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Do cold showers do anything? How long does it take to reach your genetic muscle potential? Should you count the calories from vegetables? How many sets should you do for your arms? All that and more in this Q&A podcast.

This podcast is a Q&A, but it’s a bit different from the kind you’ll typically find here on Muscle For Life.

In my usual Q&A episodes, I take a question from email or Instagram and then fully answer it in an episode of the podcast every week.

However, over on Instagram, I’ve started doing weekly Q&As in the stories, and it occurred to me that many podcast listeners might enjoy hearing these questions and my short answers. So, instead of talking about one thing in an episode, I’m going to cover a variety of questions. And keep in mind some of these questions are just for fun. 🙂

So if you want to ask me questions in my Instagram stories, follow me on Instagram (@muscleforlifefitness), and if I answer your question there, it might just make it onto an episode of the podcast!

If you like this type of episode, let me know. Send me an email ([email protected]) or direct message me on Instagram. And if you don’t like it, let me know that too or how you think it could be better.


0:00 – Find the Perfect Strength Training Program for You:

2:31 – What is the best temperature to shower in?

4:27 – What are your thoughts on trendy electrolyte drinks?  

9:06 – Is decline bench press a waste of time?

9:51 – What are the benefits of creatine for women?

11:33 – Do vegetarians need collagen?

12:12 – What is the proper rep tempo?

14:47 – What is the best magnesium supplement?

15:42 – Should I count my cruciferous vegetables?

16:40 – How many direct biceps/tricep exercises are necessary in a PPL program?

18:37 – Do you use collars on leg press?

18:49 – How long would it take for someone to reach their genetic muscle potential?

Mentioned on the show: 

Find the Perfect Strength Training Program for You in Just 60 Seconds:

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