Here’s How Naman Pachori’s 7 Horses Has Continued To Grow In The Past Few Years Despite Pandemic

7 Horses has become a huge brand in India thanks to the great leadership, vision, and dedication of Naman Pachori. The entrepreneur entered the business in 2016 and at that time he had pretty limited cash flow. Thanks to his great business management skills, he made profits but it was limited due to a lack of investment. Naman struggled for funds because neither investors nor banks trusted a young boy like him at that time but he had decided that he is here to make it big.

For the next 2 years, Naman invested all his profits and created an empire which we now know as 7 Horses. The brand has multiple verticals running successfully. In just 6 years, the Naman led organization manages businesses like Hotels, Manufacturing, Import, and trading of chemicals/Fertilisers, Automobiles, Finance, and Export of Marble articles/Handicraft Items. Now the organization is all set to expand into the Textile and Clothing Industry this year.

Naman’s leadership has taken 7 Horses to new heights year after year. Even during the pandemic, he made sure the growth of the company remains unstoppable. As a director of the brand, Naman keeps his and his team’s health a top priority. Apart from that, he limited travel and maximized home office communication and collaboration tools. “COVID-19 is changing our lives in ways and at a scale, we could never have imagined. The business plan you had 90-days ago isn’t what it is today.” he says.

Naman further explains that one needs to have a plan to adapt and reconfigure the business for each stage of the crisis. He focuses on cost-cutting where necessary. “If it’s a short-term problem, then cutting costs and other variable spending like marketing, new hires, and travel may help. Any emergency or contingency plan should account for financial risk and impacts. Regularly update and track your cash flow forecast and look for opportunities to reduce non-critical expenditures. Also, review your accounts receivable and assess any credit risks.” he explains.

7 Horses is now planning to expand further and aims to go international in the coming years. Naman Pachori says that as a brand they have an immense belief in Goal setting as it is one of the most important activities in any business. The team is planning to launch an IPO in the market in the coming years and aims to work at the international level.

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