Farmer’s market at St. Vincent’s Medical Center provides ways to maintain healthy lifestyle

A local farm stand has become about much more than just fruits and vegetables, but a beacon of healthy living.

Julio Reinoso, from Bridgeport, grows his own vegetables. Reinoso says he’s happy with what he saw at the farmer’s market outside St. Vincent’s Medical Center Tuesday.

Reinoso wishes more people would eat healthy organic food.

“Especially for the children it’s very, very important in the young people, to educate the kids,” said Reinoso.

Reinoso also comes to the market to check the status of his health.

“I have a problem with high blood pressure so this is very, very important to the community and to me,” said Reinoso.

The farmer’s market offers blood pressure and diabetes screenings as well.

“If we can somehow bring that all together and educate people we can make a difference,” said Bill Hoey, with St. Vincent’s Medical Center.

Bridgeport Bucks are also available to help those who are food insecure, along with information on where people can find something to eat.

“Pretty sad in an affluent country like America that your zip code is the single greatest determinant of your life expectancy. So we’re hoping to reverse some of that with the efforts that we do here,” said Hoey.

All the resources in one place with the making to help improve everyone’s quality of life.

St. Vincent’s Medical Center also does healthy cooking demos with top chefs.

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