Is Duromine Chemist Warehouse Legit Or Fake Duromine Weight Loss?

Duromine is one of the most known weight loss medication in Australia. Its working mechanism significantly relies on suppressing the appetite by directly affecting the part of the brain that control hunger cravings. Click Here to Buy Duromine Online

In simpler approach, Duromine is the Australian brand of Phentermine, which has already been popular as the world’s best medication for weight loss. 

In this article, we will be discussing all about Duromine to give a better insight to our readers about this medication. 

What is Duromine Australia? 

Duromine is the best Australia weight loss medication that contains phentermine as an active ingredient. Phentermine works in combination with a resin, which slowly releases the phentermine so the effect of Duromine lasts all day long. Duromine is considered as an ideal medication to reduce body weight in obese and overweight individuals. It keeps control on your hungers by taking the control over your brain cells that charged up hunger feeling. In this way, you can eat less while using Duromine. Generally, Duromine should be used along with an overall weight management program, which includes a calorie controlled diet and workout plan. 

Weight loss medications like Duromine in Australia are usually prescribed by the doctor as appetite suppressants after an assessment to check its suitability with the patient. The main aim of these weight loss pills is to control hunger pangs, which makes you eat less within your calorie frame and lose weight subsequently. Duromine is available in 3 different potencies that are 15 mg, 30 mg, and 40 mg. The medication is usually prescribed to the patients who have BMI over 30. For the obese patients, Duromine is considered as one of the best medication to lose stubborn body fat. 

Duromine Australia belongs to the drugs category called ‘Anorectics’, which works as an appetite suppressant. The reduction in calorie intake is the whole main point behind Duromine’s working mechanism that triggers lipolysis within your body, thus making sure that the stubborn stored fats are targeted completely. 

Important Things to Know About Duromine Australia Online

Before jumping onto trying out Duromine, it is important for you to know that the Phentermine containing medications such as Duromine, Adipex, and Acxion are only available in Australia and other countries by showing a proper doctor’s prescription. This is because of the active ingredient Phentermine which may interfere with so many biological pathways and may cause issues like diabetes, epilepsy, and problematic heart rhythm. The use of Duromine is also not recommended along with antidepressant drugs and medicines with pseudoephedrine due to contraindications. 

You should be aware about certain facts about Duromine before taking this medications. 

These important facts are:

•    Duromine contains phentermine as an active ingredient, which is an amphetamine-like medication. 

•    It can be purchased from the pharmacy with a legal doctor’s prescription. 

•    It is intended to use as a weight loss support drug along with healthy meals and exercise. 

•    Duromine can potentially cause many side effects, therefore it is important to discuss everything with your doctor before starting your course. 

Duromine Australia Reviews 

When purchasing any supplement or medication, the most important thing to look for are the reviews by the real users. There are different reviews available about Duromine Australia on public forums, as it is a well-known medication for weight loss. However, for a non-tech person, it is quite difficult to dig out all the Duromine reviews to make your decision. Therefore, in this section, we have made your job easier by analysing and dividing the Duromine reviews that are important to see before getting on the bandwagon. You can judge these reviews and results of the people and begin your weight loss journey with Duromine. 

Duromine Before and After results Australia

There are is a large community who has used Duromine for weight loss and take benefits of using it by losing pounds of excess weight. The real reviews of the people and the actual before and after results of Duromine will let others to make their decision wisely before trying out Duromine in Australia. 

Following are some great before and after results of the real people, who have used Duromine to change their physique and the quality of life. 

Cathy, Sydney 

Cathy, a wonderful mom two girls, shared her before and after results. She said, Duromine helps you lose weight, but only with the healthy lifestyle; otherwise you couldn’t keep it off!! But, Duromine will give you more energy and power to control your hunger. However, you still have to make healthy choices while eating to achieve your weight loss goals. You need to be honest with yourself about monitoring your daily diet. 

David, Melbourne 

David from Melbourne shared his achievements and journey with Duromine. He said that he wasn’t feeling well and had zero energy with sleeplessness. He landed up to the doctor after one year. However, his doctor noticed that his only issue was his obesity. After getting started with Duromine, I lost 7 kgs and I am pretty happy about the result. Though, I have to go a long ahead, but seeing the scales now makes me feel even more possible. 

Duromine Side Effects 

Like many other medications, Duromine also has a list of side effects. However, the occurrence of side effects may vary from person to person depending on their health conditions. Most of the common side effects are minor and temporary. However, some side effects of Duromine may need medical attention. 

Some of the less serious and common side effects of Duromine are:

•    Trouble in sleeping 

•    Changes in your heartbeat.

•    High blood pressure 

•    Restlessness or nervousness

•    Tremors

•    Headache

•    Dizziness or fainting

•    Nausea, vomiting

•    Diarrhoea

•    Constipation

•    Stomach cramps

•    Unpleasant taste in mouth or dry mouth 

•    Trouble urinating 

•    Uncontrolled feelings of depression and fatigue

•    Skin allergy or rashes

•    Lack of sexual drive 

•    Swelling on face or other body parts

Some of the serious side effects linked with Duromine are:

•    Heart Attack 

•    Stroke 

•    Chest Pain 

•    Breathing Blockage

•    Myocardial infarction

In case of experiencing any of the serious side effects, you need to immediately call your doctor or hospital emergency. If you notice anything disturbing while using Duromine, tell your doctor and discuss everything that makes you feel unwell. 

Duromine 30 mg Reviews 

As mentioned earlier, Duromine is available in different dosages. In this section, we will share some reviews of the users who were on the weight loss journey with Duromine 30 mg dosage. 

