fat burning with only one dose per day. You will also have to use Trimtone in combination. with a healthy diet and exercise program. 

The fat-burning effect is not due to the presence of the ingredient in your blood, it’s due to changes it makes in body fat. 

It may take some time for the benefits to kick in but, once it’s up and running, all that BAT will be working for you 24 hours a day. 

Why Choose Trimtone to Help You Lose Weight? 

If you are a busy lady who only has time to take one diet pill a day, Trimtone may offer value. The same is true if you want a diet pill that specifically targets belly fat.  

However, PhenQ and Leanbean are still better fat burning supplements. Both of them offer a lot more support. 

Nevertheless, if the only benefit you require is help with fat burning, Trimtone can help. If you have a lot of issues with hunger though, we strongly suggest you choose one of the other options instead. 

Trimtone Pros and Cons 


  • Thermogenic fat burner made for women 

  • Effective weight loss supplement 

  • Ingredients for burning fat cells and appetite suppression 

  • Only need to take one dose per day 


6 – Prime Shred Fat Burner for Men OTC