Cannondale Quick Women’s 3 review – Fitness bike with road DNA

It’s no secret that these days there’s an ever-increasing number of categories into which a bicycle can fit, from the obvious monikers of ‘road bike’ and ‘mountain bike’ to the more ambiguous terms like the best commuter bikes and ‘fitness bike’ . The Cannondale Quick 3 is marketed as the latter, but what exactly is a ‘fitness bike’ and what is it designed for?

At first glance it looks like it fits nicely into the best hybrid bikes on the market at the moment, with its chunky but slick tires, flat handlebar and disc brakes. However, just like I’d describe a hybrid bike as a combination of a road bike and mountain bike, I’d describe a fitness bike like the Cannondale Quick 3 as a mash up of a hybrid and a road bike; still designed for upright urban riding, but with more of a focus on speed and efficiency. As a flat bar bike it’s obviously not designed for the roadie, but it definitely borrows more elements of its design from the best road bikes than the traditional hybrid.

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