Celebrity Favourite Normando the Magician Astonishing Audiences Across the Middle East


Charming magician and dream chaser, Normando, has become one of the top close up magic performers in the gulf. His story is not only inspirational but, some may say, magical. Born in the Philippines, Normando Macalinao has breathed a new life into the creative world of magic with his amazing card tricks and illusions.

Currently based in Dubai and famously known as “Normando the Magician”, he has been performing his unique illusions throughout the Gulf, Saudi Arabia, Zanzibar, and the Maldives whilst continuing to perform within Dubai’s most elite venues. His distinctive image, style and modern twist, has brought a renewed interest in magic.

Normando has been voted to represent the “Top Most Influential Filipinos in The Gulf”, by Illustrado Magazine 2020. His magic involves close interactions with the audience. Each set has been cultivated through years of practice and has been validated by a diverse group of audiences. The list of celebrities he has performed before is endless, some prominent names including Paris Hilton, Manny Pacquiao, Mohammed al Habotoor, and other Royal VVIPs.

Proud of his small hometown ‘Aliaga’, Normando was initially an active participant in the political world and followed in his parents footsteps. At the young age of 14, he attended a show by a local performer who transformed one red ball into two. This was the turning point in Normando’s life and he decided that he too wanted to be a magician. He started to self teach and develop his skills while supporting his parents in politics and manifesting his dream. The ‘red ball’ illusion still remains his favorite act.

In 2014, Normando decided to let ‘magic’ lead his life and joined his brother in Dubai to pursue a career as a magician. He started working in a hotel as a waiter and often delighted guests with his innovative talent. His act was soon picked up by a local talent agency and he quit his job to pursue magic independently.

In a very short time, Normando the Magician’s popularity grew. Despite all the success, he has kept his Filipino roots close to his heart. He works with locals on a regular basis and encourages others to follow their dreams and passions, often visiting home. Normando is now a well known social media influencer and uses his platform to inspire but stresses the point that success does not happen overnight and needs sacrifices, time and dedication. His mantra, work hard and follow your dreams.


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