Remember. If the summer of your 20s tastes like grape juice, then you behave like a young sportsman with a healthy lifestyle, like David Malukas (Dale Coyne Racing). When celebrating his first IndyCar podium, the native of Chicago (Illinois) was refused a bottle of champagne, for a vulgar vintage of local Champomy. Welcome to the USA, where the majority is fixed at 21 years and where one does not joke with alcohol consumed in public! » Why didn’t they give me somewondered the person concerned at a press conference. Maybe Race Direction should have given grape juice to the other two podium drivers. But it’s not funny. Maybe next time I can just tell them I’ll shut my mouth so I don’t drink it, I don’t know. » (Laughter) Luckily, the party was saved through Josef Newgarden (Team Penske). The winner of the event at the World Wide Technology Raceway surreptitiously exchanged his bottle for fruit juice with the rookie. » Newgarden let me spray the ‘real’ drink, which makes more sense, as I was planning on waving the bottle away from me, not towards me anyway… »

David Malukas at the forefront, an unusual image © Indycar Media

Son of Lithuanian immigrants, David Malukas somehow savored his greatest performance in IndyCar, after a race interrupted for several hours due to rain. A report that has it well


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