Supontis Is Ready To Revolutionize Blockchain Interconnectivity Just Like Polygon Matic And Matra Dao

Blockchain technology is an exciting concept in cryptocurrency. There are many crypto assets with different use cases and ecosystems. A bridge is needed to foster interactions between these tokens to ensure smooth communication and connection between these assets while retaining the actual value.
For this reason, blockchain technology provides the necessary bridge that connects different blockchain networks and systems. One significant project that aims to build on this existing blockchain technology is Supontis.
This project provides some exciting insights that will interest crypto enthusiasts and newbies. This article will consider significant features of the Supontis platform and $PON token. Also, it will compare existing projects such as Polygon MATIC ($MATIC) and Mantra DAO ($OM).

Features And Benefits Of Supontis
Supontis is a revolutionary project ready to improve how blockchains interact with each other. Coined from the words “Super” and “Pontis” (translated bridge), Supontis aims to feature as a “Super Bridge,” which connects native tokens of different blockchain networks, thereby retaining the tokens’ value.
Supontis offers some unique features that make it a worthwhile investment. These include: Built-in mechanism: The Supontis mechanism based on a smart contract provides easy asset transfer. When initiating an asset transfer in the network, the mechanism locks the assets in the initial chain and creates the same amount of wrapped assets in the final chain. This mechanism is reversible (burns the wrapped assets and unlocks the assets in the initial chain) while maintaining the actual market value. Supontis DAO: The Decentralized Autonomous Organization that Supontis builds its ecosystem on enables its users to make operational decisions and agree on prospective projects. These decisions are made possible by owning and holding $PON, Supontis Native Token.

Supontis offers Staking rewards: Supontis works on a Proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. This consensus allows users to support the integrity of the Supontis network by locking some $PON tokens in a user wallet and offering incentives to such users. Users with many $PON tokens become the network’s validators and receive passive income from Supontis.

Supontis Is Based on BNB Smart Chain: BNB Smart Chain has earned its reputation as a cheaper alternative to other prominent blockchain networks like Bitcoin ($BTC) and Ethereum ($ETH). In addition, BNB is an excellent Decentralized Finance (DeFi) network with faster transaction speeds while maintaining low transaction fees.

These are attractive features SUPPONTIS offers. You can enjoy these features by holding many $PON tokens, which offer you voting rights, staking rewards, and speedy transactions at a low cost. Consider how SUPPONTIS compares with POLYGON MATIC and MANTRA DAO.

Supontis ($Pon) Vs Polygon Matic ($Matic)

Polygon Matic ($MATIC) is a known decentralized platform that offers faster transactions than major blockchain networks, including Ethereum and Bitcoin. This platform provides a layer two scaling solution that uses Proof-of-stake consensus, allowing up to 100,000 transactions per second. A significant downside to Polygon Matic ($MATIC) is that it supports projects within the Ethereum ecosystem.
In relation, Supontis Network offers smooth connections between different networks providing easy transfer of assets while maintaining the actual value of such investments. Also, with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), Supontis developers can easily create decentralized apps based on BNB Smart Chain to access other networks.

Supontis ($PON) VS MANTRA DAO ($OM)
MANTRA DAO is a Decentralized platform governed by the community to ensure a transparent and decentralized ecosystem. Using $OM as its native token, Mantra DAO focuses on Lending, staking, and multi-chain services in the Decentralized Finance market. With proof of stake consensus, tokens are locked in the MANTRA DAO network while receiving rewards.
In relation, Supontis offers DAO and Multi-chain structures where community members can decide on potential projects and offer staking incentives to users who lock in their tokens to support the network.

Supontis is an exciting project with decentralized features to attract potential investors and community users. With multi-chain capabilities, Supontis employs BNB Smart Chain for faster transactions with lower transaction costs.
Supontis Ecosystem is made possible with $PON tokens that the community can use to vote, stake, and validate transactions across networks. Supontis is ready to improve the world’s view of blockchain connectivity.

Supontis Token (SUP)

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