Idriz Sanie, A Prodigy In The Name Of Musician For The Persian Industry


Edwis Ahmad Satarzadeh aka Idriz Sanie, one of the top instagram influencers in the Afghani Persian industry has taken the whole music industry by storm with his music hits. Born and brought up in Kabul, Idriz’s music has reached across oceans and has established its legitimacy in the market. However, this versatile actor isn’t just limited to music but has also established his presence in the field of bodybuilding as well as automobiles.

Idriz has sung a total of 4 songs in his music career till now. All of his songs are a super hit and have depicted his life’s transition as well as the crises that each stage of life threw at him. His music has also thrown light on the diversities of individuals due to their circumstances. This is what essentially makes his songs a treat to groove and vibe on. All of his songs have also been broadcast on all TV Channels in Europe and Afghanistan. His song ‘Ashubhgar’ has gotten 4 million plus views, ‘Man Khatam Tora’ has gotten 1.1 Million views, ‘Bia Bia’ has gotten 250k views and ‘Az Hale Dede’ has gotten 900+ views.

However, Idriz isn’t just limited to Body Building and has been for Bodybuilding Championships at various places. He got placed in top 3 at Nabba, Austria Bodybuilding Championships. He was also placed in the top 3 in WBPF, Austria. Even though he was a newcomer in few of the championships, he managed to win various other awards such as he won two championships of IFBB, Austria and also won the International Austrian Championship.

This prodigy isn’t just limited to playing championships but has also been involved in getting his pro card in the field of Bodybuilding. He also plans to start an online app for Coaching of bodybuilding and supplements. All this enthusiasm and inspiration is credited to Roney Coleman, a bodybuilder by profession.

In the field of Automobiles, he has plans to start his own car company in which he plans to modify old time cars in Austria and launch in Germany & Hungary. He is already the owner of a big brand called Economo Gr where they sell fuel saver kits with their own patent.

Idriz doesn’t settle down on minimal things and even when it comes to music he never sits back. He has plans to release his music video with avant music which is one of the biggest Persian Music channels. Furthermore, two of his songs are ready to be released soon this year. Given the beautiful songs he has released in the past, the hope for the future just seems to be soaring and people are eagerly looking forward to groove on his upcoming songs. However, it isn’t just two songs that people are waiting for, they are waiting for 24 more songs which Idriz plans to release super soon in a series. Indeed, Idriz has given us the fizz we need to pop up on our lives with his music.


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