Content Creator Shashwat Amrev’s Free Trading Knowledge Is Benefiting Millions

Who doesn’t know Shashwat Amrev? One must be living under a stone to not know about his existence. This 19-year-old boy is an entrepreneur, author, trader, and whatnot! But, most importantly, he is a content creator whose subject covers all the nooks and crannies of the trading and finance world. And Shashwat Amrev this content is benefiting not one or two but millions of people.

After enduring the windfalls and downfalls of the most volatile field, ie, trading, Amrev decided to guide others through his experiences, thereby helping them make money. This young boy usually uses all the social media channels to give people a better understanding of the financial world. However, it was Shashwat Amrev’s YouTube videos that started grabbing netizens’ attention, and eventually, his content was viewed all across the nation.

Through his company AmrevX’s Instagram, Shashwat enlightens people with basic tech information like Anti-Virus software, the best laptop under 30k, mistakes that slow down your devices, etc.

If you are looking for some stock market insights, then Shashwat Amrev has got you covered for that as well. On his other company’s page (@stockmarket.edges) you will find everything about trading and the stock market. From Adani to Jhunjhunwala and everything in between, Amrev has got you covered. You can also get courses and mentorship at Stock Market Edges. This page has more than 300k followers and people cannot stop bathing the boy in love and support.

You see, Shashwat Amrev has used content creation to reach millions. But why give this free-of-cost knowledge? He says, “We are living in a technologically driven era where advancement is a minute ahead. Trading is a thriving field, and therefore, everyone must know about its basics at least. Moreover, I wish to benefit as many people as possible.”

If you think that Shashwat Amrev has kept his knowledge restricted only to social media platforms, then no! He is also the author of two books titled, “Learn Ethical Hacking” and “How To Earn Being 16.”

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