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This is more than a Rescue Cleanse review. This is a complete guide on how to pass a drug test using a detox drink. You’ll learn everything you need to know to make the best decisions on when you should use a detox drink, and how to prepare for your test to stand the best chance of passing it.

We will talk about natural detoxification, and how long drug metabolites remain detectable in urine. I’ll then give you full instructions for using the Rescue Cleanse 32oz detox drink.

All that, plus I’ll talk about where to buy Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse store, and finish by telling you the best place to buy Rescue Cleanse online.

When Should You Use A Detox Drink?
The best solution for unsupervised drug testing (most drug tests are unsupervised) is actually synthetic urine.
But there are a few problems with using it:
• You may not know if it’s a supervised or unsupervised test
• You may not want to smuggle in a fake sample
• If it’s a retest then it will definitely be supervised
Whatever the reason is, then a detox drink can be suitable for any sort of urine drug test.
Because you’re not smuggling anything in, it’s suitable for both unsupervised and supervised/observed drug tests.

This Is How A Detox Drink Actually Works
A good quality detox drink like Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse probably doesn’t work in the way that most people think it does.
There’s a misconception that it somehow magically pumps all the toxins out of your body in 90 minutes. Basically, drinking it delivers permanent detoxification.
Rescue Cleanse, all detox drinks in fact, are purely a temporary masking agent. They create a temporary gap in the toxin flow from your body of just a few hours so that you can submit a sample that is free of drug metabolites.

This is how Rescue Cleanse works when you drink it:
1. First, the flood of concentrated liquid flushes through your kidneys and into your urine. This flood of liquid pushes more toxins into your bladder. It also fills your bladder, so you urinate more and push out the toxins entering it, and those already in it.
2. The liquid also contains diuretics and other ingredients which help to draw more toxins through the body. So it’s not just flushing you out with water, it’s also drawing out more toxins, more quickly, than you could naturally with just water.
3. Steps one and two push out toxins faster than the body can naturally. This creates a gap in the flow of drug metabolites out of the body. But, stopping there would leave your sample appearing diluted. That’s why a good quality detox drink also floods your body with things found in the urine in the correct balance. Because so much enters the body, it’s passed through as waste into your urine, keeping it in balance.
4. Finally, Rescue Cleanse will stain your urine the correct color as well so that it doesn’t look diluted.
As you can see, the result of all this is that you get a clean zone, a period of just a few hours clean of toxins, during which you can submit a clean sample.
But, once your body catches up, toxins will start to appear in your urine again. For heavy users or smokers, within about three hours, and for light users, in around five hours.

Why Rescue Cleanse Is The Best Detox Drink
For me, Rescue Cleanse is the best detox drink on the market for several key reasons:
1. First, it’s from Clear Choice. Clear Choice makes Sub Solution, which is the most widely used synthetic urine brand. They also make quick luck, which is the best fake urine. It’s simply a reputable company that’s been around for 25 years.
2. Rescue Cleanse does not require the use of any additional water. You just drink the liquid in the bottle and you don’t have to refill it and drink more. The mark of a poor-quality detox drink is that it’s going to rely on flooding you out with water, by insisting you drink more water than is in the bottle in order for it to work.
3. Not only is Rescue Cleanse a concentrated formula that doesn’t require additional water, but it’s simply the most advanced formula on the market. It will flood your body with things found in urine, passing the excess through in the right balance into your flushed-out urine to keep it appearing completely natural.

Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink Instructions
Let’s talk you through the full Rescue Cleanse instructions you’ll need to use to pass a drug test.
1. If you get a chance before the day of your test, do a natural detox. 24 hours, 48 ​​hours, longer if possible. You’ll need to do the following:
• Abstain from taking in drug toxins
• Cut out caffeine, alcohol, and other things that slow your body down
• Exercise and sweat every day multiple times
• Drink plenty of water each day
• Only drink water and eat lean foods
• Get plenty of rest

Doing this, even for 24 hours, will help your body to work at peak performance so that it pushes out more toxins. This leaves less toxins flowing out of your body on the day of your test for Rescue Cleanse to mask.
2. On the day of your test, 90 minutes before your appointment time, drink the contents of the Rescue Cleanse bottle over 15 minutes.
3. From the point you’ve finished drinking the bottle, try to urinate at least three times in the following 60 minutes. Make sure you urinate at least once right at the end of that 60 minutes to ensure that it’s fresh urine that is pushing out the last remaining toxins.
4. You’ll then get a few hours clean to submit a clear sample in. If you’re a regular smoker or user, this could be as little as 2-3 hours, but for most people it’s between three and five hours. Get there as soon as you can, and submit that sample.

Top Tips To Improve The Chances Of Rescue Cleanse Working
As well as following the basic instructions I’ve outlined above, you can improve your chances of Rescue Cleanse working for you by ensuring that you do the following.

