Fitness decathlon coming to McMinnville


For the first time in history, a Spartan Obstacle Course Racing event is coming to McMinnville.

The DEKA Mile is slated to take place at Milner Recreation Center on Saturday, May 21 from 9 am to 3 pm Race ticket can be purchased at

The DEKA Mile is an indoor, arena-style race that is the decathlon of functional fitness designed for all fitness levels. The term ” DEKA ” is derived from the Greek term meaning “10.” The McMinnville DEKA Mile race will include 10 functional fitness zones plus a 1-mile run broken up into 10 short stages.

The race will provide a measurable DEKA Mark that allows you to test, compete, and celebrate your fitness in a whole new way. The DEKA Mark is a new standard of testing designed to establish an objective baseline of fitness that provides motivation.

Each DEKA Zone Station will start with a short 160-meter run. The zones are as follows.

DEKA Zones

Zone 1:30 alternating weighted lunges – 55 pound Spartan Ram men / 33 pound Ram women

Zone 2: 500 meter row

Zone 320 box step up & overs – 24 inches tall for both men & women (can use hands & knees to assist getting over the box)

Zone 4:25 weighted medicine ball sit ups – 20 pounds men / 14 pounds women

Zone 5: 500 meter ski

Zone 6: 100 meter farmer carry – two 60 pound dumbbells men / two 40 pound dumbbells women

Zone 7:25 Calorie air bike

Zone 8:20 slam ball over the shoulders – 60 pounds men / 40 pounds women

Zone 9: 100 meter resistance sled push / pull

Zone 10:20 weighted burpees – 44 pound Ram men / 22 pound Ram women

A local group has made this event possible. It’s composed of County Commissioners Blaine Wilcher and Carlene Brown, McMinnville Mayor Ryle Chastain, Parks director Justin Scott, Olympic medalist Paige Zemina Northcutt, elite runner Ray Bishop, city administrator Nolan Ming, USDA research horticulturist Jake Shreckhise and Obstacle Course Racing World Championship and CrossF Games athlete Brandon Eckel.


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