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What’s the best way to build a beach-ready, bikini body? What are the most important muscle groups to train, and how can you organize your workout split to ensure you’ll reach your goal as quickly as possible? Holly Baxter explains how to achieve a developed, lean physique in this podcast.

Most women aren’t planning to ever step on stage as part of a bikini or physique competition. However, some version of that general look is a common goal of many women who have started training and lifting weights in the gym. If you’ve ever wondered how to build a bikini-ready body, you’re going to enjoy this podcast. In it, Holly Baxter explains what it takes to build a bikini body, including training tips, exercise selection, and more. 

In case you’re not familiar with Holly, she’s an educator, coach, nutritionist, and Accredited Practicing Dietitian (ADP) with a Masters in Dietetics. Her academic career has also translated into competitive success. She’s a two time world level champion fitness model in the Natural Universe and Natural Olympia competitions, and has pro status with the WBFF. She’s won various naturally bodybuilding competitions in the IFBB, OCB, and more. She’s also a co-founder of the Carbon Diet Coach as well as Team Biolayne with Layne Norton.

In our chat, Holly and I talk about . . .

  • The best exercises for glute activation and development
  • The importance of warmups and how to do them effectively
  • Whether chest work is important for a beach-body look (and how much to do)
  • How she builds a training program (including how she counts weekly muscle group volume)
  • Shoulder development tips
  • The “best” workout splits, rep ranges, and training frequency
  • And more . . .

So if you want to learn how to build a “Hollywood” babe body, and what it takes to develop the muscle groups most women care more about, listen to this podcast!


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6:07 – What kind of training do women need in preparation for a bikini competition? 

10:05 – What are your thoughts on the effects of squats?

14:38 – What is your warm up routine?

16:48 – Did you have a simpler routine before? 

19:58 – How do you like to structure your warmup sets? 

22:38 – What are your thoughts on intensity discipline?

38:44 – How important is chest work for a bikini competition? 

39:20 – What are some of your favorite exercises to do?

40:37 – What volume do you recommend for lower body exercises? 

45:50 – Do you program your workouts to be both indirect and direct? 

49:50 – What are some exercises that improve shoulder development? 

59:23 –  Is there anything else you would like to share? 

1:01:56 – What do you recommend for workout splits?

1:06:31 – Where can we find you? 

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