1. Natural Detoxification
As I outlined in the instructions above, natural detoxification is crucial. If you’ve got the time to do it before your test, make sure you do.
Unless it’s a really short-notice drug test, you should get at least a few days to notice. If it’s for pre-employment, then you know you’re going for job interviews, so you can abstain and do the natural detox.
Obviously, if you just haven’t got time then you can’t do a detox. Rescue Cleanse will still work, but it lowers the chances of toxins staying out of your urine for more than a couple of hours.

2. Detox Pills (Toxin Rid)
My next advice is to use Toxin Rid detox pills if possible. You’ll use these during the natural detox before the day of your test. Even a 24-hour course of Toxin Rid pills, alongside the natural detoxification pointers I’ve given you above, will push out a ton of toxins.
Doing a course of Toxin Rid will simply leave far fewer toxins in your body to work their way out once you’ve flushed your system with Rescue Cleanse.

3. Monitor With Drug Test Kits
This is a crucial step many guides to using the best detox drinks for drug test success don’t mention. Buy yourself several cheap home drug test kits. Just ensure the cut-off level is good (low), so you don’t test negative at home and then test positive on your test.
On the morning of your test, complete a home drug test kit. This will tell you if you are actually going to pass or not. Then, use Rescue Cleanse over about an hour as I’ve explained in the instructions for using it above.
After that, just before you leave, you can test if you are negative. If you’re still testing positive, then you need to see number four below.

4. Have an Alternative Strategy
If you still test positive after using Rescue Cleanse (which is possible if you have really high levels of drug metabolites in your body), then you need an alternative strategy.
These are the three options you have:
1. Have a second bottle of Rescue Cleanse to hand. Use that for over 30 minutes, then urinate once and test yourself again. Hopefully, this will have sorted the problem.
2. Have a box of high-quality fake urine-like sub-solution to hand. As long as it’s an unsupervised test, even if you are squeamish about smuggling a fake sample in, at that point it’s your only option.
3. Phone the drug testing company and tell them you are sick. Reschedule for the following day. That gives you an extra 24 hours to detox and then use another detox drink. For pre-employment it could arouse suspicion, but it’s unlikely to be enough for them to withdraw any offer of employment.

These Detox Drinks Do Not Work Properly
Hopefully, you can see that Rescue Cleanse is a really good value detox drink. It works well, and even with high levels of drug metabolites in your body it should be enough to mask them for a few hours.
Do not cut corners and grab cheap detox drinks, all buy detox drinks locally. The only detox drinks sold in these situations are poor quality ones such as:
• Magnum
• Stinger detox range
• QCarbo range
• Ultra Eliminex
• The Stuff
There are many others, but these are the worst culprits because they are pushed heavily and marketed widely.
In the worst cases, such as Stinger detox, they are almost literally just flavored water with virtually nothing in them that could flush out drug toxins.

Best Alternative: Mega Clean
If you can’t get your hands on Rescue Cleanse then the best alternative is Mega Clean. However, I say that with a caveat. Mega Clean on its own is the best of the bunch, but it’s not as potent as Rescue Cleanse. But, if you buy it from Test Clear, you will get a course of Toxin Rid pills bundled for free.
As long as you’ve got 24 hours before your test, do a detox and take the detox pills to push out more toxins. This will leave far fewer toxins for Mega Clean to mask on the day of your test.

Where To Buy Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse In Store & Online
The conclusion of my Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse review is that it is undoubtedly the best detox drink on the market right now for the following reasons:
• High-potency cleansing liquid formula
• Ingredients list genuinely constructed to do as asked
• Will mask toxins for up to 5 hours
• Keep your urine appearing balanced
• Maintains a realistic look to diluted urine
• Reasonably priced at $55
It’s the only detox drink that doesn’t require additional water and has a real potency about the ingredients (I’ve researched them and they are truly grouped to flush out toxins and keep your urine balance natural). That’s why it’s the detox drink I used to pass my last drug test.

Don’t buy the smaller 20 fluid-ounce sizes though. Get the Rescue Cleanse 32oz detox drink. You need the volume of liquid to flush you out.

If you’re wondering where to buy Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse in-store, then stop now. It’s only available online from a single specialist retailer.

The only place to buy Rescue Cleanse is from the Test Negative web store. Anywhere else you see for sale, it’s a fake. You may see it somewhere like Amazon, but it’s not the real deal. Get it from the Clear Choice official website at Test Negative.

As I said, the best alternative is Mega Clean but only if you can get it from Test Clear, the people who make the potent Toxin Rid detox pills, as you will get a 24-hour course of pre-rid pills bundled in completely free which will leave Mega Clean far less work to do.

Disclaimer : The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook editorial.


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