Does Vital Sleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Work? Read Before Order


We all know how important a good night’s sleep is to maintain our overall health. What is the most common problem that people see while having sounds is the problem of snoring. We are right, aren’t we? Sometimes we ourselves snore so much that we wake ourselves up and lie awake in bed all night. And then there are cases where we are not able to sleep or even fall asleep because of the person sleeping next to us who happens to snore loudly.

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Snoring creates the rumbling sound which disturbs the sleep instantly. And if we continue having broken sleep or no sleep at all it can create a lot of health problems much more than we could ever anticipate ourselves. This is where this unique device called VitalSleep comes into picture.

VitalSleep is that device that addresses all of our snoring problems as it is an anti snoring mouthpiece that promises us a better and peaceful nights sleep. This unique device is based on the principle of mandibular advancement which is mostly used by dentists but this device comes at a much better and lower price. Let us understand more about VitalSleep and take an in-depth dive into the mechanism of this device as to how it works and what customer reviews exist of people who have already used it. Read on to know more and then decide if you want to buy it for yourself.

This particular anti snoring device makes use of a kind of job placement that is generally used by dentists and doctors alike. This unique device was created by a brand that is New York-based called the Snore reliever company way back in the year 2009. Now after a little more than a decade, this brand, the snore reliever company has simple goals and aims — that is to improve people’s lives who suffer from snoring or whose lives revolve around snorers. Their basic agenda is to help such people out and make them loyal customers without having to burn a hole in the pocket of the customers by making them visit doctors and taking those expensive treatments in order to stop snoring.

The very root of this brand to exist is that one of its founders David always struggled with the problem of snoring for several years. He was someone who ended up spending $3000 on a custom device for jaw advancement and very well knew that there are many people like him who suffer with this problem but will not be able to afford spending so much just so that they could improve their sleep. This personal experience led him to create this unique anti snoring device VitalSleep.

Instead of aiming for a device that is of one size and fits everybody in this particular and anti snoring category, VitalSleep jaw alignment procedure helps by taking the pressure around the tongue or from the tongue and pushing it to the back side of your throat. The creators of this unique anti snoring device believe that it is the tongue pressure or the pressure on our tongue that creates discomfort and people begin to experience snoring.

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Snoring is a typical result of the airway being narrowed when the muscles of the throat try to relax. Mandibular advancement type of devices like the VitalSleep tend to counteract this effect by lifting up the lower jaw gently forward and not allowing it to fall back so that the pressure is put on the airway. By doing this it also repositions the tongue base in order to reduce any likelihood of the tongue falling towards the backside of the mouth. If you are wondering how one can reposition the job, this is where VitalSleep comes into existence. It repositions the job by just placing this device comfortably inside the mouth. This mouthpiece comes with a customizable fit that takes on the shape of your gums and teeth. All you need to do is heat the mouthpiece slightly and place it inside your mouth and bite down and let it cool in order to ensure that the impression of your mouth is on to the mold. And there is no stress that you need to get the fit right at the first go, if you are not able to do it right away you can repeat the process again. This Vital Sleep mouthpiece comes with an adjustment tool as well. This tool can be used to turn down the screw and clockwise positions so that the lower jaw moves forward on a further note. This adjustment is beneficial for those who snore on different levels, or have different Josh shapes, or bite differently. This unique antisnoring device comes with a very low profile design so that the device can rest inside the sleepers mouth comfortably with a considerable large opening in the center so that the sleeper can breathe as well comfortably.

This Vital Sleep mouthpiece comes in a single size that is intended to become a universal fit for all its customers. Both of these sizes come with a design of boil it and then bite it in order to add that additional customization touch. For the mouthpiece device to fit in your teeth perfectly all you have to do is place it in hot water for at least 60 seconds and then place it in cold water for a matter of three seconds. And while standing in front of a mirror, you should put about peace at the center of your mouth and then bite down and remain in that position for 30 seconds. You can then put the VitalSleep mouthpiece device in cold water for about 30 seconds so that the impression is said correctly. And if the first attempt fails or your teeth happen to change over time, you can repeat the mold again and re-mould the mouthpiece. Every order of this particular device comes with a free replacement guarantee for the duration of one year which obviously puts down the pressure on its customers who attempt to get the fit right on the first trial itself.

The Vital Sleep anti snoring mouthpiece is made up of poly propylene and Ethylene vinyl acetate. This mouthpiece works on the principle of MAD – mandibular advancement device and comes in the dimension of 48 mm length X 61 mm with X 21 mm height.

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VitalSleep anti snoring mouthpiece is made of high-quality standards, however, it also comes at a price that is on the lower point when compared to the similar devices that are currently selling in the market. Additionally, the brand also runs frequent discounts that offer its customers significant savings.

There are two types of bundles available – one bundle will include two vital mouthpieces, a cleaner, and sleeping masks. The second type of bundle will consist of one VitalSleep mouthpiece, a sleep mask, a cleaner, your blogs, and also a canvas pouch. One mouthpiece is priced at $100. We recommend that you always visit the official website in order to check for the current running discounts and then place your order.

The mouthpiece comes with a two year warranty and it includes free replacements for any particular reason when it is within the coverage period. This device comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the device, you can return your mouthpiece and claim for a full refund.

  • Each of these mouthpieces is designed to last at least one year

  • You will be able to sleep in any kind of position that makes you feel comfortable while you are wearing this mouthpiece.

  • VitalSleep device is denture compatible

  • This device will also ensure that you never grind your teeth

  • The device comes with a 60 day money back guarantee

  • The device is approved by FDA which makes it more credible

  • Free replacement offers exist for a year after you have purchased this device

  • The process of adjustment for this particular mouthpiece can be difficult and you will take a while in order to get it right

  • This mouthpiece cannot be used by those people who suffer from sleep apnea or any other type of respiratory disorder

  • People who wear braces or have TMJ disorder or also those who cannot use this mouthpiece

  • Just like any other mouthpiece, the white and sleep anti snoring mouthpiece can also cause dry mouth and ruling and in some cases can also cause tooth DK if it is used on a long-term basis

Read what customers have to say about VitalSleep on its official website

It is time to say goodbye to your snoring nightmares with Vital Sleep anti snoring mouthpiece. You can sleep peacefully and ensure that your health doesn’t get compromised with the VitalSleep mouthpiece. Great offer, money back guarantee and free replacement options make this device worth giving a try. So, what are you waiting for? Say yes to VitalSleep anti snoring device and relieve yourself from a broken night’s sleep forever.


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