Tracey. M

She shared, “I am on my third week of using Duromine 30 mg and have lost about 4 kg. It is not a very good result, but I love seeing the scales move after busting my butt for so long and getting no results at all. 


Another review was shared by the girl named Daisy. She was initially sceptical about using Duromine, but finally decided to try Duromine 30 mg. She shared, ‘I started 30 mg Duromine with the starting weight of 80. Within 2 months of using Duromine 30 mg, I lost about 13 kgs and I am quite near to my goal weight. However, I change my diet and ditch all the carbs and fat from my diet except the 2.5 ml of olive oil I use my meal to cook. I only eat healthy breakfast and dinner to be on track with the low-calorie diet. 

Duromine 40 mg Reviews 

Likewise the reviews of 30 mg, there are some great reviews of the users of Duromine 40 mg dosage as well. Check out them below to have an idea how successfully Duromine helps in losing weight. 

Terry, Aussie Girl 

She shared, “I went to my local doctor and got prescribed with Duromine 40 mg. I was initially nervous about taking them due to side effects, but after one week I felt great when noticed a change in my face, arms, and stomach. By the end of week one, I had lost 5.5 kgs. But, I was not overexcited keeping in mind that it would be just water weight. Under 3 weeks of using Duromine 40 mg, I lost 12 kgs, which is an incredible results to feel proud of. By far, I am now down to 120 kgs. I am really happy with my new body. 


Another user shared her journey with Duromine 40 mg. She said, “I started taking Duromine at the starting weight of 123 kgs. After one week of using 40 mg with no exercise and eating healthy, I dropped to 119 kg. A total of 4 kgs loss is great. I also do not feel hungry throughout the day and I feel more energetic than before. I am currently in a good frame of mind to keep me on and achieve my goal weight of 75 kgs.” 

Though these reviews are just to motivate you for weight loss, but you should always take the dosage that your doctor has prescribed for you. It is not recommended to try the dosage at your own by reading the reviews.

How to Take Duromine?

It is very important to know the correct usage of Duromine. The usual dose is to take one capsule a day. However, the dosage primarily depends on the prescription of your doctor. It is recommended to swallow the Duromine pills whole with plenty of water. Do not try to chew or open the capsules. It is important to carefully follow all the instructions provided about the Duromine usage. You should only stop the usage of Duromine when your doctor asked you to. 

It is not at all advised to increase the Duromine dosage at your own, at it may not necessarily help you in losing more weight. However, it may cause some side effects that you definitely don’t want to experience. Your doctor will guide you properly about the Duromine dosage and duration plan that is suitable for you. It is recommended to take Duromine as the first thing in the morning, preferably at breakfast time so that it doesn’t disturb your sleep at night. 

You can achieve the best effect by taking Duromine at the same time each day, as it will help you to remember when to take it. Also, if you miss the Duromine dose at the morning time, try to take it no later than lunchtime. It is advised to take Duromine regularly at the same time each day. If you take Duromine dose later than lunch time, it will keep you awake and give you trouble sleeping at night. In that case, the better idea is to skip the dose and take the usual morning dose on the next day. However, don’t try to make up the missed dose by taking double dose, as the too much use of Duromine can cause you side effects that need urgent medical attention. 

Where to buy Duromine Online Australia?

Duromine in Australia is listed on the Schedule V medication category, which means it can only be purchased with the legit prescription from the medical practitioner. It is therefore advised to take an appointment with the doctor to have complete medical evaluation so that your doctor will suggest whether you should go for Duromine or not. Click Here to Buy Duromine Australia Online

It is not advised for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to use Duromine. When it comes to Duromine online purchase in Australia, you may find many non-regulated and unverified pages that can sell you this drug, which we definitely don’t recommend to our readers. In other cases, there are some online pharmacies from where you can buy Duromine. However, they asks for the doctor’s prescription before delivery. 

Duromine in Stores Australia

Buying Duromine in stores in Australia would be difficult for you, as there are not much stores selling Duromine. However, there are few local pharmacies and drug stores from where you can buy Duromine legally after getting a prescription from a certified doctor. If you don’t have prescription, you can buy Phentermine over the counter alternatives instead of Duromine, as buying Phentermine without a script is considered illegal as per the warning of FDA.

Duromine near me in Australia

As per Australian law, it is not allowed to advertise prescription-only weight loss drugs, and that’s the reason they are not available in random stores. For Aussies who are interested in using Duromine, they should know that it is not going to be available unless you are prescribed by the doctor after face to face evaluation. Making a medical examination is important to rule out the best dosage of Duromine along with judging the risks and benefits as well. There are many weight loss clinics in Australia that can help you in buying Duromine legally. 

Duromine Chemist Warehouse 

If you are in Australia, you couldn’t miss the Chemist Warehouse to search for Duromine. They also require a valid Australian prescription to be sent by post before they send Duromine to your address. The rules of Chemist Warehouse are quite similar to Amazon Pharmacy US. You can select the relevant Duromine dosage as per your prescription and pay online for that. You can post the Australian Prescription for free to their given number. 

The pricing structure of Duromine on Chemist Warehouse is:

•    Duromine 40 mg (30 Capsules) are available for $ 145 

•    Duromine 30 mg (30 Capsules) are available somewhere from $ 120 to $ 130. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Duromine in Australia is commonly used to treat obesity for the people who are at the risk of developing major health issues due to being overweight. However, Duromine is linked with few common and some severe side effects, which makes it a bit sceptical to use. Duromine in Australia is a prescription-only medication that can be used for a short time and helps in reducing about 10 to 25 kg of weight. 

To attain the best weight loss results, you have to pair up the appetiting suppressing effects of Duromine with balanced healthy diet and regular exercise routine.


Any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any purchasing decision. Individual results may vary as the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of editorial.

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