Delhi transport dept waives penalty fee for late renewal of fitness certificate for RTV, minibus services


Considering the difficulties and financial constraints faced by operators of RTVs, mini and midi buses, the Delhi transport department has decided to waive off the payment of late and additional fee for delayed fitness permit for one more month till June 30, said officials.

The transport department first exempted late or additional fee payment for delayed fitness condition permits for RTV, minibus and midibus operators and other vehicles like three-wheelers, motorcycles and cars in 2020 for a period of one year owing to the impact of the pandemic and lockdown .

“The extension of an additional one year had been granted in respect of RTV / mini / midi bus services over and above prescribed validity of the permit, with the condition that the extension will not in any way affect the fitness condition. However, while evaluating the extension of the permit it has been observed that these bus operators are not adhering to the conditions of updating fitness. It has been represented that the RTV owners are still not recovered from the financial losses incurred during the covid pandemic, ”said the transport department in an order.

Officials from the State Transport Authority (STA) said that considering the difficulties and constraints being faced by these sections of bus operators, the “transport department has granted approval for the exemption of payment of late / additional fee on delayed fitness up to June 30. The department will charge the late / additional / penalty fee from the last date of expiry of late fitness certificate. ”

The department also clarified that the exemption will be granted only to those whose permits expired after February 2020. “Any penalty and late fee already paid will not be refunded,” officials said.

The transport department recently also extended the exemption of late fitness fee payment for e-rickshaw and auto-rickshaws.

Several auto-rickshaw and RTVs drivers who staged protests against the rise in CNG prices also demanded exemption of additional and late fee on delayed fitness certificate and permit.

“It is a relief as RTV bus services are largely operated for last-mile connectivity and school transport services but with the schools closed for summer vacation the operators are still facing difficulties financially,” said Rajendra Soni, president of Delhi Auto Union.


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