“Chennai and Live Concerts Are Becoming an Inseparable Love Story”: says Singer Aditya Goswami

A stage to perform, an audience to support and show love – What else can an artist ask for?

With the growth of the live music entertainment industry, independent artists are now redefining the entertainment experience and the audience just loves the engagement. Chennai is now grooving to live entertainment, which is helping so many young people with artistic abilities to express themselves.

Musician Aditya Goswami reveals his love for Chennai, how social media helped him connect with his audience, and more.

Growing up in Jhansi, musician Aditya was surrounded by music from childhood. His main influence was his mother, who is a Hindustani classical singer. He grew up in a loving-middle-class family, training in western and Indian classical vocals, guitar, and keyboard.

Having built an audience of 30k+ followers on Instagram, the musician is now creating his album for his fans, which is scheduled to be released in 2023.

Aditya, who has produced over a thousand successful events across India, claims he has never encountered a crowd that was as hospitable and supportive as Chennai. “My audience in Chennai creates musical harmony in the event by engaging, appreciating, and requesting songs from their end. Even after the event, I meet people and they share how the song resonated and made them relive their memories. That makes me so happy !” he adds.

Over the years, Aditya has struck a great rapport with many audiences in Chennai, which compelled him to settle down here. “I went back to Delhi after my course in AR Rahman music college, but the love I got from Chennai was immense, and people kept inviting me to perform at events. And I ended up performing 15+ events a month in Chennai alone and eventually stayed here.

He wanted to try different facets of music too, like music production and cinematography. ” I listen to South Indian music even if I don’t understand the lyrics since the music runs deep and connects with me on a different level. No matter what I offer, I invariably see people from South India, especially Chennai, interacting with my posts and videos.” says Aditya.

“Bollywood films and playback singing might be the top choices to shine in the music industry, but Chennai instills hope for independent artists to pave their way. I believe the independent artist industry will be much larger than the film-based industry in the future. In 2017, when I came here, Chennai barely had 1 club which allowed live performances but fast forward to 2022, and now it has 10+ clubs that support independent artists, stand-up comedians, and concerts. I see so many events happening in every corner of the city!”

Aditya contends that virtual entertainment cannot be a substitute for live music. He says “While virtual entertainment and TV shows can be a great way to reach the audience in different parts of the world, nothing can beat live gigs. Every singer has their own aura to connect with the audience, so it will be hard to recreate the experience of a real concert. There can also be several technical glitches that can happen in virtual events, making it even more difficult for an artist to connect with people virtually.” Aditya says.

When asked about the importance of social media in his music career, Aditya replies, “Majority of the gigs that I get are through my social media handle. Social media has opened up the world to the artist, so much that it has become a key component to getting your music heard and seen, especially if you are taking the independent route.”

“At any point in my career, my goal will always be to bring people together through music. I am still waiting for the day when I can play for more than 1 lakh people in a huge stadium, creating musical harmony and emotional belongingness” says Aditya

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